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Thursday, February 11, 2016

Two More Tea-GOPers Out of the Race

Christie's World:

It's only a dream now, Christie.


Ducky's here said...

As they winnow out the pretenders and take stock of a party where Trump, Cruz, are the "serious contenders there is talk of a brokered convention.

Can't ditch La Trump
He has indeed made a lasting impression.

I hope there's enough popcorn for a brokered convention.
Their going to punch themselves out before it ever gets to the general.

Rational Nation USA said...

Christie just might opt for another year. Depending on how 2017-2021 pans out.

Anonymous said...

Shaw, Christie poster -- LOL!

Anonymous said...

RN, are you still a climate change denier as you were in 2010, or have the facts changed your mind?

Ahab said...

This thins the herd, at least, but the candidates who are still left leave much to be desired.

Rational Nation USA said...

It really does not matter whether I, or anyone, is a climate change denier. Why? Because it is a great likelihood that the world's overpopulation, resulting in the lack of food, potable water etc. will result in famine, pestilence, warfare, and eventual extinction of life as we know it.

BTW anonymous @ 12:11PM, I accept the science that our climate is changing. Also that humankind can begin the process of allowing the environment to mend. Now, refer to prior paragraph.