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Tuesday, January 24, 2017

Compare and Contrast: Trump -- Crass; Obama -- Class


Shaw Kenawe said...


Having badly lost the popular vote is a stain on his victory, as is the low turnout at his inauguration and the massive global protests that broke out the next day. His terrible approval numbers are also a concern. But his real legitimacy problems are coming from his connections to Russia and the way that the FBI intervened in the election.

If he were truly and sanely interested in preserving his legitimacy he would not do seemingly everything possible to bolster the impression that the Russians have something on him and that he is doing their bidding. He would not have made a man suspected of being a conduit to the Russians his National Security Advisor. He would not have named a man to serve as Secretary of State who had once been awarded a Friend of Russia award. He would not act as Vladimir Putin’s defense attorney at every opportunity, especially when he is critical of nearly every other prominent politician on Earth. He wouldn’t nakedly signal his intention to lift Russian sanctions without getting anything related to the sanctions in return. He would not adopt a posture consistent with Putin’s desire to undermine the European Union, nor go out of his way to criticize NATO and our Far Eastern allies. He wouldn’t call Angela Merkel’s policies “catastrophic.”

He can’t go back and undo his hiring of Paul Manafort or his connections to Carter Page, but he can stop acting as if the United States is now located behind the Iron Curtain. Yet, he refuses to stop.

It's Good To Be Right! said...

SHAW, Your deranged, over the top, hysterical frothing about Trump isolates you to the outter fringe of the kooky leftist Nuts. There may be millions of fools like you in that echo chamber but you are a tiny fraction of the American electorate, especially when you consider how few of you actually voted. You and your Ilk are a shameful disgrace to America.

You make a fool of yourself EVER. SINGLE. DAY

Shaw Kenawe said...


You obviously live in a cave with mushrooms as your source of information.

On Saturday, not just millions and millions of Americans marched for women's rights and AGAINST Trump, but so did millions and millions of people worldwide -- even in Antarctica.

Rant and rave and stamp your feet all you like. The fact is that Trump is the most disliked president to ever assume office: 37% approve of him. Herpes is more popular than he is.

Running around to liberals blogs spreading your b.s. doesn't change the fact that Trump is seen as a lying buffoon by A MAJORITY of Americans and the rest of the world.

I suggest you take up some hobby to quiet your nerves, perhaps you can learn to cut out paper dolls. It's going to be a long 4 years for you, poor dear.