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Monday, December 31, 2018

John Kelly confirms that he was lying all along about Trump and his WH.

Generals Mattis, McMaster, and Kelly  have left the White House and its corrupt, incompetent "fking moron."*  And yet the TrumpCultists claim liberals/Dems are the ones who lost their minds when Trump was installed by Russia as POTUS!

Only ideologically twisted minds remain loyal to the moral pig, cheat, liar and fraud.

Read General Mattis's letter to understand what a disaster the GOP base supports.

It is the GOP BASE that has lost its mind. What else can explain their continuing support of this  morally diseased sexual predator and fraud as their president?

*"fking moron" -- Trump's Secretary of State, Rex Tillerson's characterization of Trump.

The GOP that fetishizes all things military apparently feel fine ignoring what 3 of America's most distinguished generals have observed during the two disastrous years of the Trump administration:

John F. Kelly says his tenure as Trump's chief of staff is best measured by what the president did not do

The Goopers cling to the fantasy that it is the Liberals/Dems who've "lost their minds when Trump was elected," when clearly it is THEY who have embraced a moronic, incompetent, morally diseased human being.

They are Trump's biggest fans and have clearly lost their minds. They're the 30 percenters who will stay loyal and forever tainted by their blindness their own corruption.

John Kelly Confirms He Was Lying All Along: 

The White House Is in Chaos

In an exit interview, the outgoing chief of staff tries to protect his legacy

Trump is incompetent, impulsive and amoral. Heaven help us all.


Marmalade Me said...

These "investigations" are nothing less than an attempted coup to oust a duly-elected President who won't go along to get along.

What these usurpers fail to understand: most Americans are tuning them out.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Marmalade Me,

At 38% approval for Trump, the FACT is that most Americans detest Trump and are not tuning Mueller and his team out.

What most Americans want to do is turn the morally diseased Trump OUT. And with Mueller's help we will do that. Soon.

That YOU and your fellow TrumpCultists don't understand that is more evidence of your gullibility and anti-American tendencies in your continued support of the incompetent and possibly traitorous moral pig, Trump

May you be tainted for eternity for your moral blindness.

Happy 2019!

possumlady said...

In what world is 38% “most Americans” LOL 😂

Marmalade must be watching the Twilight Zone marathon on SyFy

Ray Cranston said...

Shaw, the Trumpers don't deal in facts. They keep telling themselves that President Raindrop is a hero and a true 'Merikan, even though he's corrupt AF and is a cheat and liar.

That doesn't upset the Trumpers because they see themselves in the lying fraud. People with morals and values do not support tRump. That's just plain true.

Marmalade Me copied and pasted that from WYD. It's one of Lisa's trolls. They're losing their minds over there about the fact that a majority of Americans voted Michelle Obama most admired woman in America and Melania for all her botox and implants came in a third. LOL! They can't deal with how America and the world sees their lying president and his soft-porn wifie.

I wonder how many of those holy rollers encourage their daughters to strip half naked and show off their tits and ass for all the world to se cuz someday they too could be a FLOTUS! Trump Christian values!


Shaw Kenawe said...

possumlady, TrumpCultists don't do math. They live in a world of "alternative facts."

38% approval! LOL! Herpies is more popular than Trump! LOL!

Happy New Year!

Viva Robert Mueller!


The TrumpCultists dislike modest, loyal, loving, accomplished women, especially black women. The TrumpCultists clearly put botox and implants as the sort of values they hope their dauaghters will learn so that they may one day be FLOTUS.

Michelle Obama, of course, is a beautiful, accomplished, educated, loyal, loving woman. Any real American would be proud to have their daughters follow her lead.

I'd like to hear from a Trumper is they'd encourage their daughters to follow Melania's path to money and fame.

Ducky's here said...

Michelle Obama took on a campaign of awareness of childhood obesity which had some positive results while all the time being ridiculed by the right.

I don't know of anything Melania has been responsible for except clothes shopping.
But the Trumpistas hold her up as the standard. Go figure.

Dave Miller said...

In one short comment, Marmalade encapsulates the current brains we find in many Trump apologists.

Rather than deal in observable and provable facts and data, such as ISIS still exists in spite of Trumps words, they just ignore. Basic. Common. Sense. And. Facts.

But what was to be expected from people who voted for someone who said he gets his information from

Have a great New Years Shaw!

Jessie Stien said...

Perhaps she did so because she had a weight problem as a child herself?

Anonymous said...

