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Sunday, January 29, 2017

Demonstration in Boston Against Trump's Muslim Ban

Last weekend I marched with 170,000 other Bostonians in the Women's March.

This weekend, thousands more Bostonians (I haven't read any numbers yet) poured into Copley Square, this time to protest bigotry, hate, and Trump's ban on Muslims entering this country.

We gathered only a few blocks away from the horrific Marathon bombings of 2013 to demonstrate to ourselves and our fellow Americans that rational people do not blame all 1.6 billion Muslims on the planet for the irrational and murderous acts of the few. We affirmed our belief in justice, compassion, and solidarity with our Muslim brothers and sisters. 

The executive order that Trump signed this weekend is deeply unAmerican, inhumane, and unConstitutional, and it appeals to our worst, not our better angels.

Our Republican Governor Charlie Baker:

Republican Gov. Charlie Baker released a statement Sunday saying the Trump administration's executive order puts the state's global community "at risk." 

 "I believe focusing on countries' predominant religions will not make the country safer as terrorists have showed they intend to strike from across the world," the statement read. 

"The confusion for families is real. The unexpected disruption for law abiding people is real. And the lack of guidance associated with such an abrupt and overwhelming decision is hugely problematic for all involved." 

 Baker added that he hopes the federal courts will offer clarity quickly.

Trump and his goons will have to pay attention.

Credit: Nicolaus Czarnecki


Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's a victim of Trump's heartless executive order:

A 5-year-old boy who was swept up in President Donald Trump’s executive order was reunited with his mother Saturday after enduring a several-hour detention, emotional video shows.

The little boy, who U.S. Senator Chris Van Hollen (D-Md.) identified as a U.S. citizen and Maryland resident, was seen being showered with kisses as his mother embraced him at Washington D.C.’s Dulles International Airport, WJZ-TV reported.

The child’s mother, who is reportedly from Iran, declined an interview as she rushed out of the airport. Family surrounding the mother and son meanwhile clutched balloons and sang “Happy Birthday” to the boy, who had been flying with another family member.

In a scathing Facebook post, Sen. Hollen criticized the president and shared that the child’s detention occurred despite the senator giving authorities advance notice of the boy’s arrival.

Proud of yourself, Donnie?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Do you think this is going to go well for you, Donnie? It's a good bet that Americans deeply dislike presidents who terrify children and their mothers.

It is outrageous that a 5 year old boy -- an American citizen and Maryland resident -- was detained for more than 4 hours this evening at Dulles airport. He was held despite the fact that we gave the authorities advance notice of his arrival earlier today and, when I called later in the evening, they refused to say whether he had been released or was still in custody. Shame on you, Donald Trump. And thank goodness for the federal judge who upheld the rule of law and temporarily blocked the implementation of Trump’s removal order. We must remain vigilant and fight back.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Commentar Magazine:

The businessman-president is supposed to be, above all else, competent. There was none of that evident in the terrible implementation of the president’s executive order banning entry into the U.S. of not just refugees but visa holders and legal permanent residents from seven Islamic world nations. The merits of this policy are dubious even to those Americans who believe in an abundance of caution when it comes to preventing potential terrorists from infiltrating the United States. Merits aside, the implementation of this policy was stunningly inept.

The order banning even longtime residents from seven suspect countries in the Middle East and North Africa was signed on a Friday evening without forewarning. The local authorities and agencies tasked with implementing this sweeping policy were given little guidance from the White House and, as such, were forced to improvise. The result was utter chaos.

American citizens were incarcerated. The news was dominated by images of 5-year-old children and elderly couples being detained by airport security officials. Families were separated as visa recipients learned only upon landing in the United States that they were to be sent back to their country of origin. Foreign nationals who risked their lives to work with American troops in places like Iraq and Afghanistan—the recipients of a special visa reserved for those who demonstrate an urgent and extraordinary claim to the benefits of American asylum—found themselves abandoned by the country they served.

Dave Miller said...

As if to highlight the professionalism of this Admin, the Press Sec retweeted an Onion article he thought was praising him.

This group is beyond normal. And their minions are happy as clams.

Anonymous said...

The gutless a$$wipes on the right blogs are ignoring this assault on America. That's proof enough for me that they're more interested in promoting their ideology than in being Americans. They'll pay dearly for turning their backs on our Constitution.

Rational Nation USA said...

trump is getting exactly that which he craves for the most, international notoriety. Since trump's bigley bloated ego causes him to see himself as infallible he is not going to back down. He will continue to push his bigotry and hate for as long as it takes him to "win". In trump's universe the only thing that is really important and right is everything trump.

Rational Nation USA said...

... they're more interested in promoting their ideology than in being Americans.

That has always been true of the most extreme elements in all ideologies. Everywhere.

Ducky's here said...

@Dave Miler - the Press Sec retweeted an Onion article he thought was praising him.
And so he did. .@SeanSpicer‘s role in the Trump administration will be to provide the American public with robust and clearly articulated misinformation. He responded by saying “you nailed it.” Well now that's on the table.

Remember when the mothership was assuring everyone that Happy Hands would be fine because he'd surround himself with highly qualified advisors (like the morons who crafted his Muslim ban)? How's this:
"President Donald Trump is reshuffling the US National Security Council (NSC), downgrading the military chiefs of staff and giving a regular seat to his chief strategist Steve Bannon."

That's right, in the situation room a Breitfart hate monger outranks the joint chiefs. That's called "surrounding yourself with highly qualified advisors". Politics allowed prominence at the National Security Council? What can go wrong?