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Saturday, May 13, 2017

Saturday Night Music

After this week's events, I thought of this song by The Hollies:


Jersey McJones said...

Love The Hollies! "He Ain't Heavy" was my favorite, but this song is so cool!


Shaw Kenawe said...

"He Ain't Heavy" was a favorite of mine too!

Ducky's here said...

Have to go with early Hollies (Carrie Anne, Bus Stop, On a Carousel, Look Through Any Window. They had a raw unperfected energy. I really enjoyed them.

This a very tight, well produced song but it sounds like a Creedence cover.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, yes. But I chose it for the content, FBI, etc. I agree their other songs were better as well.

Ducky's here said...

If we stay with the Hollies, someone with better song writing skills than myself could probably tunr Carrie Anne into a pretty good parody, Kellyanne.

Thought it was significant that he thinks he needs to pull her out of cold storage to re-energize the "message".

BlueBull said...

I urge everyone to go to youtube and search Randy Rainbow if you haven't already done so. It is WELL worth the time and he's clearly a 'bigly' talented writer of parody songs. If I could figure out how to insert a video into my blog, I'd have posted his stuff many times over.. :)