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The U.S. was just downgraded from a “Full” to “Flawed Democracy.”

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Wednesday, January 18, 2017

Billionaire Buys Nomination for Education Secretary Under President-elect 40%

This woman is a know-nothing dilettante billionaire who got the nomination for Education Secretary because she gave millions and millions of dollars to President-elect 40%'s campaign.

She couldn't answer the most basic questions on education.

Senator Warren made a fool of Betsy DeVos:

I know absolutely NOTHING about public education!

Charlie Pierce:  "Simply put, Betsy DeVos has been nominated to be Secretary of Education because she married into the Amway money and spread it around to enough Republican politicians to get them elected so that they would carry out DeVos family enterprise of turning public education over to private profiteers and turning the political commons into a theocratic yard sale open to the highest bidder. She and her family contributed substantial sums to 10 of the 12 Republicans who were sitting on the committee that was vetting her Tuesday night. It was low, insulting burlesque and a revolting dumbshow of the arrogance of monied ignorance. I think we're all going to have to get used to that kind of thing."


Ducky's here said...

Married into the family of the architect of the biggest Ponzi scheme ever and a close relative of a notorious war profiteer.
Just the level of character we expect from President Grabby.

I wish someone had asked her to delineate the added value charter schools have brought to places like Detroit and New Orleans.

Let's face it, the privatizers are just interested in using the poor cynically to generate profit.
She actually manages to stand out in this group of plunderers.

skudrunner said...


So your belief is that our public education system has provided good education to those in the inner cities, statistics proven otherwise. Change is tough but maybe it is for the good or we could stay what is tried and true no matter how bad it has proven to be.

Granted vouchers would make schools and teachers perform and may hurt the NEA which is the real reason for the objections to choice.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Public education has done very, very well in liberal Massachusetts. Even in the inner city:

Massachusetts is widely seen as having the best school system in the country: Just 2 percent of its high-schoolers drop out, for example, and its students’ math and reading scores ran.k No. 1 nationally. It even performs toward the top on international education indices.

Best School Systems In US: Massachusetts Tops Rankings While Alaska Falls Short

If Massachusetts Were A Country, Its Students Would Rank 9th In The World

It's not perfect, but Massachusetts has achieved success in many areas, and we need to do more to close the gaps in other areas.

Rational Nation USA said...

I'm all for choice. But, the real agenda of the republican party is not to strengthen and improve education quality for all. Nope, quite the contrary. It is to starve public education. The result? An even greater percentage is Amercan's grow up under educated with fewer prospects of success. Of course will not effect the well off or wealthy. Which of course is all republicans are concerned with.

The have an agenda skud.

BTW, have you watched the documentary Thirteenth? If not I recommend you consider it.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw,

Congratulations on living in the colonies and having a good public education system but there are a couple of other states that do not have exemplary results that your state does.

RN, Everyone has an agenda and the richest people in this country are democrats so you need to give that a break.

It is the feeling of many that the American people are to stupid to make proper choices and the government knows better and that goes for education. The quality of a school is determined by the participation of parents.

I agree there are a disproportionate amount of minorities in prison and lack of a good education is a contributing factor. Part of cause may be the lack of two parent households and no involvement in a child's education by either parent. The it takes a village has been a sorry failure.

Jerry Critter said...

The only way republicans can grow their numbers is to continue with their dumbing down of the American voter. There is a reason why democratic voters are better educated than republican voters.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud: "Congratulations on living in the colonies and having a good public education system but there are a couple of other states that do not have exemplary results that your state does."

First, I don't live "in the colonies," I live in the United States of America. Second, those who make fun of liberals and all things liberal should pay attention to the successes Massachusetts has managed to make over the past decades, and not give envious snark as an answer. We're not a large state, but Massachusetts has always, since Colonial times, put public education as a priority. As I said, we're not perfect and there are still problems, but being competitive with OTHER COUNTRIES and being Number One in educational achievements in science and math in the good ole USA is something achievable, even for a small state if one cares about successful student outcomes and not personally enriching billionaires.

Rational Nation USA said...

Acknowledged skud. There are indeed many wealthy democrats. True especially in Massachusetts. Apparently the wealthy democrats know a lot more about managing a successful state government AND educating children in public schoolsthan say Louisiana, Mississippi, or Alabama to name just a few of the more conservative redder states.

Perhaps they and other states that are less successful in education, science, technology, and and business should ask MA and some other bluer states just how they do it.

Jerry Critter said...

Or, RN, perhaps they are not really interested in educating their masses.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Also, Les, you should remind skud that our governor is a Republican with sky-high approval numbers here in blue Massachusetts who works very well with the Democratic state legislature to solve our state's problems. Governor Baker also did not vote for Trump. Baker is a sane Republican.

Rational Nation USA said...

Thank you Shaw for adding the finishing touch.

I highly suspect skud is not in the mood to discuss factual data. He rarely is it seems.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw,
There were millions of republicans who didn't vote for DJT just as there were millions of democrats who didn't vote for -H-. It was a limited choice election but it is over.

As Andrew Young said the other day, the democrats lost because -H- had one message and that was trash Trump. DJT had one message rebuild America and that is what the middle class wanted to hear.

Now that we have had change there is Hope. As a member of the middle class and a business owner I welcome the change because now I don't feel under attack. The limousine liberals are up in arms because they always get what they want only this time they didn't and they are stomping their feet.

Liberals and special interest groups have had their eight years and now it is the average Americans turn to have a voice.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Liberals and special interest groups have had their eight years and now it is the average Americans turn to have a voice."

This is the funniest and saddest thing I've read so far today.

You actually believe that billionaire Trump who cheated average Americans out of their hard earned money with his fake Trump University (and had to pay $25 million to settle the law suit), a billionaire who stiffed small business owners who contracted with him for his golf clubs and hotels, and a billionaire who has larded his cabinet with THE MOST billionaires and Wall Street insiders ever amassed in the US history is for "the little guy?" Just wait until "the little guy and gal" get their Medicare and Medicaid taken away, and their ACA repealed, and then their Social Security given to Wall Street for "savings accounts.",

You actually believe a man who owns his own jet, lives in a 33,000 sq.ft. penthouse with gold toilets and who owns mansions all over the country even knows what it's like to be middle class, never mind poor?

Jeebus. That's a whole lot of crazy you've swallowed without thinking.

The poor and disadvantage in the traditionally poor states are in for a rough time. They can thank people like you for their coming misery.

skudrunner said...

Time will tell Ms Shaw. He is not middle America but neither is -H- or BHO or any of the elected elite. The limousine liberal crowd who leave their palatial mansions to get in their chauffeured limousines to board their private jets to attend a multi thousand dollar dinner about climate change has the pulse of America. Somehow I have a hard time relating to that crowd as well but I don't run in their circles.

ACA has been a disaster for most everyone but looks good to a few. No party will do away with ACA without a replacement and the democrats have used the push granny off a cliff for way to long. The poor have had a rough time for decades under democrat and republican administrations and little will change.

BTW, did you see where Bill is shutting down his money machine. Guess their influence peddling is over.