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Sunday, January 22, 2017

More on The March

Secret Service slaps down White House claim that 

‘magnetometers’ shrank inaugural crowd size

from Daily Kos:

They came. The call went out and … they came. In Washington, yes. In Los Angeles. Boston. Chicago. In Denver, and in Austin. But also in Bethel, Alaska where the high temperature for the day was -21. They came in conservative strongholds like Lubbock, Texas and Colorado Springs. They marched in Oxford, Mississippi, and in Oklahoma City. They marched in London and Paris and Madrid and flooded the streets of Amsterdam. They marched on the tiny Isle of Eigg in the Scottish Hebrides, and by their thousands in Nairobi. They brought their children. They got up in retirement homes where even 101-year-old feet showed they could still march

They invented chants. And songs. They created signs that were clever, arch, hilarious, artistic, defiant, angry, touching, and heartbreaking. They wore T-shirts in sunshine and coats in the driving snow. They wore those glorious, glorious hats. 

It was beautiful. So beautiful that it sometimes hurt to watch—in the best possible way. 

After a day that seemed so dark, where it felt like hope had been crushed and the light had been dimmed, when optimism seemed lost and justice diminished, they showed that there is still a word that means all those things, all at once, and much, much more. 


 " was a march for women’s rights, but it was also a rebuke to the language, goals, and person of Donald Trump."--Mark Sumner

The eloquence of Kevin Baker:

"What they [those who voted for Trump]  have done is a desecration, a foolish and vindictive act of vandalism, by which they betrayed all the best and most valiant labors of our ancestors. 

We don’t want to accept this, because we cannot accept that the people, at least in the long run of things, can be wrong in our American democracy. 

But they can be wrong, just like any people, anywhere. And until we do accept this abject failure of both our system and ourselves, there is no hope for our redemption."


Stephen B. said...

“I am so behind you. I know maybe sometimes you haven’t gotten the backing that you’ve wanted and you’re going to get so much backing. Maybe you’re going to say, ‘Please, don’t give us so much backing. Mr. President, please, we don’t need so much backing.’”

Dear Donnie,

They're called the intelligence community for a reason. They aren't going to swallow your bullshit like the morons who voted for you did.

Etc etc etc

Ahab said...

A beautiful day -- and a beautiful commentary!

Lady Pinkbottom said...

I thought Trump in his glorious speech to the CIA struck a veddy nice tone with them, rather comrade-ish, Putin-ly comrade-ish -- if you get my drift.

But, dahlinks, I’m a little surprised at CNN’s disdain, and Brennan’s, for slamming Trump so hard for speaking in front of the CIA wall with stars on it signifying their dead in action.

I don't understand why they would be angered by President Trump bragging about being on the cover of Time Magazine more than anyone else in the world. If that demeaned those stars in the background, what of it? Isn't it more important, my dears, that Trump get to tell America how popular and magnificent he is? And how billions of people came out to cheer his inauguration?

Really. This constant snipping at Dear Leader is unacceptable and I am most assuredly not amused!

Infidel753 said...

Stephen: I'm not sure anyone really wants Trump "behind" them. You'd always wonder what he might grab.