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Friday, March 1, 2019

Trump sides with brutal killer of Otto Warmbier

Trump said he believes Kim Jong Un's denial of knowing anything about Otto Warmbier's brutal torture and death.

Trump took the savage killer's word.

Imagine how stupid Trump is. Now read the above again and multiply that by a billion.

The world knows that K.J.Un knew about Mr. Warmbier's death. Trump did not stand up to a tyrant whose regime murdered an American.

Donald Trump's shocking, shameful about-face on Otto Warmbier

GOP senators fuming over Trump comments on Warmbier

Lawmakers call Otto Warmbier's treatment "unforgivable" after Trump defends Kim

Trump has sided with authoritarian rulers before, believing Vladimir Putin's denials of Russian interference in the 2016 election over the conclusions of American intelligence agencies and defending the Saudi royal family after the recent murder of journalist Jamal Khashoggi.

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