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Monday, December 17, 2018

Trump keeps showing America what a crook he is:

Fox News contributor and former chief assistant U.S. attorney Andrew McCarthy told Trump via Twitter that he might want to pick a different word. 
McCarthy wasn’t the only one to point out the definition:

Trump's lack of knowledge about criminal justice is mind boggling. Prosecutors obtain "search warrants" from federal judges by showing probable cause, in compliance with the 4th Amendment, as they did to search Cohen. Trump only sees rats & witch hunts in cases where he's at risk

Do you realize that by calling a “rat” you’re admitting he had something to rat on you with? Are you really this dumb?

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Wrote back in August, this president uses lexicon of a gangster. Whatever one thinks of M. Cohen — for @POTUS to call him a “rat” — utterly disgraceful & unconscionable.

And, DOJ doesn’t “break into” attorney offices w/o cause, warrant approved by judge. 


Ray Cranston said...

The Trump Sucks are supporting a guy who uses mob language to describe someone who cooperates with law enforcement. The Trumpanzees are showing their true colors as anti law enforcement and pro crook. Of course their hero, tRump, is a crook.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, It's amazing isn't it? The GOP was once the "law and order" party, and they're silent as we watch #45 talk like a mafia capo, calling a man who cooperated with law enforcement a "rat!" I try not to be surprised when I see the GOP aiding and abetting a corrupt, venal, serial adulterer like Trump. But #45 continues to act like a criminal, therefore, I continue to be surprised at how many of our fellow Americans continue to support the crook.