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Tuesday, March 12, 2019

Those of you...

who come here on a regular basis know that I'm not fond of the present occupant of the Oval Office.

I think that's evident through what I write about or publish from other sources in my posts. Since 2015, when Donald J Trump descended the escalator in Trump Tower to announce his run for the presidency, (and slandered an entire country) we've witnessed a less than mediocre and undisciplined mind advertise to the world his appalling stupidity, malignant narcissism, chronic mendacity, and lack of human decency in just about every communication with the public.

We've watched his close friends and aides get indicted for crimes; we've watched him humiliate anyone who dares to criticize him, correct his ignorance, or dare to point out his deceitful and deplorable behaviors.

None of that has dissuaded his cultists who continue to cling to their [desecrated]  Bibles (now that he's signed then) and guns. Trump has bragged to the world and himself that he could kill someone in the middle of New York and his cultists would still support him. And he's correct. Trump's done just about everything sordid, criminal, and indecent, except murder someone, and his followers love him more each time he exposes himself to be a blight on our American politics and values.

But maybe that's the problem. Maybe we, as a culture, have no real values or core beliefs. How could we believe we are exceptional people when we have the most unexceptional con man representing us?

How many times have we read or heard people say that they thought the time Trump made fun of a disabled journalist would be the end of his foolish campaign for the presidency? Or the time he mocked John McCain, a POW? Or the time he insulted a Gold Star family? A female journalist? Embraced leaders of countries hostile to the US and denigrated the leaders of our allies? His thousands and thousands and thousands of documented lies? His degenerate personal life, where he not only cheated on all three wives, but also on his mistresses and illegally paid them off from ever telling about it? And that's only a partial list of the man's wretched, deplorable life.

His cultists care not a fig about any of it. They've said that God sometimes chooses a flawed man to carry out his work. Of course, those same cultists never said that about Bill Clinton, did they?

Have his cultists noticed the "work" they elected Trump to do is less than Godly? He's blown up the deficit with the tax cuts he gave billionaires. His budget now proposes deep cuts to Social Security and Medicare to pay for the largess he bestowed upon the 1%. The Wall is not built and Mexico will not pay for it even if he manages to get a partial one finished. Our trade deficits with China and other countries have exploded. Trump's brag that "trade wars are easy" was, Surprise! a lie. And something we should have expected from a lying, failed businessman, a businessman whose casino went bankrupt, FFS! And children in cages -- do his "Godly" cultists think about them at all? Ever?  Trump stupidly and lyingly says Democrats are for late term abortions that allow fathers and mothers to take home their late-term aborted baby and kill it. Yes. He tells his cultists that and they believe it!

Why do I go over all this? Because even I am growing weary of the never-ending mendacity, criminality, lies, and chaos that Donald J. Trump spreads over our country every day like a demonic farmer fertilizing a field so he can sow more turmoil, bedlam, and deceit.

Today was just one more day of Trumpian willful ignorance. Take a look at this miserable stupidity from the leader of the free world. Apparently no one has ever told Trump to keep his moronic maw shut on matters he knows nothing about. Because no one ever dared explain to Trump that he's a blithering bampot, he's is smugly secure in what he knows nothing about and isn't ashamed to broadcast it:

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Anf that's why hundreds of people on Twitter have suggested to Trump that he take a pipe full of carbon dioxide and inhale it to mercifully show the world what a brilliant scientific mind he has.


Les Carpenter said...

MAGA! Well, in order to do THAT we FIRST must relieve Trump of his responsibility and duties.

I never thought I would see the day in my lifetime when our president was no smarter than a 5th grader. With apologies to 5th graders everywhere.

Anonymous said...

So stop writing about him. You are not changing anyone's mind. Writing that negativity everyday can only have a negative effect on you.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous, I don't write about Trump to change anyone's mind. The people who still support him after he's exposed to the world his incompetency, stupidity, and mendacity are unreachable. I record his daily absurdities to document this dark time in America's history so that we will never forget how a minority of Americans' loyalty kept an idiot in office.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trump wrote for all the world to see his stupidity that "carbon dioxide is the main building block of all life."

I don't know if I should laugh or cry.

Anonymous said...

I just....There aren't words to...
You know, just about every single time I read
that Mr. Trump, an imbecile, elected by
racist morons, just cannot go any lower. . . .
there he is, on the raw bottom,
pick and shovel in hand,
grinning idiotically and digging furiously...

Dave Miller said...


I'm with you. The pace is dizzying from Trump, but the media, primarily is not helping. Last night was a good example. MSNBC was all wrapped up in his golf escapades. Who cares? Let's talk about the economy, North Korea, gun violence or any number of other topics that impact people on a daily basis. But golf?

Below is a great article that literally is the best distillation I've ever seen on Trump's popularity. I work with a number of ppl who live in rural America and Jennings has hit the nail on the head. The left does in fact come across as snarky and sanctimonious when discussing the right, and their worries about America.

I know the right has dismissed the left for years and they talk about us dismissively and with anger as well. I'm not excusing that. What I'm saying is that the left has failed to clean their own house and has partly made Trumpism possible. My left leaning friends will struggle with this article, or worse, just say "so what, they're idiots" but that only proves the author's point.

