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Saturday, May 6, 2017

This is what today's Republican Party thinks of its fellow Americans and their health care:

And Trump is their hapless, clueless leader.

Make no mistake, insurance companies are in business to make profits for their shareholders, NOT for delivering health insurance to people who will deal with catastrophic illnesses and accidents.

The Republican Party, led by a lying, ignorant fool, just made it easier to deny health insurance to millions and millions of their fellow Americans, who most likely will face some of these terrible conditions (listed below) in their lifetimes. Trump cheered along with the demonic GOP in the first step toward bankrupting sick American men, women, children, and babies, and possibly their early deaths from lack of affordable health insurance. Not one of them. Not. One. Will have his or her health insurance premiums increased or dropped. But their vote will do that to millions of their fellow Americans.

(I wonder if they think their Savior denied healing lepers because it was a pre-existing condition?  But I digress.)

Many Goopers believe that the resistance to this inhumane House bill is nothing more than people  ("libtards," in their parlance) complaining about not "getting free stuff." Those people are worse than the legislators who voted to impoverish them when they become sick or are in an accident. Those people are as ignorant as the damn fool whom they chose as POTUS. There is no "free stuff" involved in paying premiums, which most of those enrolled in the ACA do.  For the poorest of the poor who cannot afford to pay, under the mandate in the ACA, there would be enough money to help those who cannot help themselves. In Gooper world, this is seen as "getting free stuff."

This is another nauseating example of human beings' repulsive ability to inflict pain and suffering on innocent people while enjoying protections they refuse to give others.

It's not just cancer and diabetes, the list of pre-existing conditions is extensive. This bill WILL affect you or someone you know.

Andy Slavitt/USA Today: 

 There is little support for repealing the Affordable Care Act and even less for the American Health Care Act passed by the House. Only 17% of the public favored a previous similar version and the new one was uniformly opposed by patient groups and care providers. It raises premiums, guts the vital Medicaid program and, while President Trump attempted to cloud the question in recent interviews, it would break a major promise of his by removing the federal ban on insurance discrimination against people with pre-existing conditions. 

 My Twitter feed is buzzing with stories from parents of children with disabilities and lifelong chronic illnesses. If there’s anyone who is an expert on the details of the health care system, it’s the parent of a sick child. A pediatrician relayed to me the three horrors of the Republican bill from her standpoint: patients being segregated into a high risk pool, the reintroduction of lifetime caps on insurance, and what a pre-existing condition means in the real world to her young patients — and to a parent like her. Her own son needed heart surgery that cost over $1 million as a newborn.


Ray said...

Trump said Australia has great health care and didn't know it's universal health care? More evidence of how stupid Trump is. He opens his mouth and advertises ignorance every time. And his supporters love him. Too bad stupidity isn't painful.

Jerry Critter said...

It is easy to be stupid. It takes no effort at all.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, Trump now has a worldwide reputation of being an ignorant jackass. Every time he opens his mouth to give an opinion, he reinforces that well-deserved reputation.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's Mad Mike's America on Trump:

Saturday At MMA: Unplugging From Donald Trump And His Ship of Fools

skudrunner said...

If obamacare is so great and 70% of people want to keep it why do only 30% of people who could access obamacare use it?

The republicans should have done what the democrats did. Can't see it until you vote for it. I will admit that obamacare has a good side. It kept -H- out of the presidency because DJT may be bad but the alternative would have been worse. At least DJT is not trying to sell the US to the highest bidder.

Dave Miller said...

Remember when these folks said the will of the people should be respected? I wonder why they're not claiming that now?

Is it possible they only believe we should respect the will of the electorate when they agree with it?

Dave Miller said...

Charlatans is too nice a word for this crowd.

The Angry Guy said...

This bill will fail. And the GOP will be voted out of office. It’s BEYOND obvious that they are nothing but a pack of nihilistic ghouls who are eager to prey on all of us.

Dave Miller said...

Skid... the GOP in fact did exactly that. In case you missed it, many GOOPERS admitted they had not read the bill.

And they allowed no debate. As they incorrectly charged with the ACA.

And they did without a hint of bipartisanship. As they charged the Dems who reached out many times to a GOP that wanted nothing to do with changing health care options.

So stay on your high horse, which is much more snarky than mine has ever been as we continue to see GOP leaders lie about preexisting conditions and the rest of this bill.

Dave Miller said...

Sorry Skud... it autocorrected on your name.,no disrespect intended...

Flying Junior said...

I see two clear paths for the republicans.

Some bright bulb proposes that the ACA or PPACA never be referred to as Obamacare again in deference to the racists. Then the wicked republicans won't have to repeal and replace just to spite the entire country for the hatred of one negro president.

Perhaps the republicans can introduce a companion bill with the AHCA that would establish low-cost, government sponsored euthanasia stations for sick Americans. Financial incentives to "die early," much like incentives for early retirement might save money in the long run while providing families much needed monies for burying loved ones or compensating for loss of income or pensions associated with their deaths. This could provide a type of escape clause for those who would otherwise be forced into bankruptcy and financial ruin associated with the republican vision of returning to the pre-Obama free hand of the market plans to lower premiums.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner, DJT is the direct result of republicans working VERY hard at dumbing down America.The RNC has,in that respect been a resounding success.

Anti science, pro faith. Anti intellectual, pro populism. Anti equality, pro elitism.

There is more but you get the picture I'm sure.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Dave Miller said...
Sorry Skud... it autocorrected on your name.,no disrespect intended..."