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Friday, March 15, 2019

New Zealand shooter called Donald Trump 'a symbol of white identity' as he murdered 49 people 

 At least 49 people have died in an attack on two mosques in the city of Christchurch. Dozens more were wounded or otherwise injured. And there’s absolutely no doubt about the cause of this sickening event. Because one of the killers livestreamed it to Facebook, while delivering a white-power manifesto about his hatred for “invaders.” 

This does not appear to be the act of a “lone gunman,” but a coordinated, planned slaughter staged to catch worshipers at their morning prayers. In addition to the alleged gunman, police have detained at least two others, and reports indicate that one of them was found with a number of explosive devices. Even the awful total so far may not have been close to what was intended in this racist attack.

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Let’s be clear. Violent, armed white supremacists are the face of terror around the world. And they are unifying online and offline.

"In a manifesto posted to social media (deliberately not linked), the New Zealand shooter frames his motivations around “replacement”—the same term invoked by the Nazi marchers at Charlottesville that Trump described as 'good people.' The shooter went on to call immigration 'white genocide.' ” --DailyKos


Ray Cranston said...

Anyone else notice that the usual rightwingers are silent on the slaughter of Muslims by white supremacists? If the killers had been Muslims and the slaughter had been Christian, they'd have been all over this story like MAGAts on a dungpile. But they have nothing to say about Trump's "nice people" white supremacists who praised him as they murdered innocents.

I wonder if they'll be writing about Jesus this Sunday and what good Christians they are?

Shaw Kenawe said...

For sure, Ray. You know the usual "Moslem vermin" gang at the Mother Ship and the others would be all over this but since it's white supremacists, Trump's constituency, they're okay with the deaths of Muslims. And yes, they'll be pretending to honor their Savior on Sunday. Count on it.

Ducky's here said...

Just in time for Christchurch

The man is a vile thug.

Dervish Sanders said...

Red MAGA hat = White Klan hood. They are one in the same. Yes, some people might ignorantly wear a MAGA hat and be in denial about what it stands for. But white Klan hood wearers insist that they belong to a "Christian organization". This shooter wasnt wearing a MAGA hat, but he had MAGA in his heart.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ducky, yes, he is vile. How do his supporters not see this?

PS Trump took down that Tweet. Someone must have told lhim that normal presidents don't incite their followers to violence against political opponents. Trump must think he lives in North Korea. No wonder he said he "fell in love" with KJUn.

Judge Sanders, there is no difference between MAGAts and KKKers.

I just saw this meme today:

"Sometimes I feel down and then I remember that I could have been born with an IQ low enough to think Trump is amazing."

Ray Cranston said...

'Trump is a symbol of renewed white identity and common purpose': New Zealand gunman's sick manifesto reveals he supported the president and wanted to spark 'a civil war in the U.S.' by massacring dozens

Brenton Tarrant, from Grafton, New South Wales published 74-page manifesto

It explained his desire to spark a civil war in the US and 'save' the white race

The Australian terrorist, 28, said he saw Trump as 'symbol of renewed white identity'

Trump is such an inspiration to murderous thugs all over the world!

Dave Miller said...

Guys... if you look at FOX News online you'll see that "lunatics" are attacking houses of worship. There's not one mention of the ideology driving these lunatics.

Gotta wonder why that is?

Are FOX reporters too dumb to ask why or look for a motive? Or are they purposely not reporting what every other news organization is reporting about "White Replacement Theory" and "White Supremacy"?

Shaw... "Best Wishes?" Isn't that what we wish ppl at weddings? How about sympathy? Trump needs a Hallmark consultant. I hear Lori Loughlin is available...

Les Carpenter said...

I'd like to hear what skud's position is on tRump's remark relative to this act of white terrorism, Or any other tRump conservative supporter for that matter.

Ray Cranston said...

I visit WYD so you don't have to. The usual anti-Muslim ranter in CAPS and BOLD denies facts, the fact that the assassin had a manifesto and published it and the New Zealand PM has seen it and condemned it. The CAPS and BOLD rager does not believe facts that confirm that the Australian killer admired and praised Donald Trump for his white supremacy support.

CAPS and BOLD cannot refute the facts, so he calls the reporting of the facts a lie, or some sort of manipulation. That person is hopeless, and insignificant in this mess, but we should all keep in mind that mentality is what is tearing America apart.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, the typical Trump supporter will never see the massacre as white supremacist killers, even when the killer claims it! The usual blogs, as Ray points out, are silent on this, and we know they'd be nonstop screaming had a Muslim done the killing. That's why I have no respect for any of them.

