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Wednesday, May 3, 2017

Here's a question that should keep sane people awake at night

How many "last straws" can there be before the nation finally sees Trump as a demented, dysfunctional threat to our success & even survival?

Taken as a package, the 100 Days interviews sound like evidence submitted in an involuntary commitment hearing to a mental institution.

Trump's supporters have no problem with our idiot president because he's not Hillary and because Neil Gorsuch. So it's all good with them.

But on the bright side, there is this:

"This was not winning from the Republican point of view" - Lindsey Graham on CNN - "the democrats cleaned our clock"

Dems basically got everything. It's like they control House, Senate, & WH rather than the other way around. 


Jerry Critter said...

I think the house republicans are running scared. They are looking towards 2018 and see their house seats disappearing if they do what Trump and the far right wing republicans want to do.

Anonymous said...

When will the people who support trump finally understand that he is a dangerous know-nothing who's probably in the early stages of some mental disability. He's shown the country more than enough times how unstable and ignorant he is. Do trump's support care about America? I'm beginning to think they don't all they care about is having a GOP president and GOP in charge of Congress. But look what that's gotten them. Are they all as demented as Trump?

Franco Aragusto said...

Did you see what the GOP president said today about the Palestinians? My fourth grader knows better.

“I also applaud the Palestinian Authority’s continued cooperation with Israel,” Trump said. “They get along unbelievably well… They work together beautifully.”

The U.S. president noted that there could be “no lasting peace” unless all Palestinian leaders spoke out against hate.

“There’s such hatred,” he added. “But hopefully there won’t be such hatred for very long.”

No. There won't be such hatred for very long because Trump is going to solve hundreds of years of hatred between the Arabs and Jews by waving his tiny hands over the Middle East and the Jews and the Palestinians will all sing Kumbaya and weave flowers in their hair.