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Friday, May 12, 2017

Trump: Comey should hope there are no "tapes"

via daily kos:

We’ve moved this morning from politics that seemed Nixonian, to a scene out of the Godfather.

James Comey better hope that there are no "tapes" of our conversations before he starts leaking to the press!

If Trump asked Comey to kiss the ring, it’s likely he did the same to others. 

Jefferson Sessions wouldn’t hesitate at such a pledge, but he should be asked about it. So should every single other person Trump has appointed or nominated. 

Is the Justice Department loyal to the law, or to Trump? 

Is Homeland Security protecting the nation, or the Don? 

Was Neil Gorsuch asked to make such a pledge before taking a chair on the Supreme Court? 

Every single member of the Trump administration should have to sit in front of the Congress and answer the question: 

Did you make, or were you asked to make, any pledge of loyalty to Donald Trump? 

 Donald Trump was originally scheduled to visit the FBI office today. That’s been cancelled. Which is too bad. There were probably people there with a few things to say to the Don.

Evan Vucci / AP
The answers to why Trump canned Comey are becoming clear: The president was filled with grievance about the FBI probe and acted on impulse without clearly thinking through the fallout, numerous sources tell me.
The consequences are also becoming clear: This one quick decision put everything at unnecessary risk, from his legislative agenda to his public standing — and potentially his presidency.
"It is a debacle," said one Republican in constant touch with the West Wing. "They got everything — timing, rationale, reaction — completely wrong."


Infidel753 said... a scene out of the Godfather.

Comey better watch it, or he'll find a horse's ass in his bed.

Franco Aragusto said...

Look what happened to Nixon. It took two years, but Nixon finally got the boot in August of 1974. It didn't happen by itself then and it won't happen by itself now. We need to press on and throw some gasoline on the fire, but, most of all, we must not give up hope. We will prevail.

Anonymous said...

The Comey firing is a manufactured "crisis." See Alinsky.

Jersey McJones said...

Alinski!!!! AAAAAAAA!!!!!!!


Dave Miller said...

JMJ... what can you expect from the extremists? Their Pres can't even say he's not recording meetings in the WH. What a guy he is.

This paragraph explains pretty clearly the man they elected. It's from the WAPO today...

"During the campaign, Trump said that he would like to change laws to make it easier to sue journalists. He announced that he hoped to jail his opponent. He spoke approvingly of the mass deportation of Mexicans in the 1950s. He proposed a travel ban on an entire religion, to bar all Muslims from entering the United States. He advocated that the U.S. military torture prisoners. And he called into question the integrity of a judge because of his Mexican heritage."

This is their champion of democracy and family values.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753 I think Comey is smart enough to handle the idiot in the White House. He's turned down an invitation to testify before a Senate committee and probably won't until he's got everything he needs to send Lord Dampnut to the history books.

Joan, this is turning out to be more than Nixonian, it's diabolical.

Anonymous, explain how the Comey firing is "a manufactured crisis." It was Donald Trump, the POTUS, who fired him, and it is a crisis, since the FBI director was in the process of investigating Trump and his administration for possible collusion with the Russians to win the election. That may not be a large matter to you, but to people who value our laws and our Constitution, it definitely is.

Jersey McJones, I suspect "anonymous" is an escapee from WYD's blog. They're not exactly what one would think of as intellectually brilliant. I think the average IQ is that of a room temperature tomato. Anonymous reeks of idiocy and a willingness to be blind to the rampant corruption and mendacity of the Trump administration. Anonymous and his fellow travelers will prove to be the useful idiots that they most assuredly are.

Bob Timmerman said...

The disconnect on the right to the possibility of treason taking place in the White House can only be explained one of two ways... or possibly both. They are either hypocrites (we all know if Hillaryhad won with Russian interference, then tried to cover up the Russian investigation by firing the FBI director those on the right would be apoplectic), OR they don't watch actual news. Faux News addicts tend to get their info solely from that outlet, with some exceptions made for Limbaugh or Hannity on the radio. Those who don't follow real journalism see this as lefty noise, and nothing more than sour grapes. When Nixon resigned I remember my parents saying, "They all do it, he just got caught." You can't reason with people who aren't willing to think reasonably.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "This is their champion of democracy and family values."

Those who still support Trump have proved that their allegiance is to a political party not to the United States of America. If they pledge allegiance to the flag, they're lying. They've pledged allegiance to a corrupt fraud.

We must remember that there are many, many Republicans who have integrity and honor, who do NOT support Trump, and who are loyal to our country, not a political party.

Clearwater, Florida said...

/Trump fired Comey, so HE "manufactured" the crisis, or does "anonymous" think Obama's responsible for this most recent Trump fk-up? Apparently they do since they can't come to grips with the fact that the guy they voted for is a disgrace to them and America.People like "anonymous" always blame others for their own fk-ups.

Melania T. said...

Are the Left going to keep digging till the end of Trump’s administration, or his impeachment?

Rational Nation USA said...

The anonymous comment is a copy and paste from FreeThinke weblog. Comment was made by a regular there.

BlueBull said...

Well 'Melania T.', if there wasn't so much to dig up, your hero wouldn't be in the position he's in. But of course, the nutso right would just rather whine and blame the left for ALL their problems. GROW UP!

Anonymous said...

Ok, the jig is up!
FreeThinke posting as Little Old Me again. Given his age and cantankerous demeanor a very clever cover.

BlueBull said...

I suspect it's not Freethinke posting but rather that nasty old cow AOW. Sounds more like her bloviating.