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Wednesday, February 3, 2016

Wednesday is Trump Hump Day

Waaaa! Waaaa! Waaaa!  It's Megyn Kelly's Fault!, No it's the MSM's fault, no it's Cruz's fault, no it's...

The day after the Iowa caucuses, Donald the Petulant, blamed the media and all the other meanies for his loss. Remember he predicted he'd win because he's great and he has the best team and he's great!

His love affair with himself didn't bring the victory in Iowa he bragged about, so Donald the Petulant did what every bully does, he blamed other people.

He's still ahead by quite a bit in New Hampshire.  The old saying is "Iowa picks corn; New Hampshire picks presidents" is clever but remember that in 2000, New Hampshire picked John McCain.

IMO, neither Iowa nor New Hampshire represent the greater U.S. population. That's why the two popularity contests don't tell us much.

Here's how the T-GOP handled himself in his first defeat:

The billionaire, who has never before complained about the money he’s been spending, griped about his unexpected defeat to Texas Sen. Ted Cruz in the caucuses.

 “I don’t believe I have been given any credit by the voters for self-funding my campaign, the only one. I will keep doing, but not worth it!”

Trump moaned on Twitter Tuesday morning. He also blamed his favorite scapegoat — the media — for “unfair treatment” and failing to praise his “long-shot great finish.”

 “The media has not covered my long-shot great finish in Iowa fairly.

He added later, “I will be talking about my wonderful experience in Iowa and the simultaneous unfair treatment by the media later in New Hampshire. Big crowd.”

The Trumper demonstrates to all what a statesman he'd be if he were to be elected president

Later, a fired-up Trump cursed at a rally in Milford, NH. “If we are attacked, somebody attacks us, wouldn’t you rather have Trump as president if we’re attacked?” he said at a rally in Milford, N.H. “We’ll beat the s–t out of them!”

Milford, New Hampshire (CNN)

Donald Trump on Tuesday said his decision to skip the last Republican debate before the Iowa caucuses may have led to his second-place finish in the Hawkeye State.

"That could've been with the debate," Trump acknowledged to reporters in Milford, New Hampshire, where he was introduced and endorsed by former Massachusetts Sen. Scott Brown.

"I think some people were disappointed that I didn't go into the debate." Iowa entrance polls showed most voters who made up their minds in the final days before the caucuses settled on chief rival Sen. Ted Cruz and Florida Sen. Marco Rubio, not Trump.

The nationwide GOP front-runner had skipped Thursday's Fox News debate due to an ongoing feud with the network.

 Still, Trump said he would make the same decision again, pointing to the $6 million he raised for veterans' charities.

About those veterans' charities:

At the kickoff of Trump's rally Thursday, the billionaire businessman said he had raised nearly $6 million, including $500,000 through its website in one day. 

The website claims that "100% of your donations will go directly to Veterans needs," but donations are funneled through the Donald J. Trump Foundation, the nonprofit arm of the Trump Organization. 

The page does not list the names of any veterans' organizations poised to receive the funds and the Trump campaign did not respond to multiple requests asking which veterans organizations would participate in the event or receive fundraising proceeds.


"The money that's going to be raised will be in bulk and the disbursements will be spread all across the country to veterans organizations. And those who don't want to receive the money, we'll make sure not to send them a check," Pierson told Sciutto Thursday on CNN. 

 All six major veterans' organizations CNN said they had not been contacted by Trump representatives offering a piece of the proceeds raised -- those groups include: American Legion, the Wounded Warrior Project, Paralyzed Veterans of America, Veterans of Foreign Wars, AmVets and Fisher House. 

 CNN also reached five of the nine veterans' organizations the Trump Foundation has donated to between 2010 and 2014, Fisher House, the Green Beret Foundation, Special Operations Warrior Foundation, Heroes to Heroes and K9s for Warriors. 

 Only the latter, a group that provides service dogs to veterans dealing with post-traumatic stress, said it was contacted by Trump associates regarding the fundraising.


Infidel753 said...

If this snotbubble gets elected he'll be the most temperamentally-unfit leader of a superpower since Caligula. People in other countries will think we're lunatics.

