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Tuesday, December 11, 2018

The GOP Reality That They Pretend Doesn't Exist

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Dave Miller said...

Shaw... you should have included a pic of the "wall." Why is Trump and the Republican Party pushing to shut down the government over something that he repeatedly claimed, "Believe me" Mexico is going to pay for?

The Dems have offered the $$$ for border security, but not the wall.

For the life of me, I don't get how the right wingers justify this wall mentality, or leave behind a set of values that used to believe in relationship to criminal activity, "where there's smoke, there's fire."

In the real world, just a short time ago, not a single Republican would have ever thought we could have this many Dems under investigation and the stink not touch the President. But now?


Shaw Kenawe said...

Mexico isn't going to pay for the wall, it never was going to. Trump's caterwauling about making Mexico pay was nothing but loud Trumpian b.s. And his cultists believed him. What do they think now that he's begging the Dems to give him billions and billions to do something he PROMISED the American people that Mexico would do -- PAY FOR THE WALL?!

One must be either very naive or undeducated to have believed the amount of b.s. #45 brayed about while a candidate and after his popular vote loss to Hillary Clinton.

But forget about his broken promise on one of his biggest scams -- The Wall. Do his cultists really, really believe all those indictments and felony charges are fake? A witch hunt? And do they still believe #45 has been good for this country?

I don't get them, except maybe the explanation for their stubborn refusal to see reality is that they're too embarrassed to admit that they've been royally conned by a not so stable genius.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Why are democrats against securing our borders and enforcing our laws. Sanctuary cities and states reward those who break our laws. Don't tell a women she looks nice in that dress because you are offending her but allow someone to remain in the country illegally, commit a crime and that is fine. I think the wall is a stupid idea I would rather see us enforce our laws when it comes to people being in our country illegally.

Another one of those it is all about politics not people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Rev, Why are democrats against securing our borders and enforcing our laws."

They are NOT against securing our borders. Stop repeating Trumpian lies.


No, Democrats Don’t Want ‘Open Borders’
President Trump has falsely claimed at least two dozen times since taking office that Democrats want to open American borders. But legislation shows that Democrats support border security measures, though not the border wall he wants to build.

“We care about protecting our country, but we don’t think we need to protect the border by putting children in cages,” Ms. Pelosi said. “We want to be smart and strong — not reckless, rash and ruthless in this case.”

Thirty Democrats in the House have sponsored a bipartisan immigration bill this year that gives the young undocumented immigrants known as Dreamers a pathway to citizenship. It also enhances technology used to monitor the border, and provides $110 million in grants annually for collaboration between local law enforcement and Border Patrol agents.

Repeating lies and Trumpian b.s. is getting tiring, skud. You're better than that.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... such binary thinking. The Dems are not against securing the US border or enforcing our laws. We've been over this before. As for immigration and asylum laws, those laws are exactly what are constraining Pres Trump now and he, along with the extremists who support him, are calling those laws stupid and saying we should ignore them.

What's interesting is that even conservative judges, appointed by Trump, are calling BS on his wishes.

Now, going back to border enforcement, the Dems offered up plenty of $$$, like 25 billion before, but Trump turned it down. So can we say Trump isn't interested either? Of course not.

What we can say is that neither party is interested in the solutions the other side is offering.

If you come back though... please tell us why Trump is asking the Dems for the $$$ for the wall after he promised multiple times that Mexico would pay for this. And, tell us why, with the GOP in control of all levers of government the last 24 months, they didn't just fund the wall themselves? Is it that no one wants border security?

skudrunner said...

Not what I said Ms Shaw. I said securing borders, eliminating sanctuary cities and states and enforcing laws. The border is stupid but stopping people from coming in and sending them back if they do is not.
We could do what a famous democrat did and put them in internment camps but that seems harsh.

Rational Nation USA said...

Border Wall = BS
Sanctuary Cities = BS

skud, it's a tie.

Lets move on to the realities pointed out in Shaw's post and massage that for awhile.

Ducky's here said...

It seems that Preznit Stupid is going to have his wall or shut down the government.
The clip of him throwing a tantrum with Pelosi and Schumer demanding they approve some raw meat to throw to his base was not surprising.
He simply isn't going to be a party to any immigration compromise.

Rethugs at always complaining that they are accused of not wanting clean water so I'm sure they'll be the first to file lawsuits blocking Preznit Stupid's repeal of Obama's clean water regulations. I hope it turns out that the bse is smaller than he thinks.

Ray Cranston said...

The Liberal plot to make Republicans look stupid, otherwise know as "Just Let Them Speak," is working splendidly.