Greetings Shaw and fellow posters. Firstly, Happy New year to all. What we have to ask ourselves is what should the endgame be...I ask this from the Democrats point of view. Is it simply to expunge Trumpism? Is impeachment the panacea that cures all? For me the the focus ought to be healing the nation, restoring our faith and the faith of our allies in American institutions. But most of all, we ought to be turning the page on the toxic and poisonous nature of American political discourse. I admit I find it entertaining to hear the taunts of cultist", Trumpanze, "brain diseased" etc., in the end I ask myself is this just name calling? It probably feels good in the moment, but I think the Nation is better served by rising above this sort of thing...I have to remind myself this is what children do, not responsible adults. Consider for a moment that there are some Trump voters who now regret their decision. We have left them no way to gracefully move on. We need these folks. There are also a large number of fair minded independents who do not buy into hard baked partisanship. We need these folks. Of course this leaves the the Trump base of 35%. I recognize that nothing will change the hearts and minds of these folks. What we want is the hearts and minds of patriots whose focus is the overall welfare of the nation. We can disagree on how to get there but we can do so respectfully. IMO the Democrats need someone for president.who is sober, responsible and appeals to our better nature. We need someone to inspire us and lift us beyond the nasty miasma wafting from Washington DC. What we don't need is a typical polarizing Politician...Yes it would be sooo tempting to spike the ball, do a touchdown dance and a round of high fives after a victory in 2020 but IMO this only continues the road we are on now. Personally I would love to see Joe Biden run. He is the elder statesman we could use at this time. Also like the things the current Senator from Delaware is saying. Beato? Young and exciting but needs seasoning. Anyway, thanks for listening. Cheers.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Those are noble sentiments.

Let me ask this: What could anyone possibly say to the last remaining 30 percenters who stick with Trump to dissuade them? How can those people not understand what kind of a human being Trump is and what an incompetent and dishonorable man he is? What more do they need to see before they understand why the rest of the country and the world do not respect him?

How do you bring those people into reality?They're not there now after 3 long years of watching Trump lie again and again and make a fool of himself and our country.

Also, why should we handle those people with such sensitivity? Adults face their mistakes all the time and go on to do better. They need to grow up and admit they were woefully wrong about who they voted for.

Sometimes Tough Love is needed to get people to face difficult facts.

Anonymous said...

Greetings Shaw: Let me point out that I indicated there is a segment of Trump supporters we cannot reach graciously. What I refer to is maybe 10% of the electorate who got duped by Trump and know it. They regret their choice. What is served by rubbing their noses in it? These are folks we can work with. Hey, we all make mistakes. In my experience the people who regret their errors take longer to recover when a group or individual is beating them up over it. How are we gonna heal if we can't make allowances for these folks? For the rest who are unrepentant, we can only shrug our shoulders and go on. I know we can't persuade everyone. Beyond that I basically stand by my original sentiments. Consider what the Obamas taught us. When they go low, we go high or something akin to it. In conclusion, I think anyone can agree, the best way to get Trumpism behind us is not just point out its obvious shortcomings, but also to offer an image of who we are, who we represent and what we aspire to be. Thanks again Shaw.

Jerry Critter said...

We don’t have to dissuade the remaining 30%. We just have to out vote them.

Shaw Kenawe said...


I agree with what you've written. I also have a few family members and friends who were that 10% of Trump supporters who saw through his con job and regret their vote for him. I think that's happened with many more Trump supporters.

Every political faction has its extremists, so I don't think those on the far left or far right will change. Ever.

If you've referred to the way I characterize Trump, let me explain: A very wise man once told me that the way he dealt with evil and corruption was to ridicule and mock it. There is no doubt in my mind that Trump is corrupt, and we may find out very soon, evil. I choose to deal with my feelings toward Trump by mocking and denigrating him. As for his hardcore base, they deserve any ridicule they get. Reason doesn't work with them. Facts are ignored, reality is ignored. The few people in my family and the friends who opened their eyes to Trump accept their poor judgement and are now supporting other Republicans, Democrats, and Independents. Those people are adults and do not need to be handled like children. They know they were duped, they're angry with Trump, and they're determined not to be conned again by him or any other pol like him.

Showing charity and compassion to those who supported Trump and now do not is admirable, but many of his hardcore supporters are impervious to reason, and so I don't try to dissuade them anymore.

What I post on my blog is mostly for documentation of the strange and possibly dangerous era we are living in because of Trump.

Thank you for your thoughtful and intelligent post. I hope you will continue to visit and give us your ideas.

Happy New Year.