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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

A vindictive little draft dodging coward lives in the White House

The GOP's president who cheated on his SAT exams to get into Wharton (according to his niece, Mary Trump), and whose father got a doctor to lie about bone spurs to get Trump out of serving in Vietnam, has forced a military hero, who's still walking around with schrapnel in his body, out of continuing to serve his country.

Trump ordered the Pentagon to find something, anything, to deny Lt.Col Alexander Vindman's upcoming promotion. There was no misconduct to be found, and yet the promotion was still being withheld by the vindictive little draft-dodging coward who lives in the White House.'

Another instance of  Trump's jealousy of any man or woman who has more character, honor, and decency than he has.

America will remember in November yet another miserable failure by this miserable little con man.

An Army officer who was a prominent witness in the impeachment inquiry into President Trump last year said on Wednesday he has decided to retire after his promotion was imperiled by objections from the White House

 The incident is the latest in what Pentagon and congressional officials say could be another flash point between the president and the military. Lt. Col. Alexander S. Vindman, a decorated Iraq war veteran who served on the staff of the White House National Security Council, is among scores of officers who have been picked to be promoted to full colonel this year. 

Typically, such promotions are backed by Army and Pentagon officials before moving to the White House for final approval, and then to the Senate for a confirmation vote. But the White House had made clear to officials in the Pentagon’s office of personnel and readiness, which handles such matters, that Mr. Trump did not want to see Colonel Vindman promoted, officials said.

Mr. Trump’s allies at the White House asked Pentagon officials to find instances of misconduct by Colonel Vindman that would justify blocking his promotion, administration officials said on Wednesday. On multiple occasions, including this week, the White House pressed the Pentagon to seek witnesses who would come forward and say that Colonel Vindman acted improperly, the officials said. 

 But Defense Secretary Mark T. Esper and Army Secretary Ryan McCarthy have been unable to produce such evidence, largely because it does not exist, according to one administration official. 

 The official spoke on condition of anonymity. Colonel Vindman announced his decision in a short Twitter message on Wednesday morning. “Today I officially requested retirement from the U.S. Army, an organization I love,” he said. “My family and I look forward to the next chapter of our lives.”

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