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Thursday, March 7, 2019


Republicans in New Hampshire's state legislature wore pearls to a hearing on gun safety presented by women who've lost loved ones from firearm deaths.

One would expect this sort of mockery and disrespect from brain-damaged people who have no understanding of what these women have endured. Instead, grown men thought it would be hilarious to mock the pain and suffering endured by the people who came to address a real and personal heartbreak.

This is what the Republican Party has come to during the Age of Trump: Mocking women who've suffered the loss of loved ones through gun violence.

May those who mocked these poor victims be singled out and suffer the loss of their political careers for behaving like the disgusting baboons they are. 

Some Republican lawmakers in New Hampshire are under fire after wearing pearl necklaces to mock activists testifying about gun violence at a recent hearing in the House of Representatives. 

 Reps. Scott Wallace, David Welch, and Daryl Abbas were the lawmakers wearing the necklaces in opposition to a "red-flag" gun bill hearing Tuesday.

GOP state lawmakers spark outrage by wearing pearls as gun violence victims testified

Republican members of the New Hampshire House of Representatives are drawing scrutiny for wearing pearl necklaces while gun control activists shared their own experiences with gun violence at a recent hearing.

In images that made the rounds online this week, several Republican legislators could be seen donning the necklaces as lawmakers weighed arguments on a bill designed to establish a procedure for “issuing extreme risk protection orders to protect against persons who pose an immediate risk of harm to themselves or others.” Critics say that the lawmakers were using “clutching their pearls” imagery to mock the testimony of the gun control activists.


Ray Cranston said...

This is just one example of Trumpers' excusing Trump's criminal behavior: "Doesn't everyone who's been president do it???"

"AOW, I’m at that point, too…….But I DO feel sure he’s done some of what he’s accused of….As I say above SO WHAT? EVERYBODY has wanted to hide things so they can succeed…I’d rather HE SUCCEED than our spending millions of dollars trying to find he’s done bad things…."

This is why we are fked. Idiots like the person who wrote that above have no problem if Trump "hid things" to succeed. She doesn't care if he's a crook. One of the things Trump hid is ILLEGAL payments to his two mistresses while he was president. That doesn't matter, cuz, doesn't everyone do that?

Trump pressured John Kelly and Gary Cohn to make sure that the Justice Department sued to block the AT&T-Time Warner deal. Cohn refused. But the suit was filed a few months later, and eventually failed. All because Trump hates CNN.

That in itself is an impeachable offense -- CRIME. But the Trumpers have no problem with it. Doesn't everyone who wants to succeed commit a few crimes here and there?

That's their take on the man who said of his supporter that he could kill someone in the middle of New York and they'd still support him. He pegged his followers perfectly on that and the person who wrote the above about excusing a little crime here and there is a perfect example of what Trump was talking about. His followes don't care if he committed any crimes so long as he continues to hug the flag and screws them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, are you surprised? Those folks long ago lost any credibility they had in their opinions on honesty, integrity, and decency. So long as they continue to support Trump, they are as irrelevant and untrustworthy as he is.

Infidel753 said...

Absolutely disgusting. There's no defending politicians who sink to such mental cruelty -- nor the voters who continue to support them.

Craig said...

Ray, It's a real horror show over there and it's hard to look away. Trump's gas lighting is so obvious and they're so eager to be lit.

The Repubs are always saying gun violence isn't a gun issue but a mental health issue. These "red flag" bills are meant to address guns in the hands of unstable people. They don't mean anything they say. What diks they are.

Les Carpenter said...

As the tRumpian republicans keep defending and making excuses for the indefensible. This has become the new accepted behavior in the tRump era of blatant insensitivity and immorality.