I know that's very unlikely to happen, and every public meltdown like this makes it a little less so, but it's going to be an anxious few months from now to election day.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Pm Carpenter:

In merely the last quarter of last year, the Cruz campaign spent $3.6 million on voter-profiling and micro-targeting. Politico reports on Trump's organization, if one can call it that:

[H]is self-funded campaign has spent relatively little on voter data or outreach. They showed $200,000 in list rental payments to the conservative Newsmax Media, and $47,000 to Targeted Victory, a leading GOP digital firm, as well as $700,000 on field staff and consultants.

By contrast, the campaign has spent at least $1.2 million on ["Make America Great Again"] hats.

What's the turnaround answer today [Tuesday]? You guessed it. Blame it on the media.

I'm Skippy's Mom said...

So did Trump keep the millions he supposedly raised for veterans and plow them back into more "Make America Great Again" hats? How will we know?

skudrunner said...

Hopefully trumpster will not do well in the next primary and will go back to his TV show.
The two leaders did not do well in Iowa. Trump got Trumped and -H- got beat by a 70 year old non-democrat who appeals to the Millennials. -H- needs to step up her free stuff speech or she will lose out.
She does have a problem attracting both free stuff recipients where Bernie has a narrow focus. Millennials are his target because they have never had to work to provide for themselves and feel those who sacrificed and worked hard should pay their way so they don't have to.
-H- appeals to the minorities who are owned by the democrat party but have a spotty voting record.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Millennials are his target because they have never had to work to provide for themselves and feel those who sacrificed and worked hard should pay their way so they don't have to."

You are quite the cynic, aren't you, skud. You must hang out with some pretty awful people.

Your generalizations about millennials are laughable, since there is no way you could possibly know how every one of them conducts him/herself. I work with groups of millennials here in Boston, and they work their butts off, sometimes holding down 3 jobs AND going to school.

You and the Gooper "free stuff" meme is getting old. It shows a complete lack of any depth of knowledge or understanding, not to mention it shows lazy thinking and racism -- because we know that 98% of African-Americans vote Democratic, and we also know you and your ilk believe they do so because: "free stuff."

You know what the definition of a cynic is, skud? Someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing.

That is you to perfection.

okjimm said...

Skud said "the minorities who are owned by the democrat party," hehehehe....Yupperz, you can buy them at the 'Minorities-R-US' store, buy two Mexicans, get a Cuban for free. Native Americans on half-price tuesdays. What an idiot. breaks me up.

Rational Nation USA said...

Following skud's logic the millennials who according to him are sustained by "free stuff" will produce offspring who will continue to require "free stuff" because they will know nothing else.

With everybody depending on "free stuff" and nobody being productive and self sufficient the system collapses. Thus proving skud's theory.

Makes perfect sense to me Shaw. ;)

okjimm said...

RN...Scud sucks.'s a couple of Millennials who do not know how to,ah, work.

Steven B. said...

"...because we know that 98% of African-Americans vote Democratic, and we also know you and your ilk believe they do so because: "free stuff."

skud hangs out at the Shit Pit, where the blog hostess repeats that crap every day. Since a majority of African Americans, Latinos, Women, Asians, Muslims, Jews and gays vote with the Democratic Party, their thinking is they do it because they get free stuff. As you said Shaw that's lazy thinking and its racist. By claiming that they believe none of the mentioned minority groups can think for themselves and make informed choices they tell us all that they are condescending twoard them while at the same time jealous that their party can't attract minority groups. And who would want to belong to a party that disrespects them? Their leading candidate Trump has shat on women, Latinos, Muslims, even POWs! Who the hell would want to vote with a party that idolizes a jerk like that?

Ducky's here said...

Wow, Scott Brown is endorsing him.

That should get some N.H. coverage and keep the fake charity event out of the news.
Maybe it will be a bigger boost than Moose Girl's. We have a ways to go before this sideshow implodes, however.

Skud -- The contemporary Rethug party has been intent on destroying the New Deal for some time
(Pete Peterson, anyone?). You had Saint Ronnie Raygun lay the foundation for our current malaise and there has been considerable success transferring wealth upward to the detriment f the nation in general.

Whatever else you think of him, Sanders has been pointing to a new direction for the Dems and you should thank him.

skudrunner said...

You are correct in that I do hang out with some awful people who are my neighbors and mostly Democrats.
Sanders mantra is free college, free healthcare, you want it it is free.

As to OK's comments. What would a portion of the US vote for a party who has provided no opportunities other than........Free Stuff.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The question mentally healthy people would ask you, skud, is why do you "hang out" with awful people? YOu sound like a masochist. It's treatable. Do you have Medicare? The ACA? Look into it before it destroys you. Meanwhile your "Democrat" friends are blowing you kisses.

