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Friday, January 20, 2017

America, Here's Your New POTUS

Congratulations 37 percenters on putting this thrice married, serial adulterer, scam artist, and mocker of disabled people into the White House.

Trump's foul smelling pile of bullcrap in his awful inaugural address claimed he's for the "forgotten American." The first thing his Russian-backed administration does?

Trump's First Move as President: Screwing Over HomeownersThe administrative order will end Obama's efforts to cut premiums on FHA-insured home loans.

Earlier this month, then-President Barack Obama issued an executive action requiring the Federal Housing Administration to decrease insurance premiums on FHA mortgages, a change that could have potentially saved low-income homeowners as much as $900 per year. In his first administrative order as president, President Donald Trump suspended this Obama order, which was slated to go into effect on January 27. 

In practice, this means that low-income homeowners will be stuck paying higher insurance premiums on their FHA-insured mortgages.

And what group of people are more "forgotten" than our Native Americans? Well here's what the Russian-backed Trump administration did to them within hours after the swearing in.


"Change is inevitable when a presidential administration occurs. Within hours of the presidential transition, the White House, now under the control of President Donald Trump, took down the Native Americans web page that was part of the Obama White House website for the past eight years. Also gone from the Trump White House website are web pages on civil rights, people with disabilities and climate change."

But the White House website is doing a fine job hawking Trump's Third First Lady, Melania's, jewelry line, because we all admire a FLOTUS who knows how to get people to design jewelry for her and then sell  it at billionaire prices to the American people. 

 "New on the White House website is First Lady Melania Trump biography, which is normal when a presidential transition occurs. What is not generally done though is promoting a First Lady’s product, as is now the case. The new web page mentions her jewelry line sold on QVC."

Do you have anyone in your family or know anyone with disabilities (y'know what Trump likes to mock)?  Well that's another first order of business for the Russian-backed Trump administration to go after. And they did:

Trump just deleted the White House’s website on protecting people with disabilities

 January 20, 2017 Facebook Twitter On its first day in power, the Trump administration has removed a webpage from that highlighted the federal government’s commitment towards giving people with disabilities access to education and employment.

If you believe the b.s. Trump claimed about the "forgotten Americans," you're a bigger fool than he is.


Ducky's here said...

But the White House website is doing a fine job hawking Trump's Third First Lady, Melania's, jewelry line

I guess people need something to take their mind off his removal of carbon emission restrictions (they were "job killers"). Good luck to you if your children have asthma (if your poor he'll do something about covering their inhalers, I'm sure).

I'm sure some of his base will love seeing their mortgage payments rising.

And this hose bag calls himself a populist.
Wait till Betsy DeVos starts messing with the local education budgets. Their going to love her freaking act.

Ducky's here said...

Does this mean that President Happy Hands is going to advertise his QVC line of hair plugs and toupees on the White House site?

Lord only knows what's coming next.

Ahab said...

There's also his executive order related to the Affordable Care Act:

BB-Idaho said...

The same day the pseudo-pres gave an inaugural speech declaiming 'every decision
we make will be to help the American worker and the American family', his first
executive order increases their mortgages. What a warm fuzzy feeling his clueless minions must have.