Lori Laughlin could use a job, I've heard.

RN, skud's only reaction would be to mock President Obama because skud's become a one-trick pony.

Ray, Yes, I understand that when facts are too painful and show what a horrid leader Trump is, his supporters will deny the facts or pretend the truth is a lie or, as you said, manipulated. They are irredeemable and lost to reason.

If the Devil himself [I don't believe in Satan, but THEY do], were to appear as a Muslim-hating, white supremacist, they'd bow down and worship him.


skudrunner said...

Now trump is responsible for killings half way around the world. I will not bring obama the great into the discussion nor will I blame him for all the mass murders while he was in office.

The attacks on MAGA is always interesting because I guess there are people who do not want America to be great. Of course there are people who do not want anyone to be successful and despise people with money unless they are democrats.

Now back to the topic at hand which is hate trump. There are extremists on all sides and somehow religion is a focal point of most of the hate, except the black panthers who just hate whites with no religion involved.

Dave Miller said...

Here's my thinking on this today...

We call Islamic people who bomb innocents and non combatants terrorists, and rightly so. We travel the world to rid the planet of these indiscriminate killers, believing the world would be a better place without them, or their extremist ideology.

Whether one agrees with the rightness of what I said or not, it is factual that this is how our country prosecutes the war on terror.

But this is the problem when you uncouple those actions from a coherent doctrine or ideology.

At some point we have to ask why we act this way towards one group of people and not this way towards another group of people. Or, to put it another way... if it is right and just to attack "islamists" for their acts of terror, and in some cases, advocate for their removal from US lands because of "how they are" is it unreasonable to consider the same for the white supremacist crowd?

They are extreme in their ideology. They refuse to accept the American "melting pot" view that the great majority of this country holds to, they use violence to intimidate those who are different from them, and they indiscriminately kill non combatants and innocent people, including children.

Truly I see only two differences... one, the color of the skin of the offenders and two, the majority religion of those same people.

And yet one side is seen as terrorists and the other as patriots.

Dervish Sanders said...

If the Devil himself [I don't believe in Satan, but THEY do], were to appear as a Muslim-hating, white supremacist, they'd bow down and worship him.

He has. Or, his minion DJT has. Satan, I am convinced, must be quite pleased with the "election" of DJT. He has succeeded wildly in leading the evangelical Christians further down the path to Hell. Well past the point of no return. They are doomed and do not even know it. Not that I think many of them would ever have seen the error of their ways, reversed course, and saved themselves. But now they inflict misery upon the rest of us in addition to dooming themselves. I imagine that Satan must be cackling with delight as Jesus weeps.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, my friend you've got it completely and utterly wrong. We disdain and reject MAGAts because their leader is a liar, a cheat, and a fraud. How can America HOPE to be"great" when its leader and his family are under criminal investigation? His personal lawyer is going to jail as well as his former campaign manager, and Trump's personal choice for NSA, Mike Flynn, is facing sentencing?

Your refusal to see trump as a lying, cheat and fraud makes it difficult for me and the others here who comment to sympathize with your lamentations about people not wanting to make America great. That's simply not true.

Everyone knows that you can't make a healthy, delicious meal when you start out with rotten ingredients. IMO, no matter what Trump tries to do (and he's done very little except increased the deficit, blew up the trade deficit, coddled Nazis and white supremacists, and embarrassed America in front of the entire world) no matter what positive things he may unintentionally accomplish, he'll still be a low-life with money, no honor, and no human decency.

And no matter how many times you mock and trash President Obama, he'll still be seen as one of our better presidents and will be admired for many generations to come.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Trump's weak response about white supremacists after the New Zealand massacres only give more ammunition to his supporters to not take what our law inforcement agencies have proved: White Supremacists and Nationalists, terrorist groups, are a larger threat to our America than jihadists.

And the people who call for the genocide of "Moslem vermin" will continue to advance their murderous ideology, thanks to Trump.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Judge Sanders, I can't argue with what you've written. TrumpCultists will never see him for the lying, cheating, fraud that he is and that all sane people see him as.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... here's a few thoughts from someone who for years has been a leading thinker within the GOP and conservative circles. I've not always agreed with his proposed solutions to our problems, but he has been a respected voice. Here's how he has summed up the issues many have with President Trump...

