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Friday, January 13, 2017

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Shaw Kenawe said...

Timothy Egan:

His tweets are a diversion, many of them celebrity-on-celebrity drivel without a dust mite of dignity. They move markets, and ignite news cycles — an addictive power for an insecure man. His Trump Tower perp walks, showing off the latest poor soul to kiss the king’s ring, reveal little but the everyday nourishment needs of a narcissist. [...]

His tax returns could reveal many of those opportunities to enrich himself from the Oval Office. But he refuses to release this vital information. He never answered two essential questions of the transition: What will he replace Obamacare with? And, did anyone in his campaign have contact with Russian operatives working to ensure that Hillary Clinton would not get elected?

Watch. Trump mentioned that over the weekend he was offered a $2 billion deal with Dubai, which sounds like a bribe. Don’t worry, the Trump organization will not do deals abroad while he’s president, he said. But he will be making decisions that can fatten his own family holdings at home, and he will be conducting foreign policy with countries where the Trumps have business entanglements.

Shaw Kenawe said...

From a close friend:

To all you Trump voters with "give them a chance" on your lips. You have just doomed me and 2 million other people to a life without health insurance. I have been uninsurable due to an auto immune disorder for years until the ACA which allowed me to get affordable insurance without pre-existing exceptions. That ends now. This bunch of thugs YOU put in office did this. Tell me again how great this is going to be. I will now only be medically insured when I am traveling in a foreign country. My only consolation is knowing this bunch of thugs you so lazily put in charge of this country without any real thought to what the consequences would be, are eventually going to do something that will make you suffer as much as me. There is no defense for this idiocy so anyone who tries to defend this bullshit it off my list.

May Trump and his lackeys all burn in Hell for the hardship and misery they are about to unleash on my fellow Americans.

IMO, Trump and his thugs are no longer Americans. They're some sort of deviant aliens who've taken over our beloved country.

To take away health care from millions and millions of vulnerable Americans with nothing to replace it is the very definition of unspeakable evil.

This evil will affect not just Democrats, but millions of Republicans as well.

Jerry Critter said...

One comment is very presidential, and the other is very unpresidented. I will leave it to the informed reader to decided which is which.

Kevin Robbins said...

I gotta say I agree with both. It'll probably be the last time I can say that about Trump, tho.

Dave Miller said...

Can anyone imagine what happens when Trump is called upon, and he surely will be, to be a mourner in chief after a tragedy?

He has shown absolutely no capacity to model compassion, work with scripture in an effective way, comfort people or provide a way forward that does not involve bombastic language, Twitter or a "We'll get even" approach.

Anonymous said...

When Obama leaves the White House so does class and decency and in comes vulgarity and slime in the person of Donald J. Trump.

Here's another first for America:

Melania Trump will be the first First Lady who grew up in a home where her father was a Communist. Where are the right wingers on this? They okay with it? if so why?

Jerry Critter said...

"Melania Trump will be the first First Lady who grew up in a home where her father was a Communist."

Why is that a problem?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jerry: "Melania Trump will be the first First Lady who grew up in a home where her father was a Communist."

Why is that a problem?

Jerry, I've written about this as well.

The hypocrisy from the right is the problem. The wingnuts made an issue out of the Mr. Obama's father and rumors that he was a Communist. Obama,Sr. was a Socialist. The wingnuts have remained silent about Melania's father. Can anyone imagine how they would have howled had Michelle Obama grown up in a family where her father was a card-carrying Communist?

The righties in this country have always been ever vigilant about finding Communists everywhere, but completely silent on this matter.

I don't think it has anything to do with how Melania will conduct herself as a FLOTUS, because I don't think politics is as important to her as her other interests.

I point this out because it's another bit of evidence that the right really didn't care whether or not Obama's father was a Communist, they pounded on it because, IMO, of other reasons.

Jerry Critter said...

You are absolutely right, Shaw. It is the hypocracy that is the problem. The rightwing and hypocracy belong together in a Thesaurus.