Liberals have brought all sorts of opportunities to this country: Liberal Republicans and Liberal Democrats.

It was the CONSERVATIVE southern Democrats who supported slavery and Jim Crow laws. Liberal Republicans in the old Republican Party supported liberal policies along with liberal northern Democrats.

Let's see how you rate on the Truth-O-Meter:

Liberals have provided NO opportunities other than "Free Stuff?"

Liberals provided freedom to millions of slaves through the 13th Amendment
Liberals provided suffrage to women
Liberals provided the right to unionize and collective bargaining
Liberals fought child labor laws
Liberals fought for Civil Rights and for the Voting Rights Act
Liberals fought for a 40-hour work week
Liberals fought for equality of marriage
Liberals provided universal health care

Just to name a few.

Bernie Sanders' proposal for free tuition:

"...setting political reality aside, the senator is offering a very rational framework for how we theoretically could make higher ed more affordable, even if we chose a different way to pay for it. According to the National Center for Education Statistics, public colleges take in a bit under $70 billion worth of tuition and fees annually. Under the Sanders proposal, those schools would be required to stop charging students, and Washington would provide two-thirds of the lost revenue directly, bringing the federal tab to $47 billion at first. The rest would come from states, which would be obligated to maintain a certain level of funding for their higher-ed systems. As enrollment grew over time, the cost would too.

In some ways, this looks much like President Obama's own plan to make community colleges tuition-free, which also called on the federal government and states to cooperate to cover the cost of educating students. It's an extremely sensible approach that tries to deal with the root problems that have driven up the cost of an education over the decades. Public college tuition has risen because of a mix of state budget cuts and uncontrolled spending by the school administrations. The federal government has tried to compensate by offering tax breaks, grants, and low-interest loans to students. But that has simply allowed states to cut more and institutions to raise their prices without worrying that enrollment might crash. Instead of trying to play catch-up by handing more and more money to undergrads, Obama and now Sanders would try to force the federal government and states to work in concert, imposing some order on this unwieldy system we've created."

dunkinville said...

Hey skuddie. I gotcha Free Stuff Raht Heah!

Frank Jakowski said...

Poor JEB!

When will he realize it's over?

Rational Nation USA said...

Trump Says He’ll Probably Sue Over Iowa Results, Accuses Cruz Of “Voter Fraud”

Does this surprise anyone?

Dr. Brain Surgeon said...

Trump’s accusing Cruz of being a total cheat and now he’s saying it’s “because he’s FROM CANADA!”

After accusing Sen. Ted Cruz (FASCIST-Texas) of "illegally" stealing a win from the Iowa caucuses, Donald Trump said Wednesday that he'll "probably" sue over the results of the vote.

Trump said this in an interview on Boston Herald Radio

When asked if he would file a formal complaint over the caucuses' results, Trump replied, "probably."

"What [Cruz] did is unthinkable," Trump said, later stating that Cruz was a "really fraudulent" character.

Earlier in the day, Trump fired off a raging tweetstorm accusing Cruz of cheating in Iowa. Trump even suggested the Republican Party take the unprecedented step of holding a do-over election in Iowa or nullifying Cruz's results.

Tea Goopers in disarray, trashing each other. This Cruz dude is a real dirtwad. Carson going after Cruz, Trump going after Cruz, Cruz cheated with dirty tricks.

Rand's out. So's Frothy. Kaisch sez if he doesn't do well in NH, he'll be out.

AND JEB!'s begging people to applaud?

I'm running outta popcorn!

Flying Junior said...

Dear Skudrunner,

Sometimes your delusions are obvious enough for even me to be of some assistance. I am going to peg a birth date for millennials as 1987 or thereabouts. Anywhere give or take three or four years. These are young people who were around thirteen or fourteen years old the unfortunate year that the Rhenquist Court awarded the presidency to the republican candidate, Shrub, with some help from Florida Secretary of State, Katherine Harris.

My niece, born that year, is twenty-eight years old today. She will turn twenty-nine this year. Despite a diagnosis of ALL right after her twentieth birthday, she has managed to graduate from college and begin her career in banking. She now owns her own condominium and has shaken off her first male lover/companion. She is a very responsible young woman who has been providing for herself and helping others for several years by now.

