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Monday, July 13, 2020


Trump’s campaign manager is a felon. 

His deputy campaign manager is a felon.

His national security advisor is a felon. 

His foreign policy advisor is a felon. 

His personal lawyer is a felon. 

His long time advisor is a felon. 

 It’s not a campaign, it’s a criminal enterprise.


Anonymous said...

The most corrupt and incompetent administration in American history! FACT!

Dave Miller said...

Reality is making life terrible for the Trumpers. No doubt about it. But they are so invested, they can't sell short and just get out of their bad investment. Just take in these reality bytes from the HMS Mothership...

> "This [the recent SCOTUS decisions] probably won’t change voters’ minds… but Trump could go to jail if a lot [about his taxes] is revealed, like if he did pay Stormey Daniels (do they list that stuff in tax records?  PAID STORMY DANIELS A MILLION BUCKS TO HAVE SEX WITH ME ???)"

> "…are they going to find Stormy Daniels checks? Do tax returns of rich men REALLY make notes like: STORMY DANIELS…$50K for letting me do her last weekend”?"

> "I’m sick and tired of absorbing the FACT that we’re finally losing the once great America. I’m tired of good conservatives being tougher on us than some leftwingers, I’m tired of people I respect slamming Trump on Facebook because he’s turning them to Biden with his hyperbole and saying every stupid thing that occurs to him;  I’m just TIRED."

> "BY the way, who wants a president who, when or if reelected, can THEN get records revealed that will completely consume his next four years with lawsuits, ugly stories, etc?"

Read them closely...

They're asking what happens if it is found out Trump actually did pay Stormy Daniels? This just shows their willful ignorance. We have the checks. America has seen the checks.

They're tired of "GOOD CONSERVATIVES" being tough on Trump? Maybe they should listen to those "good conservatives." Perhaps they are onto something the extremists are not seeing?

Future prosecution? Wasn't this Trump's reason for not voting for Hillary? That her Admin would be so tied up with litigation it would not be able to function? For people to complain about this is hilarious. They're the ones who began this cycle with unending investigations into Dem admins about Whitewater and Benghazi, ultimately finding no evidence of criminal wrong doing.

Finally, one last quote, one other bit of reality, your theme of the day...

"BY the way; Did you all hear Durham is suggesting he will not have any report ready probably till after the election? we are SO done….."

Their hope for defeating Biden, for catching him in something, anything, is fizzling. No thought that maybe, just maybe, even GOP partisan hacks like Barr and Durham can't find something because there is nothing there.

We can only hope they they are indeed, in their own words, "SO done....

Sorry about the typos in the quotes. I just copied them directly from the posters...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, No problem. I do read those people on that blog to try to get a sense of how radical right wingers think and what they believe about trump. I'm always astounded to see how far gone done the rabbit hole they are and how childishly naive they are as well.

They are willing to overlook in Trump what they would be spitting nails over if this were a Democratic president.

As I've repeated when I talk about the Mother Ship and its passengers, they are more loyal to a failed casino owner, a thrice married serial adulterer, and proven fraud of a fraudulent University, (among many other disgusting failure in morals by Trump), -- more loyal to that than to their country, America.

It sickens and astounds me.

Dave Miller said...

What's amazing Shaw is this... they're aware of those sentiments. They know who Trump is, his faults, etc. And yet, because they he loves America, he gets a pass. Apparently they believe anyone who advocates for any change, does not love America. So they must be opposed by all means possible.

Les Carpenter said...

Trump loves himself, his money, and his power. That's it. PERIOD. He is nothing but a FAKE patriot gaming his supporters. Nothing more. His cultists live so deep in an alternative reality nothing is going to cha b ge their feeble minds.