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Wednesday, March 20, 2019

Dear Gawd! This pathetic gossiper and WATB is the POTUS?! What an embarrassing disgrace to America!

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Ray Cranston said...

The captain of the Mother Ship reposted the fake video that claims West Virginia is displacing their own citizens from housing and establishing Syrians that will get free medical, education, food, phones, etc. and then the captain of the Mother Ship wonders why Trump isn't on this -- HINT to the Stupids: If this really happened in WVa, then Trump has nothing to say about what a state does with its state housing. Also if she had any intelligence she'd know that WVa is one of the most conservative states, it went for Trump almost unanimously. Why would WVa do such a thing if the state is so conservative?

And then the silly woman wondered why more people aren't talking about it: HINT: It's a fake video fronm 2016, that's why. Only dopes would not know how to figure any of this out, but then the Mother Ship is the Ship of Fools who support Trump and their stupidity shines through. Is that mean? Yup. And the people who still support Trump after all the hateful lying and bullying and cheating and supporting white supremacy no longer deserve respect.

I don't apologize for making fun of people who deliberately stay stupid.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... and you know why the blogs and others will be silent about this and the Trump attack on McCain? Because they’ve said worse about McCain.

If the left respects him, they hate him. Think about it... who impugns a dead man who served his country?


Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, you just gave me an idea! Let's all respect and support Trump, the 30 percenters will abandon him, and then we could drop our support as well, and POOF! he'd be gone like a bad dream.

Meanwhile, it is an amazing thing to watch a "president" mock, trash, and belittle a dead war hero, and his followers are okay with it. We keep wondering if Trump can get any lower in the sewer, and he keeps showing us that he absolutely can! And his supporters are right down there, cheering this morally defective narcissist as well.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Ray, The usual uninformed think the actor in the video is "convincing," so it must be true! LOL! As you stated, how would a very conservative state like WVA do this? And why didn't it make national news? Oh, maybe that's because IT'S NOT TRUE? Those Mother Ship sailors are childish and believe any bunk fed to them.