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Friday, December 14, 2018

"...the law is beginning to squeeze [Trump] from all directions..."

Here's #45's personal lawyer of 10+ years telling America and the world in plain English that Donal J. Trump is a liar and a lawbreaker.

Will his cult believe Cohen? Of course not! They've invested too much of themselves to face the fact that Trump is corrupt and that they continue to support a deplorable man with no core values.

Michael Cohen:

“He knows the truth. I know the truth. Others know the truth,” Cohen continued. “And here is the truth: People of the United States of America, people of the world, don't believe what he is saying. The man doesn't tell the truth. And it is sad that I should take responsibility for his dirty deeds.” 

 Of course Trump’s fan base will never listen to this warning, even coming from someone who was known for his loyalty to Trump for years. But prosecutors are listening to Cohen when he says that Trump knew about the hush money payments and knew that it was wrong but did it anyway to protect his campaign.

Eugene Robinson, WaPo:
"Now the law is beginning to squeeze him from all directions. [...] 

The bottom line is that two witnesses, Cohen and AMI, independently now implicate the president of the United States in the commission of two felonies. The campaign finance case is being brought by federal prosecutors in the Southern District of New York. Back in Washington, meanwhile, special counsel Robert S. Mueller III has been busy, as well. [...] 

Trump’s longtime accountant, Allen Weisselberg, has turned state’s evidence. He may be the Virgil who guides federal, state and local prosecutors through a Trumpian inferno of shell companies and opaque transactions. The outlines of Trump’s fate begin to emerge."

You can check out the far right blogs and news sites to see they're still defending Trump the Felon.


Dave Miller said...

It's been interesting to watch the evolution of the fringe blogs.

First, Trump was just what this country needed. A fresh face to blow up Washington and set them straight.

Then he was still that fresh face, but darned if they didn't wish he'd clean it up a little.

Then, well that's who he is, he's not a politician, or a pastor.

Then, that's just everyone trying to force being PC on him.

Then it's the deep state attacking him.

Then, it's just a witch hunt. It's just Trump being Trump... it's how you get things done.

Then the only thing he is guilty of is pissing off "libruls"

Now some of those ppl might have a point.

Now there are more investigations?

Now, what President hasn't done all this?

Now, oh when will it stop?

Now, says Judge Napolitano on FOX News... Trump faces real danger.

And still... from some of these folks... But what about Hillary.

The GOP passed over many qualified folks with essentially the same policies... good sane people, that while misguided in their politics, understood facts, reason and the decorum expected in the White House. They passed those folks over for a street brawler because they believed they needed a guy like that to pass their policy wishes. Like gutting the ACA, closing the border to all immigration, building a wall, telling the international community to F Off Man, We're America.

They passed those folks over for an adulterer, a liar, a person who refused to rent apartments to black people, a person who publicly uses the most vile terms for women, or, in their words... a winner.

Well they got him now.

I just hope we can survive his removal, either through Congress or the ballot box.

Rational Nation USA said...

They do not care one iota about tRump's dishonesty, lack of moral character, or his criminality. All they care about is taking America back. We know what that really means. Don't we?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave and RN,, Trump has done us a favor, in a sad sort of way. He's shown us 60 percenters that the so-called Evangelicals Christians who continue to support him readily discard every tenet and teaching they've pretended to follow in the past and are quick to point fingers at when someone from outside their tribe trespasses those tenets. They've shown us and the world that they are situational religionists, willing to sell out Jesus and the God of their Bibles so that they can be led by a corrupt, bigoted, and immoral man.

It's been quite a revelation. Once Trump is out of office (and he damn well will be one way or another), we should forever remind his cultists that they traded in their moral compasses for a bit of power under a cheat, a liar, and a fraud.

The fact that they do not see Trump for what he is tells us more than we wanted to know about his supporters.

skudrunner said...

Rev, Unfortunately he has been a huge disappointment because the idea of draining the swamp was appealing but he became part of the swamp. Our politicians are on sale to the highest bidder and once they get elected they bilk us for every thing they can. I don't feel trump is corrupted by money like all of congress but he is corrupt.
He is no worse than all the rest of our political elite, except obama the great of course. Cortez is a shining light who may bring some honesty to congress if she isn't corrupted by the power brokers. The country needs younger leaders who are not into status quo. Term limits should be on the ballot for the people to vote on. That won't happen because it goes against the politicians creed of waste our money, get more and keep their job.
The republicans preach fiscal conservatism while they spend our grandchildren in debt for life while the dems say they are for the average american while they promote illegal immigration, sanctuary cities and bow to the rich.

