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Tuesday, January 31, 2017

Leninist Steve Bannon bragged about wanting to destroy America

Trump's closest advisor and now member of the NSC, Steve Bannon, stated these words to The Daily Beast:

“I’m a Leninist,” Steve Bannon told a writer for The Daily Beast, in late 2013. “Lenin wanted to destroy the state, and that’s my goal, too. I want to bring everything crashing down, and destroy all of today’s establishment.”

Congratulations, Trump voters, for willingly taking part in the destruction of "the state."

Just imagine, my friends, if the first African-American POTUS had one of his closest advisors make such an ominous and traitorous statement about our government and country.

It is astounding how Trump voters see nothing wrong with this chaotic administration that is hell-bent on fundamentally changing and destroying the U.S.

David Frum, Conservative writer, warns people to open their eyes and see the Trump administration for what it is:

"A president who plausibly owes his office at least in part to a clandestine intervention by a hostile foreign intelligence service? Who uses the bully pulpit to target individual critics? Who creates blind trusts that are not blind, invites his children to commingle private and public business, and somehow gets the unhappy members of his own political party either to endorse his choices or shrug them off? If this were happening in Honduras, we’d know what to call it. It’s happening here instead, and so we are baffled."

I'm not baffled, and I'm betting a majority of clear-eyed, rational Americans are not either. The Trump-Bannon presidency has been very clear in what it wants to do to America. And that's why millions of Americans have spontaneously taken to the streets to let this chaotic and dangerous administration know that we will not let it happen.

And finally, Jonathan Alter:

"The most striking thing about President Trump’s first 10 days in office is that the ardent nationalist who pledged to put “America first” is emerging as the least American president of the United States. By least American, I mean least connected to the larger democratic values that define the country. Our national identity is unique in the world because it’s based not on race, religion, or country of origin, but on ideals that transcend party. Such ideals are at odds with a president who lies promiscuously, destabilizes the government with impulsive, discriminatory, and inhumane policies backed up with jarring firings, and cannot allow his White House to apologize or admir error under any circumstances, even for neglecting to mention Jews in a Holocaust commemoration. Those are the telltale signs of a foreign dictator, not an American leader."


Shaw Kenawe said...

Ryan Cooper from The Week:

Donald Trump's executive branch is defying the judiciary, even with the personal, in-person assistance of national legislators. He is attempting, in part at least, to overturn constitutional government in the United States.

This is not an exaggeration. In a republic, a professional legal corps gets to interpret the law as written by the elected representatives of the people, and the agents of state violence must obey their commands. In a tyranny, the leader does whatever he wants. That is what Trump, with the close counsel of his advisers Stephen Bannon and Stephen Miller, is trying to create.

BB-Idaho said...

Are we left with the GOP congressional majority as the only thing between the country and totalitarianism? Oh My.

Ducky's here said...

I believe President Grabby took his Holocaust speech from Bannon as well as his start to banning all Muslims.
Kudos to Tim Kaine for pointing out that the Holocaust statement failed to mention Jews.

We are watching the machinations of a stinking white supremacist unfold.
President Grabby is all to happy to listen to the council of his pocket klansman while the fringe right applauds.

The people have to stand up for American values now.

Shaw Kenawe said...

And, BB-Idaho, there's nothing like having a Constitutionally ignorant tyrant as POTUS to make us all feel secure:

Donald Trump didn’t realize Steve Bannon needs Senate confirmation for National Security Council

President Chaotic Amateur

Rational Nation USA said...

trump and bannon want to destroy the state and rebuild it in their putrid image. As the gop and the trumpanzees cheer them on.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's what The Palmer Report says:

According to section (a)(6) of federal statute 50 U.S. Code 3021, a civilian like Steve Bannon will in fact need to go through Senate confirmation and approval in order to serve on the National Security Council because he doesn’t fit into any of the five listed pre-approved categories. That obscure law, which has remained obscure because no president has ever tried to put a political hack on the NSC until now, was dug up by MSNBC analyst Jonathan Alter late on Monday night. This sets up a remarkable showdown if Trump goes ahead with the Bannon pick, because few in either party have shown any affinity or trust for the guy – and they’ll have limitless material for embarrassing him.

Jerry Critter said...

Oh I can't wait for a confirmation hearing on Bannon. That should be great theater.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky: "Kudos to Tim Kaine for pointing out that the Holocaust statement failed to mention Jews.

We are watching the machinations of a stinking white supremacist unfold."

And if you read certain right wing blogs and news sites, they're all giddy with joy over an anti-Semite, White Supremacist, racist as trump's very dear and close adviser -- y'know, the degenerate who wants to "destroy the state."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry: "Oh I can't wait for a confirmation hearing on Bannon. That should be great theater."

The sneering, snarling insolence by the Leninist will be worth the price of admission.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, who will stop them?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's another way trump is making America "great" again:

Wave Of Bomb Threats Targets Jewish Centers, Again

Also, Harley-Davidson has told the WH NOT to go forward with its plan to visit Wisconsin because of the fear of protests.

It's a 12-day old administration, and trump is being told not to come to visit a state he won.

The news is consistent with the cancellation of a temporary flight restriction that was put in place for air travel around the Milwaukee area on Thursday, the day of the planned visit, according to the National Business Aviation Association. Temporary flight restrictions are typically put in place during travel by the president due to security risks.

The White House confirmed to the Associated Press Monday that the president was to visit the city this week to deliver a speech about the economy. Rumors had the event occurring at Harley-Davidson Inc.'s plant in Menomonee Falls or at the Harley-Davidson Museum.

However, Harley-Davidson (NYSE: HOG) spokeswoman Maripat Blankenheim told the Milwaukee Business Journal Tuesday that neither the company nor the museum in the Menomonee Valley would be hosting the reported Milwaukee visit planned by President Trump.

Anonymous said...

Jerry and Ms.Shaw, Bannon doesn't need confirmation......sorry

Rational Nation USA said...

Shaw - RN, who will stop them?

Democrats, independents, and moderate republicans. Women and men of all nationalities who love this nation and what she stood for. Before trump.

2020 will answer that question. If it doesn't happen we're truly FU**ED.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon, there is legal difference of opinion on that.

Bannon May Need Senate Confirmation for NSC Role
Bannon’s appointment is so unusual that experts disagree on how the statute should be applied.

Does Steve Bannon’s Role on the Principals Committee Require Senate Confirmation?

Jerry Critter said...

Anon - "Jerry and Ms.Shaw, Bannon doesn't need confirmation......sorry"

I don't believe that has been determined yet. All I see are opinions...and opinions carry no legal weight.

Don Jose From Far Rockaway said...

Why do all these stooges on your blog call a PIG like you Ms.

Shaw Kenawe said...

DJ from FR,

I'm thrilled to see you're so enraged by what I write that you had to come here and show us all what a sad little troll you are.

BEGONE, WYD troll!