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Thursday, February 25, 2016

Trump's way of making America great again...

is to hire foreign workers over American workers, just like he does in his businesses.  
He's a great successful businessman, isn't he? He's successful by hiring foreign workers instead of Americans because it's cheaper! And the businessman can make more money to send off-shore so he doesn't have to pay taxes on it, so the middle class and poor have to make up for it. That's how you make America great again!

His supporters are being duped or dopes or both. He talks about bringing jobs to America, while he practices just the opposite. He wants his dupes to listen to what he says but not look at what he does:

He hires foreign workers over Americans, and he manufactures his clothing lines in China and Mexico! Not here in the good ole U.S. of A.  His supporters don't have a problem with this?

Why?  Either they don't know about it or they do and they don't care -- which is infinitely worse.

After all the "Make America Great Again" talk about kicking out immigrants and bringing back jobs for American workers, it turns out Trump's track record doesn't quite add up. 

The New York Times reports on Trump's hiring practices at his Mar-a-Lago Club in Palm Beach:

Since 2010, nearly 300 United States residents have applied or been referred for jobs as waiters, waitresses, cooks and housekeepers there. But according to federal records, only 17 have been hired. 

In all but a handful of cases, Mar-a-Lago sought to fill the jobs with hundreds of foreign guest workers from Romania and other countries. [...] 

 But he has also pursued more than 500 visas for foreign workers at Mar-a-Lago since 2010, according to the United States Department of Labor, while hundreds of domestic applicants failed to get the same jobs. 

What says Trump about all this? 

 “The only reason they wouldn’t get a callback is that they weren’t qualified, for some reason. There are very few qualified people during the high season in the area.” 

That assertion was roundly rejected by an executive at CareerSource, a Palm Beach-based job placement firm, who responded, “We have hundreds of qualified applicants for jobs like those.” 

Trump eventually got down to the real deal though: 

 “I want to protect our borders,” he said. “I also want to protect our businesses." 

Hey, when it comes to making money, all bets are off. Bad news for all those nativists who think Trump's their knight in shining armor.


Ray Cranston said...

The lie floating around the internet that Donald Trump won 40% of the Lation vote in Nevada is b.s. 40% of what? His mathematically challenged dupes failed to find out 40% of what!

For what it’s worth, Buzzfeed points out that it may not even be true that Trump won 40% of the Latino vote. That statistic is based on a single entrance poll which only polled 135 Latinos, meaning it has an extremely high margin of error.

40% of 135 is 54. So 40% of 135 Latinos polled said they voted for him, that's 54 votes!

Trump got 54 Latino votes out of how many cast? No one knows.

But that doesn't stop his dumb supporters from crowing about 40%!!!!!!

Rational Nation USA said...

Who ever said politics and politicians were honest? Politics are dishonest, it is more a matter of degrees of dishonesty. And, politicians and their handlers are great spin artists. there are plenty of folks across the political spectrum willing to believe what they want to hear without ever checking the veracity of what they read or hear.