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Thursday, March 21, 2019

Could Trump be more odious, contemptible, shabby, and infantile?


Trump is one gigantic orange blight on our country. No one has ever seen such public petulance and abhorrent manners in a grown man, let alone a POTUS! 

Trump is pissed because no one thanked him for John McCain's funeral (which he did not authorize, Congress did), and this is a new pathetic low for this loathsome worm:

Nixon at his worst was never as loathsome and twisted as this man, who is simply a terrible human-being. Does Trump think he could have stopped McCain’s state funeral (to which Trump was asked not to attend)? Not possible, Congress would passed a veto proof law overruling him!

If the President had actually planned Senator McCain’s funeral it would have been catered with Macdonald’s.

I just want to be clear.

Trump is attacking a deceased war hero.

Because the dead guy didn’t thank him for his funeral.

Which he couldn’t.

Because he’s dead.

But Trump approved the funeral.

Except he didn’t.

Congress did.

John Kasich:

Herr Trump now claims credit for the McCain funeral! He says “as president” he had to “approve” it. BS! Lying in state at the Capitol was up to Congress, not POTUS. This despot has the gall to say a hero’s burial is within his control. What a putz.

Trump just attacked Senator McCain & his family again, because he says no one thanked him for McCain’s funeral. Funeral arrangements in the Capitol were made by Congressional leaders. Trump had nothing to do with it. It’s a new pathetic low for Trump & the spineless & silent GOP.

MEANWHILE, this is what a Trump supporter sent to John McCain's widow, Cindy. And it is EXACTLY what we would expect from a Trump supporter.  

This is who they are!

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