Republicans now found themselves making excuses for a boorish, ignorant demagogue who had no respect for the fundamental norms of democracy and no adherence to conservative principles. The party of fiscal conservatism excused a profligate president who added $2 trillion in debt and counting. The party of family values became cheerleaders for what Democratic presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg has witheringly and accurately called the “porn star presidency.” The party of law and order became accomplices to the president’s obstruction of justice. The party of free trade did nothing to stop the president from launching trade wars. The party of moral clarity barely uttered a peep at the president’s sickening sycophancy toward the worst dictators on the planet — or his equally nauseating attacks on America’s closest allies. The party that once championed immigration eagerly joined in the president’s xenophobic attacks on refugee caravans. And the party that long castigated Democrats for dividing Americans by race pretended not to notice — or even cheered — when the president made openly racist appeals to white voters.

Now I know folks like you will harp and cry that Max Boot is a boorish neocon, but is there anything in there about which he is factually inaccurate?

And that is the issue for conservatives today. They, and that includes you, don't like facts unless you agree with them, otherwise they are "made up or fake news." So we receive snark. Rarely if ever does the extreme right, and that is how they are sounding, offer facts in rebuttal, because there are none. Rather, they choose to traffic in name calling and killing the messengers.

I know the left has our nuts, and I fear that we are devolving into our own caricatures of thoughtless people too, but take a look at the unhinged rhetoric in support of Pres Trump out there right now.

Yes, the left loves and adored Obama when he was president, but many of us called him to task for his failings.

Where does that happen from the MAGA crowd?

Ray Cranston said...

The Mother Ship is at it again posting lies and fake stories and videos. What's wrong with them? A quick check on the internet would show that the video is fake, the claims are fake, everything is fake, and yet she plastered it on her blog to stir up more hatred against Muslims. This is exactly what the Nazis did to the Jews, and the woman who runs that stupid blog is doing it to the Muslims.

The video she put up claimed that Syrians had taken over public housing and that Americans were kicked out of it for the Syrians who got free cars, medical help, etc. and West Virginians were paying for it. A video to stir up hatred and resentment against the Muslim Community. Just like that beyotch, Jeanine Pirro did against the Somali US Rep.

These Muslim haters are too quick to spread any lie about the Muslim community which then inflames assholes like the killer in New Zealand. Pputting lies and slander up against the Muslim community is tantamount to encouraging assassins to wipe them out. And that's what her fake video does.

If she had any brains, she would have checked it out first.

Here's SNOPES on the fake video Geeez put up.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray She must have taken it down. It's not there. I'm not surprised to hear that she published slander like that about the Muslims.

You're correct,she and her followers, like the Nazis in 1930s Germany, will believe any foul and fake story about Muslims. It's interesting that the Mother Ship wrote nothing about the slaughter in the New Zealand community, but she put up a fake story smearing a Muslim community in the US.

White Supremacists and neo-Nazis must be proud of that blog. It certainly promotes the samre sort of lies and slander that Storm Front and other similar white supremacist blogs promote.

Ray Cranston said...

"Ray She must have taken it down"

Nope. She's saving it for tomorrow. Think she'll check it out before then? Bwahahaha! She's a TrumpCultist! They don't do smart.

Anonymous said...

Max Boot publically announced he was leaving the Republican party last year. He's considered a disgruntled former employee.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, Many people consider Boot a sane ex-Trumpublican.

Only blind cultists still support the deranged Oval Office maniac.

50 Tweets over the weekend about John McCain, SNL and other grievances? There's never been a more mentally ill man in the WH in my lifetime.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... perfect! You are right, Boot has left the GOP. And in your comment, you perfectly summed up not only exactly what I said in my comment, but the problem with people like yourself who support Pres Trump.

You did not refute anything Max Boot mentioned. Because everything he wrote is the truth.

Like those who cry "fake news", you too are actually hiding behind that charge because you've abandoned the truth.

Anonymous said...

What impressed you about Boots comments were because they a total anti-Trump screed. Boot was an old time Republican elite, similar to Bush,Ryan,McCain and Steve Schmitt who now realize Trump has remade the party and most republicans could care less what they have to say.
You may also notice well over 90% of republicans support Trump.

Dave Miller said...

Ray... well, you called it. Today that video is up, inciting people and Geeez asking if it's true. Now why wouldn't someone check it out ahead of time?

Because the truth and accuracy don't matter to this crowd. As long as it furthers their narrative, facts are useless.

