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Wednesday, May 31, 2017

The Far Right's FAKE Outrage


During an off-camera news conference on Wednesday, Press Secretary Sean Spicer was asked about discrepancy. 

 “Obviously [Griffin’s] conduct has been widely condemned, and it’s not a partisan thing to say joking about violence toward the president is unacceptable,” a reporter said. “But on that note, I wanted to ask about Ted Nugent, who joked multiple times about assassinating President Barack Obama, who said Hillary Clinton should be hanged. He was invited to the White House for dinner by President Trump. Do you believe that was appropriate? And if Trump is offended by this incident, why was he not bothered by all of Mr. Nugent’s comments?” 

 Spicer had no answers. 

I have an answer: 

The right wingers have no problem with images of violence or degradation so long as those images are directed at Democrats. Period. 

MAY 31, 2017 POST:

A right wing troll came to P.E. and wanted to know WHERE IS YOUR OUTRAGE OVER WHAT KATHY GRIFFIN DID?!!!!!!1111!!!

I don't like what she did. IMO it wasn't funny, it wasn't making a statement. It was WRONG!

But the right wing troll forgets that the man Griffin made a joke -- a "locker room joke?" -- over is the same man who for five long unfunny years questioned President Obama's citizenship and his legitimacy as president. 

That wasn't funny either.

Also things that weren't funny during President Obama's administration were the photos of him with a noose around his neck; the photos of Mr. Obama being burned in effigy; the photos of his wife and children portrayed as apes; the name calling; calling Mrs. Obama a man; and even right wing bloggers condoning their commenters' call for assassinating President Obama. 

The hate mongers on the right made this sort of sickening "joke" acceptable; and now that certain elements on the left are mimicking what they did for the 8 years President Obama was in office, they're angry.  


Below are just a few of the images the right wingers thought were perfectly acceptable to send around in emails and on the internet when Mr. Obama was president. No right winger came running to my blog screeching about any of them. 

So which is more OUTRAGEOUS? Burning an effigy of Mr. Obama while it hangs from a noose? Or Kathy Griffin imitating Perseus holding the head of Medusa? 

No one spoke up for the past 8 years when people publicized tasteless demonstrations of hatred toward Mr. Obama, so the right tacitly accepted it all. 


Ted Nugent was recently warmly welcomed to Trump's White House as an honored guest.


“We need to ride into that battlefield and chop their [the Obama administration’s] heads off in November,” 

Nugent said at the time. He added, “If Barack Obama becomes the next president in November, again, I will either be dead or in jail by this time next year.” 

 Trump addressed Nugent’s comments directly. But rather than saying the musician should be “ashamed” of himself, as he said of Griffin, Trump declared that Nugent demonstrated “the anger people have towards” then–President Obama, even if his “figure of speech” was a bit “unfortunate.” 



Anonymous said...

OT re Trump pulling out of the Paris climate change accord...his supporters are as stupid as he is... our national security people support it... our allies support it...China supports it...the only ones who do not are the low information Trump supporters who are as stupid as he is...God save us from them and their stupidity!

Clearwater, Florida said...

Ted Nugent called for the death of Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton. He then got invited to the White House. The right's argument is null and void.

Dave Miller said...

Let's also remember Shaw that not one GOP leader or blogger I've ever seen can give one example of racist treatment of President Obama. Not one person, or one example.

I hated, hated what Kathy Griffen did. It was horrible, offensive and has no place in civil political discourse. Period.

And the fact that GOP partisans for 8 years did some equally horrible stuff to Pres Obama does not justify what she did. She was 100% wrong in my opinion.

You also stated it was wrong. That's a far cry more than we ever saw from the right wing.

Dave Miller said...

Finally, regarding Griffen, we've seen bi-partisan condemnation of what she did, including from the family of former President Clinton.

When did we ever see that kind of response from the GOP when Pres Obama was mocked in a similar fashion.

Hint... the answer is never.


Infidel753 said...

I've seen other liberals condemn Griffin, but very few right-wingers condemned the years-long diarrheal tidal-wave of disgusting imagery targeting not only Obama but his wife and daughters. Yes, Griffin earned the opprobrium being put on her, but the wingnuts are in not position to claim the moral high ground.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave Never forget this comment from the Mother Ship:

Mal says:
November 19, 2015 at 10:32 am
Every time O opens his mouth, he makes himself less and less believable. He is the laughing stock
of the world…………and so are we for having elected him! For the free world to have any chance of survival, we need to get rid of him NOW, and being as we “can’t” impeach him, then a hit man, whatever… life in exchange for the rest of the world would be a bargain. I know what that sounds like and can hardly believe I’m saying it, but given the thousands who have been killed and millions who have been displaced, his death would be nothing.

Those people saw nothing wrong with that statement that advocated killing an American president. Our enemies couldn't do a better job than the treasonous guy who wrote that.

They thought Mr. Obama was the "laughing stock of the world?" They truly live in a bubble. Trump is mocked and ridiculed around the world like no other president in my memory.

PS. I never found Griffin funny on anything.

Infidel753, we can document all the horrid abuses the wingnuts heaped upon President Obama and his family, but they'll never take responsibility for it. They are just like the irresponsible crybaby they voted to lead them.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trump hasn't made a final decision, but at this point it appears he will pull out and make America into a 3rd world power.

