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Wednesday, March 6, 2019



Dave Miller said...

This does not surprise me, or give me joy. That America's allies see our president as more of a hinderance than a blessing says volumes. I hear what trump is saying when he says "America" first. Many of my friends in Mexico would agree. It's why they elected AMLO. They wanted a guy who put Mexico first instead of his/her own interests or the interests of another country.

But they expect that their president will not embarrass them on the world stage.

Sadly, Trump is doing that. It wasn't too long ago when conservatives trashed Pres Obama because of our perceived decline in the eyes of our allies. Now those same conservatives are proud that Trump is angering them.

Something is afoot here, and it's not good.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, Trump's supporters are too busy attacking AOC, who is only ONE out of 535 Congresscritters. Whereas, Trump is the POTUS and represents America to the world. Trump supporters don't seem to understand the difference between DJT and AOC; they're obsessing over her instead of DJT, who brings shame upon America every day he Tweets.