What about this 100% untrue claim...

"Almost all of those in Border Patrol are HISPANIC. All of them are begging for help, for attention to the problem, to help them keep America safe."

I've called folks on that blog in the past and have been told I was rude and snippy. I've pointed out that what's been posted was false and was told it didn't matter, the sentiment was true. On WYD, I was told by Lisa that she posts all kinds of info, including "false facts."

One blog owner in that group told me what they post is accurate because the right [directional] is right [correct] by definition.

As Shaw states, there's no reasoning with this crowd. When lies, falsehoods and BS are posted, they never admit, correct or take down the material.

I've come to a couple of conclusions... some of those sites are BOTS, used just to get our goats. Others are just clueless people. Seriously, look at the writing. It's not even good English from all the folks screaming that immigrants need to learn proper English.

Ray Cranston said...

Yeah. I checked it out and see that she wails about wondering if its true but is too lazy to find out on her own so she just publishes the lie. As son as it slanders Muslims and stirs up the fascist bigots on her blog, she's okay with it. They are typical Trump supporters, uninterested in facts or reality. The WYD crowd also thinks Trump has a 50% approval when in fact only Rassmussen has him at that number. Trump has always been unpopular with the American people, but they ignore reality and continue to deceive themselves because I guess the truth is too painful and embarrassing about who they support.

Ray Cranston said...

PS I hope no one corrects the person who posted the lie so that they continue to look like easily fooled Trumpers who'll believe any crap they find on the net. Hahaha. It's what naive half wits do.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave and Ray

You can't do anything for people who are willfully ignorant and who think Trump is doing a great job. They are unreachable and irredeemable diehard Trumpistas. No amount of exposing their foolish devotion to Trump will change them. They are impervious to reason, facts, and common sense. There will always be people like them in every country, people who cleave to authoritarian figures -- "Daddy" figures -- because they need to be led. Those folk are dedicated FAUX NOOZ fans. What more can one say about that?

Their Sight Ease said...

Trying to get the crazy Trumpanzees to abandon their idol is like trying to get addicts off of heroine and meth. They'd rather die than stop their daily dose.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, as you know I am not pro trump so I will make the assumption that your response is a generalization about all conservatives and not aimed at me.

I am pro US and that is the way I view MAGA as a pro US stance not pro trump but anything trump is for is fair game for the left.

I know you affection for all things obama but many times he was silent about violence against whites by persons of color. He was very clever in masking his racists views but they were evident if you looked. He had an opportunity to do great things and he got so consumed with attacking the middle class and fund raising he missed this opportunity which is truly sad.

Two more years and we, hopefully, have a conservative president instead of a RINO. Do you think Mittens will run again because he was the best man for the job when he go beat by the media and the debate moderator. Little outrage on that one as well.

Dave, no president has the will to reduce the deficit because it would take drastic action. Reduce military spending, only give benefits to those who truly need it, no money spent on illegals, develop a fair tax system so everyone pays their fair share. To say the GOP is all about family values and conservatism is bunk. They are all about spending our money, finding ways to get more and keep their job. There is no difference between republican and democrat politicians they are all about them.

Dave Miller said...

Anon... you said What impressed you about Boots comments were because they a total anti-Trump screed. Boot was an old time Republican elite, similar to Bush,Ryan,McCain and Steve Schmitt who now realize Trump has remade the party and most republicans could care less what they have to say.
You may also notice well over 90% of republicans support Trump.

What impressed me, and many others about Boot's comments wasn't that they were anti Trump. It was that they are true, and few, if any of his supporters, you included, will address them. Whether 90% of the GOP supports him or not has no bearing on truth.

Again... what did he say that was factually inaccurate?

Anonymous said...

Sorry Mr.Miller, Booth gave his opinions, no facts no specifics just his opinions.
We disagree fully with him. Max Boot was popular with the party elite for years, now in Trumps New Republican party Boot finally realized no present day Republican cares what Boot has to say. So like a petulant child he took his ball and left and ended up on anti Trump CNN, the only place people will nod at his idiotic rants.
We present day republicans support Donald Trump. We support his economy that over 70% of Americans are happy with, we support what he's trying to do at the southern border, we support him not kissing the assed of the European leaders like Obama did, we support his actions against Isis in Syria, we support his positive actions with ICE and the Border Patrol, we support the lowest unemployment in 25 years, we support the lowest black unemployment in history, we support his military spending.