Clearwater, Florida, The wingnuts don't play by the rules. It's always all about them and their grievances.

Anonymous said...

There are no great religions of the world. The sooner we get rid of religions the sooner we can end many deaths.

Rational Nation USA said...

Two wrongs a right does not make.

It's either the high road or the low
road. Something about integrity. Dave is right.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN USA, What the far righties did when Mr. Obama was president does not excuse what Griffin did. But it IS telling that the far right was silent about what was being said and passed around while the Obamas were in the White House. I'm sure the Obama girls were just as upset as Trump said his young son was. Politics is an ugly business.

Rational Nation USA said...

Suffice to say those people you refer to are hugely suffering from HYPOCRISY.

Shaw Kenawe said...

The wingnuts complaining about that stupid stunt Kathy Griffin pulled? Don't they know the "internets" are full of hundreds and hundreds of links to Nugent and his death threats to Obama and Clinton? Why are the wingnuts surprised that this happens? They didn't see anything wrong with it when Nugent and other wingnuts did it to Obama? Now they're upset?

This is from blogger Oliver Willis:

"Griffin was condemned by liberals, CNN hosts, and most people with a pulse. In this instance, the system worked, and Griffin had an ad campaign featuring her pulled and later issued a public apology.

This all happened within hours, and it exposes a problem – on the right.

Unlike Griffin, musician turned right-wing pundit (and racist) Ted Nugent was explicit in calling for both Barack Obama and Hillary Clinton to be murdered, and he has made similar calls to violence on multiple occasions.

In response to these comments, Nugent has not suffered a loss of income or status on the right. He remains a board member of the NRA, a political pundit who appears in campaign ads for Republican candidates, and he was invited to the Oval Office by Donald Trump along with Kid Rock and Sarah Palin.

The conservative sphere has no standards for decency and behavior, and it rewards figures like Nugent for making threats of physical harm against people like Obama and Clinton.

Griffin was wrong, and she heard about it immediately with great fury and velocity. The left and the center have a sense of morality. The right does not.

This is how we got Trump, and that is why the right cannot stand on a moral high horse no matter how hard they try."

Kevin Robbins said...

I'm not really familiar with Kathy Griffin and that's not going to change now. Great post, Shaw. Very nice collection of wingnuttia.

Dave Miller said...

The sound of crickets is evident from the right.

Doris said...

One thing doesn't have ANYTHING. To do with another

Shaw Kenawe said...

Doris, would you please elaborate?

Ducky's here said...

His Orangeness is pontificating on why he's going to pull out of the Paris accord.

He's talking about regional brown outs and the usual terror talk.
Front and center is his vow to bring back coal despite the writing on the wall.

I notice that Massachusetts just shut down the last regional coal fired power plant.
China has cancelled over a hundred. Coal producing countries are struggling to find exports and this dim bulb is talk as if he can revive a dead industry.
Meanwhile, the cost of solar is plummeting and India and China are cornering it as a huge growth industry.

Quote from his address: "At what point do other nations stop laughing at us."
Maybe when you resign dipstick. The address is frightening.

I'm need to pour myself a covfefe.

Damn, he is an absolute frickin' ass nugget.

Doris said...

Yes, you posted pictures of what some fools posted about President Obsma. Why Did what some foolish idiots did give Kathy Griffin
The right to do the idiotic thing that's she did?
I'm sure that you'd agree with me that it was wrong. And that 2 Wrongs do not make a Right.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Doris, Kathy Griffin has the right because of our First Amendment right to speech. Then there's the right for others to criticize her for what she did. The right wingers were just as disgusting with what they did to President Obama as Kathy Griffin was to Trump. And I've already stated Griffin was Wrong. Did you not read my post?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, Trump has made America the laughing stock of the world. And the minority of his base don't know enough to be embarrassed. They actually think they're right and the rest of the world is wrong. Kind of like crazy people in asylums do.

Trump has shamed America in the world community.

Doris said...

That's nonsense!
Of course she had the RIGHT, but she was irreplaceable, and irresponsible. Like him or not he IS THE President.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Doris," you seem to be confused. Your wrote this:

Why Did what some foolish idiots did give Kathy Griffin
The right to do the idiotic thing that's she did?

And then you concede that Griffin DID have the right to do what she did:

Doris said...
That's nonsense!
Of course she had the RIGHT,

Then you write gobbledegook like this:

"...but she was irreplaceable, and irresponsible. Like him or not he IS THE President."

What do you mean Griffin was irreplaceable?

Yes. Trump is the president, just like Mr. Obama was the president, but the wingnuts made fun of him and spread photos of him being hanged and burned to death all over the internet.

You seem not to be able to express yourself intelligently. Come back when you're coherent.

Doris said...

Sorry it was that damn spell correct , that ( spelled incorrectly ). LOL

BlueBull said...

I may be the only one here, but I love Kathy Griffin - always have and always will and I am not in the least offended by what she did. She is, after-all a shock comic. That's her entire schtick and it always has been. You either like it or not but she's always done and said outrageous things. For the radical right to be so offended is absurd nonsense after the 8 years of overt racism and hatred thrown at President Obama and the FLOTUS. I only wish she hadn't apologized and I sent CNN (which I gave up watching a long time ago) an email telling them of my anger at them for being spineless weasels. Of course, this is the same network that hired Corey Lewandowski so I don't really expect much from them, anyway.