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Monday, May 1, 2017


The guy who's been documented for his avalanche of lies, deceits, and dissembling throughout his sordid life has laughingly called the media "fake news."

Frequently BLOTUS congratulates his prodigiously large self for originating the label "fake news," not realizing (because he's not exactly what one would call "well-read") that idea originated in Nazi Germany with Adolf Hitler. 

In other Trump rantings, he's called the media "the enemy of the people," a term with an ugly past, a past associated with dictators, authoritarian strongmen, and yes, Nazi Germany.  

Trump can boast from here to his next Nuremberg-type rally, demonizing the media and threatening to change the libel laws so he can more easily sue any media that don't report him as being Supreme and Glorious Leader. That won't change the fact that he's the least popular newly elected president in modern American history, and who is mocked and disliked around the world. 

Obamacare is more popular than Donald J. Trump! 

Stick that in your MAGA hat, Donnie, and wear it to your next rally where you can shout it out to all your fellow MAGAts.


Lady Pinkbottom said...

The media might not be FAKE but it is a HUGE LIE! A PARTNER IN OBFUSCATION! A CARRIER OF MISINFORMATION! MISCHARACTERIZATION! AND THE WORST BIAS AND LEAST RESPECTFUL TO ANY SITTING PRESIDENT EVER! And that I have ever witnessed in my long, long years of being superior and better informed than the rest of the lowly masses!

Can one tell I AM SO demonstrably incensed? I’m VEDDY, VEDDY glad I observed the presentation. It was jolly nice to hear the lukewarm reception that the portly old reporters of yesteryear deserved. And they most assuredly deserve our contempt for not supporting our GREAT LEADER! TRUMP! A LEADER OF IMPECCABLE MORAL STANDING, CONSCIENCE AND PROBITY!

But I am greatly displeased with the media for reporting exactly what Mr. Trump says and that what he says indicates that he is a high-functioning dolt. This is NOT FAIR! This nation has had high-functioning dolts, q.v. GWB, as POTUSes in the past, and we've survived. Why do the media think this time will be different? Is there some sort of investigation going on that may reveal something more than mere doltishness? HEAVENS!

Rational Nation USA said...

Ms. Pinkbottom is an escapee from the lunatic fringe of the right wing highway to tyranny. Madam Pinky can be found circulating in all the well known alt reality venues.

Shaw Kenawe said...

RN, "Lady Pinkbottom" started posting his/her/its satire last year here on my blog. Shortly after that, fake "Lady Pinkbottom" with names like Ms. Pinkbottom or Miss Pinkerton started appearing on various outher blogs as well as here in my comment moderation.

I know this "Lady Pinkbottom" and he/she/it is NOT associated with the trogs over at WYD or anywhere else. Lisa's fanboys don't have the imagination or wit to produce satire.

Flying Winkies said...

You know that this President must be doing something wrong when the Republicans runs both Houses of Congress, plus the Presidency and yet they can't pass a single piece of legislation passed , which translates to an utter failure of Trump's agenda

skudrunner said...

We have a three party system. Democrats, Republicans and Trump. The latest budget proposal is a joke. Massive increases for the military to waste, no cuts in PPH, no cuts to cities that break federal law. The only saving grace is the increased budgets for border agents. They need to scrap the fence idea and increase border guards and ICE. Enforcing federal law would be nice but that takes a spine and no one in congress has one.

The winner in all this is the media who are having a field day. We have the best representation that corruption can buy.

Nice to see BHO stick to his standards.

Unknown said...

Three cheers for utter incompetance

Shaw Kenawe said...

What would a comment from skudrunner be unless he got a slam in about President Obama?

On his worst day, President Obama was a million percent better president than the con artist who now intermittently lives in the White House.

President Obama is getting 400 large ones from Cantor Fitzgerald, and guess what?

"Obama will take all of his earnings as ordinary income. Which means that thanks to his own policies, which include the extra .9 percent Medicare tax that was part of the Affordable Care Act, he will be paying a marginal rate of more than 40 percent on that income. Sure, he’ll keep the other 60 percent for himself. But he’ll pay a much higher rate than most fat cats pay and a higher rate than corporations like Cantor Fitzgerald. So, in effect, he’ll be channeling large sums of money from corporations who pay far below their fair share in taxes and converting it into income that will be taxed at a substantially higher rate. Converting private resources into public goods—some might call it populism."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thomas Everett, I'm afraid I cannot cheer for incompetence -- and I know you are kidding.

Jerry Critter said...

No skud. We have two major parties, not three. The republicans elected Trump. They are responsible for Trump. They own Trump. You can't run away from that. Trump is yours! Live with it, just like I live with Obama. I'm sure you pity me. LOL