What on earth could you possibly mean that millennials have not been providing for themselves? They are almost thirty years old. There are articles and sources that prove that millennials are some of the most capable and nimble members of the U.S. work force that have existed in recent times.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Flying Junior: "What on earth could you possibly mean that millennials have not been providing for themselves?"

Skud loves to make sweeping generalization such as the one you cite. He must read them on far right news or blog sites and, without checking their veracity, accepts the memes as truth.

He's not unlike the Anons who come here daily, and whom I delete, who post comments they get from chain emails. There was even one particular numbskull who posted in comment moderation the tired old quote from President Obama where he said he'd been to 57 states -- PROVING! in that numbskull's empty head Obama is a secret Muslim!

Never forget that one of their own, Bobby Jindal, called them The Stupid Party.

Donald's Trumpet said...

TrusTED cheaTED!

skudrunner said...


As with most bloggers conservative or liberal you take things to the extreme. One conservative is against abortion therefore all conservatives are. I believe that is called generalizing or as Ms Shaw says sweeping generalizations.

Many millennials, not all and probably not even a majority, have never experienced what it takes to provide for themselves and feel the government owes them just for being born. They go to college and are taught by liberal professors, not all just 90% who do not instill morals and hard work to get what you want. Bernie comes along and preaches to that choir about free healthcare for everyone, free college for everyone and to pay for it we will take it from those who have worked hard, sacrificed and became successful.

Most of us had to pay our way through college and through life so it can be done.

As to Ms. Shaw's comment about hanging out with my Democrat neighbors and the torture it must impose. They actually can laugh and we share most of the same opinions and beliefs. We all believe in the right of personal preference, abortion is a women's choice, society needs to support whose who Cannot support themselves. Where we differ is society has no obligation to support those who choose to not support themselves with the money I earned and we do not owe anyone a college education.

Again I am a social liberal and a fiscal conservative. When 60% of the federal budget goes to "entitlements" and we have the mentally ill wandering the streets because there are not enough facilities to treat them, the government is a failure.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "They go to college and are taught by liberal professors, not all just 90% who do not instill morals and hard work to get what you want."

The conservatives have always, always preached that instilling morals and a work ethic is the job of PARENTS not college professors. The job of college professors is to provide students the opportunity to learn academics -- not morals. If students don't have a moral grounding by the time they've reached college, it's not the professors' job to give it to them.

What conservatives bitch about all the time is that college and university professors teach liberal ideas. No. What happens is that for the first time in their lives, young people are exposed to other experiences and ideas out of the comfort zone -- different from where they grew up, and different from their family experiences. Conservatives by nature don't like change, and that's a part of what a college/university experience is about -- change. Change from what the young person has been comfortable with for 18 years. If students take advantage of the opportunity to learn new ideas or test new ideas, that's great.

There is nothing wrong with universal health coverage and education up to and including university. Some of the happiest countries in the world provide them. See Denmark, Germany, for example.

You may have worked your way through college, but that was in a time when the tuition was not as high as it is now -- in some cases almost 20 times more costly than it was in the '70s, and minimum wage jobs or waiting tables can't begin to cover any of the costs of tuition, room and board.

Mr. Shaw Kenawe graduated from M.I.T. when tuition was $700/year in 1958. He lived at home and commuted. He worked summers bagging groceries and other low paying jobs, but was able to contribute to his tuition. Today tuition @M.I.T. is almost %50,000/year. HOw do you contribute to that by bagging groceries at $9.00/hr (minimum wage in Boston).

Myu son and his wife have 4 degrees between them and they just finished paying off their graduate school loans -- after being married and working for 15 years!!!

The millennials I know are all hard-working accomplished adults.

skudrunner said...

I thought we were on the same planet but now I am beginning to wonder.
Parents influence stops around 10 years old and then teachers and peers take over and parents become dumber as the child gets older. This reverses in early 20's and parents become smarter.
There are plenty of public colleges that are affordable. If someone wants to go to a private college and pay double or triple that is their right but why should the taxpayer be burdened for paying for it.

"Today tuition @M.I.T. is almost %50,000/year. HOw do you contribute to that by bagging groceries at $9.00/hr (minimum wage in Boston)."

Your example is one of those choice issues. They choose to go there and live there and with choices comes consequences. If someone is bright and hardworking there are all sorts of financing and grants available. Not a big future in trans gender studies and hard to pay off loans with no job market.