Infidel753 said...

They're going to squeeze him so hard they get orange juice.

You can check out the far right blogs and news sites to see they're still defending Trump the Felon.

Most of the ones I read are avoiding the subject -- which suggests they know they got nothin'. Breitbart's top story is gloating over the anti-ACA ruling in Texas. NRO does have a post up saying that maybe it will turn out Trump did collude with Russia after all. I guess they're trying to prepare their readers for the coming shock of re-entry into reality.

Anonymous said...

No,what does that really mean

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "I don't feel trump is corrupted by money like all of congress but he is corrupt."

skudrunner, I guess you don't keep up on the many revelations about Trump, so I understand why you would have missed this report about Trump, Chris Christie and the transition team (which is required by th Pre-Election Presidential Transition Act of 2010 P.L. 111-283) The Presidents-elect are required to adhere to certain transition-related contribution ... for expedited security clearance processes for transition teams. Here is what happened and how Trump showed what he cares about the most -- not orderly transition, but MONEY, MONEY, MONEY. Trump's whole life is corrupted by his money-mongering greed:

Trump Didn’t Want a Transition Team—and Tried to Shut It Down
Chris Christie was the first to realize that Trump’s campaign would eventually need a transition team in case he actually won the election. But his longtime friend really didn’t want one, especially if it required spending money. In the end, Lewis wrote, Trump agreed to let Christie raise separate funds to pay for the team—as long as it didn’t come from his personal account or his campaign funds.

Eventually, Trump read about how Christie raised several million dollars to pay the staff of his new team, and he went “apoplectic,” accusing Christie of stealing his money.

“Seeing Bannon, Trump turned on him and screamed: Why are you letting him steal my fucking money?” Lewis writes. “Bannon and Christie together set out to explain to Trump federal law. Months before the election, the law said, the nominees of the two major parties were expected to prepare to take control of the government.”

In response, Trump allegedly said, “Fuck the law. I don’t give a fuck about the law. I want my fucking money.”

Trump is corrupt through to his tiny, valueless core.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753 Every aspect of Trump's life and businesses are being investigated for corruption. His cultists refuse to see this horrible truth, but those who do have settled on blaming the "Deep State" for trying to take down Trump's presidency. It never occurs to them that it is Trump himself, through his corrupt and lawless business transactions and dealings with his many mistresses and one-night stands, that are taking him down as they are exposed by law enforcement.

The blogs I've read a angry that people are investigating all this and finding so much corruption and dirt. Their thinking is that if there wasn't an investigation no one would knows about this, and Trump could govern the country as he was elected to do. Trump's cultists have no concern about his reckless lawlessnes and moral failings. He's one of them.

Rational Nation USA said...

This comment has been removed by the deep state.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Has DJT taken money to influence his decisions as president like madam almost president did. He has always been about money and ego but as president there is no proof that he made decisions due to a bribe. Neither did BHO while he was in office and madam almost president didn't win but as SS she sold he soul and her influence.
Marvelous maxine putting he family on the payroll for doing nothing, Botox nan pushing to pass laws favorable to hubbys business is just some of the dishonest lawmakers we have allowed to exist because once in it is tough to throw them out.

Rational Nation USA said...

skudrunner, how does a madame sell he soul? And, how is Maxine Waters putting he family on the payroll?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, as usual, you made several accusations without providing any evidence, so what you wrote in your comment has to be taken as b.s. Just like the kind that President Porn Star Shagger spreads around.

skudrunner said...

Good go RN about being the language police, anything to contribute or are you just doing your mocking routine.

Ms Shaw, Marvelous maxine's dealings are well documented but in her defense she said she didn't know it was illegal to give relatives government paid jobs to do nothing.
I feel confident that you are aware of former SS -H- selling influence for contributions to her slush fund charity.
Both political parties need fresh blood. Cortez is a good start to share things up, over the top but if she keeps it up she will make politicians uncomfortable. She has the presses ear so she will be heard.