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Saturday, March 2, 2019

Trump: "A man of borderless corruption"

Peter Wehner: 

Because Mr. Trump was their party’s nominee, many Republicans felt duty bound to defend him, even though they would from time to time call him out for his worst offenses. They also held out the hope that Mr. Trump would grow in office and become more presidential. What happened is quite different: 

As Mr. Trump was elected and then inaugurated, Republicans became more and more reluctant to call him out and more and more vocal in defending him and attacking his critics; rather than weakening, their loyalty to him intensified. And the president, rather than becoming more responsible, has become less restrained, more volatile, more unhinged. The result is the ethical wreckage we saw on display Wednesday. Republicans should brace for even more damaging revelations. 

The evidence presented on Wednesday was of course harmful to the president, but Mr. Cohen quite likely revealed only a small fraction of what the Southern District of New York and the Mueller investigation have amassed. But Mr. Cohen did suggest that federal prosecutors are investigating unspecified criminal allegations involving the president that have not been made public. 

When this story is finally told — when the sordid details are revealed, the dots finally connected — the Republican Party will be the political and institutional version of Mr. Cohen, who squandered his integrity in the service of a man of borderless corruption.


skudrunner said...

A lot depends on which Cohen is believable. It it the one who gushed all over trump and praised everything he did or is the one who gave damning testimony for a reduced sentence. Like many public figures he will make millions off of this with his book deal. Is he lying now or was he lying before, I don't have an answer.
Did trump do something questionable during the election, probably but so did queen -H- and the DOC and so did her serial rapist spouse.
I assume the DNC is regretting giving her the nomination in 2008 payable in 2016. Now we are all paying the price because the majority of voters didn't vote for trump they voted against -H-.

Ray Cranston said...

Re the Cohen hearings

A Republican Congressman accusing a Republican Lawyer of lying about a Republican President that is a liar While, a Republican News Chanel lies about their lying and all Republican Voters lie to themselves only to Vote more liying Republican Congressmen into office. This is the truth about the Republican Party today!

Les Carpenter said...

Duty is a concept originated to shame others into acting as OTHERS would have you act. Obligation is the preferable concept to live by. You, the individual, decides whether to obligate yourself. No one has a duty to act dishonorably or irrationally.

Ducky's here said...

I look forward to the CFO of tRump's corporation testifying before the senate committee (he's been subpoenaed).
That should open the way for requesting the tax returns.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... do you think the US State Department is lying in how they interpret what happened in North Korea?

They are saying the North Korean account of what happened is more accurate than what Pres Trump says happened.

Search your memory banks. Are you aware of any instance in US history, where a State Department has publicly rebuked a sitting US President in real time?

Go ahead... we'll wait.

Yeah, I thought so. You can't. Because we've never had such a liar in the White House... ever. No US President has ever been shown to have lied "in the moment" as what just happened.

At what point will conservatives figure out that Pres Trump is in over his head, is an embarrassment and is damaging US prestige around the globe?

Les Carpenter said...
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Les Carpenter said...
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skudrunner said...

What does Cohen have to do with the talks with NKO.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... maybe I got my comment on the wrong post. It's hard to keep up when there's so much coming out.

In any event, do you have any thoughts on my question?

How is it possible that a sitting Pres is rebuked for lying by his own State Department and no one in his party speaks up?