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Sunday, January 8, 2017

Sunday Science Blog

Mike Pence will be the next vice president of the United States of America and, therefore, have somewhat of an influence over or an opinion about policy, including policies affecting science.  I never thought in my lifetime I'd see a science ignoramus such as Pence one heartbeat away from another ignoramus, Trump, a adolescent Twitterer who is clueless on just about everything to do with governing.

I don't have to defend what is accepted scientific fact, Evolution.

And I don't have to respect people, like Mike Pence and other Evolution deniers, who would keep America misinformed and stupid by repeating lies about settled scientific fact.

Pence obviously doesn't know the meaning of the word "theory" in the scientific sense, and because he's ignorant on that matter, he should keep his dangerously imbecilic opinions to himself, his family, and other benighted souls who waste their time listening to his cretinous blatherings.


Infidel753 said...

I need to stop watching videos like this. It's bad for my blood pressure.

What an embarrassment Pence is. I can remember at various times explaining to people from Japan and China that significant numbers of Americans actually want to have religious mythology taught in science classes alongside evolution. They could hardly believe it, since they thought of the US as being too advanced for such nonsense. The religions in those countries have their own creation myths, of course, but nobody seriously wants to teach them in science classes alongside evolution.

Pence not only doesn't know what "theory" means, he doesn't know how evolution works, either. There has never been any insistence that human evolution was "linear" in the sense of having no side branches which died out before modern times. The Toumai skull is interesting because it suggests that another ape lineage had already begun walking upright seven million years ago, before our own ancestors did and in a completely different part of Africa. This by no means undermines the accepted view of human evolution; bipedalism carries certain advantages, so it's not surprising that it evolved independently in different ape species.

Don't these people ever realize they need to have some knowledge of evolution if they want to argue against it? I generally refrain from writing about subjects I know nothing about, because I know how easy it is to make a fool of oneself doing that.

Since Pence thinks the Toumai skull is so telling in some way, I wonder how he fits it into the view of humans being created exactly as they are now, presumably just 6,000 years ago.

The stupidization of Republican politicians is proceeding at an alarming pace. Even Palin in 2008 said she accepted evolution. Don't you long for the days when Dan Quayle was the dumbest one we had to worry about?

Rational Nation USA said...

Such an articulate man. A well spoken and delivered speech. Even convincing. To an educated but brainwashed adult or child that is.

Pence, by virtue of his creationist mentality, is a danger to free and correct thinking men and women of this country. Make no mistake, Pence and those like him have an agenda. Their agenda is to influence future generations by keeping them ill informed and talking to an imaginary god in the sky.

Vicki s said...

What conservatives are calling "fake news" is actually anything that doesn't support their agenda.

Science and evidence and solid investigative journalism be damned, if it doesn't tow their policy ideas and politics, then it's fake news. But it's not fake news, it's real, and we all need to understand that calling real news "fake" is now their game plan.

This strategy germinated from some of the "real fake" news stories (Hillary was a sexual predator, Hillary has Parkinson's, etc.), because they found that it was persuasive to throw things out there and see what sticks.

Many Conservative Americans are a shallow lot, and don't question the veracity of something that's repeated by a right wing celebrity.

Don't believe the bullshit you hear from the pundit class either. Seek out investigative journalism, scientific evidence, and factual evidence.

One more thing: both sides don't do it. Don't buy into the false equivalence. You're selling yourself short if you do.

Joan said...

Trump keeps denying that the dictator Putin helped him to be elected. Trump is under the mistaken impression that a majority of Americans voted for him and like him. Nothing could be farther from the truth. Trump is universally despised by our allies and by a majority of the American people. Without Russia helping him Trump would never be elected. Wait til he's in office and feels the wrath of the American people. The asshole needs people to admire and love him. thats why he's surrounded himself with lackeys and asskissers.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Donald Trump Is Very Upset That The Media And American People Are Mocking Him

Too bad, Donnie. You may want to pay attention to the fact that the media and the American people are not mocking President and Mrs. Obama, they are celebrating them and mourning the fact that a class act of decency, honor, kindness, faithfulness, and patriotism is leaving the People's House while the exact opposite will infest it on January 20.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joan, of course Trump denies any involvement by Russia. To acknowledge what the CIA, FBI, and NSA have reported would his his very large keister. Trump thinks he's loved by the majority of the American people. He couldn't get as many A-list celebs to "celebrate" on January 20th as Mr. and Mrs. Obama got for their farewell party. Trump knows that, the American people know that, and so does the world.

But the former head of the Communist KGB is blowing Trump kisses. That should make Donnie feel important.