I've said all along I believe he's going to be reelected. Maybe the left should forget about Trump and work like crazy to keep the House and win the Senate. There'd be no better way to send a signal to him that his presidency, as he currently runs it, is over.

Why Trump's Support remains strong

skudrunner said...

For DJT to say climate change is fake news is absurd. The climate changes every day everywhere in the world. This is the reason global warming has been re-labeled climate change because is is irrefutable that the climate changes where global warming was and is a hoax designed to put millions in politicians pockets, algore for one. How can trump be so stupid.
Every time he opens his mouth he gives ammunition to the hate groups. It would be nice to see the hate groups focus on the positive things immigration reform would do or increasing security for the US. All they want to do is turn the country into a socialist haven even though that hasn't worked for any diversified country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Countries on the planet that are democratic socialist or partially socialist:

Northern Ireland,
Peru, Portugal
Serbia, Slovenia, Sweden
Tunisia, Turkey

BTW, the UK and France are diversified countries.

Your comments on Climate Change/Global Warming are appallingly uninformed. You've repeated political lies, not scientific truths.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... you speak frequently of the "hate groups."

Here's what one extremist blogger who you sometimes read wrote...


She hates the dishonesty, but doesn't seem to mind too much when Trump lies.
She hates the stories the media covers... but should they not cover when leaders in his administration lie? Like Manafort, Flynn, Gates and others?
She hates the "Hate Trump" drumbeat... but she has no problem in people on her blog showing hate for Pres Obama, libtards, defocrats and the rest of us?
She hates the lies and the truth... Simply wow! She hates the lies... that's good. But the truth? Why? because it makes Trump look bad, because he lies so much?

Your understanding that we all want to turn the country into a marxist/leninist socialist state is just nuts. No one is proposing that and ppl that say there are just choose to believe stupid stuff.

No one is prosing any system much different than what we already have here in the US. More muscular in some areas for sure, but not much different. We've taxed ppl for years to help support people. We've taxed ppl for years to give certain businesses a leg up on the competition. We've provided health care and indigent care free of cost to needy ppl for years. We've rescued ppl from terrible tragedies, both natural and manmade in this country for years.

And now, when Dems just want to expand those programs they are suddenly advocating for Marxist socialism?

Maybe when the GOP and Trump, the supposed bulwark against socialism take away subsidies and quit choosing farmers over other business owners as winners, we'll believe some of what they have to say, but until then, forget it.

possumlady said...

“Global warming” refers to the long-term warming of the planet. “Climate change” encompasses global warming, but refers to the broader range of changes that are happening to our planet, including rising sea levels; shrinking mountain glaciers; accelerating ice melt in Greenland, Antarctica and the Arctic; and shifts in flower/plant blooming times.

That explanation is from that hotbed of leftist socialists at NASA.

skudrunner said...

PL, depends on the definition of is

Ms Shaw, you stated your case very well. How many of those countries are third world and how many would you like to live in.

Rev, can you imagine what would have happened had 90% of the media go after BJC or OTG (thats obama the great).

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "PL, depends on the definition of is."

SK: So you actually believe that NASA's report on Climate Change/Global Warming and Clinton's definition of "is" are the same thing? HINT: Anyone with any understanding of ANYTHING would point out how silly you are for doing that.

skud: "Ms Shaw, you stated your case very well. How many of those countries are third world and how many would you like to live in."

SK: If you or anyone in your family are receiving Medicare or Medicaid benefits, Social Security or Social Security benefits, protection by police, firemen, use the local library, send your children or grandchildren to public school, drive on state or federal highways, then congratulations, YOU ARE BENEFITTING FROM SOCIALISM. The Scandanavian countries, France, UK, Ireland, Italy, Spain, Japan, Australia, New Zealand, to mention a few, are fhardly Third World countries. But leave Republicans in control of the US for a few more years and we will be. The 1% control 98% of the wealth. How's that working out for you? Do your kids or your grandkids get $500,000 from their parents or grandparents to bribe someone to get them into Ivy League schools? We're well on our way to becoming a Banana Republic, run by incompetent oligarchs.

skud: "Rev, can you imagine what would have happened had 90% of the media go after BJC or OTG (thats obama the great)."

SK: You have a short, biased memory. The media DID go after Obama, but since you only feel hurt when it does the same to a Gooper, you forget and complain. I think your new designation for President Obama is wonderful. I agree, as do millions and millions of people in America and the world that President Obama was and is Great. I'm glad you think so too.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Let me clear up your misunderstanding of my statement. Definitions define so when BJ defined what "it" is is similar to when environmentalists define global warming, climate change, next ice age and the latest crisis of the decade. There is climate change but most of it is pollution of which the US is a minor player. I realize some leaders gave away millions of taxpayer money so they feel good but that doesn't change the fact that pollution is a world wide problem and will require a world wide effort.

Most people that work have contributed into SS and Medicare their working lives so that is prepaid retirement and healthcare. Most will not get back what they contributed and that is the reason some supported privatizing SS years ago. Of course that would be inconvenient for some leaders because they couldn't rob the trust fund to support their pet projects.

Do you believe some presidents children got into elite universities on their merits much less get a job that pays millions with a history degree right after graduation. Wealth has its rewards always has and always will. The likes of Vanderbilt, Carnegie, Rockefeller, Kennedy have been replaced by Bezos, Gates and Ellison so wealth controlling the country is not a new concept.