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Wednesday, July 1, 2020

The Wilmington, NorthCarolina, massacre of 1898

America's White Supremacist History

In this video about the Wilmington, North Carolina, massacre of 1898, the narrator points out that the southern Republicans were on the left, liberals, while the then southern Democrats were on the right, conservatives.

After Lyndon Johnson passed the Civil and Voting Rights acts in 1965, the southern Democrats left the Democratic Party for good and became the conservative southern Republicans that they are today.

The two parties completely flipped their 19th and early 20th century ideologies. But they were always southerners.


Dave Miller said...

Shaw... thank you for this. This belief, exhibited by right wing extremists, that the Democratic Party of today is the same party it was 100 years ago, is so toxic. It clouds their brains, making them unable to objectively look at ideas Dems have.

The Dems of today resemble their old selves about as much as the GOP resembles the progressive GOP of the days of Teddy Roosevelt. It is in name only.

If folks can't figure it out, we should look no further than the old Dixiecrats. Those racist members of the Democratic Party faced a reckoning at the dawn of Civil Rights era. Some, like the former Ku Klux Klan leader, Senator Robert Byrd, owned their racism, apologized and worked their entire lives to make amends. And stayed with the Dems.

Others, like George Wallace, became independents to appeal to the segregationist, dare I say racist vote, in the south.

And then there were those racist former Dems like Strom Thurmond. Seeing the sell by dates on the independent label, and unwilling to reform as did Sen Byrd, they simply migrated to the GOP, where they remain today.

If you want to understand which party today is the party of racists, check out Pat Buchanan. The head of the Nixon campaign in 1968 was speaking as part of a recent retrospective on those elections. Asked about Wallace, and their segregationist, racist voters, he said this... "We [the Nixon Campaign] were worried about the Wallace campaign." And why were they worried? Because, he continued, Wallace was stealing the people were "their" voters.

And there, in one statement, is where we are on the. In 2017, the year of the interview, the leader of the 1968 Nixon campaign states clearly that they saw the racist, segregationist voters of the south, as their voters!

Plain and simple. Unless you're the Scarecrow and don't have a brain.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, it's heartbreaking -- all of this history.

But what's worse is reading the whinging (I love that word) that the Mother Ship publishes about African-Americans. She and her pals think they know all the reasons for their problems, when in fact they know close to nothing. I cringe when I read their smug assessments on why there're so many problems and challenges facing POC today.

I'm sure they know nothing about these egregious actions by white people who destroyed the thriving African-American communities that would have brought them and other POC into the main street/stream economy by allowing their progeny to prosper and do as well as the second and third generations of European and Asian have.

Each time African-Americans established a thriving community or tried to better themselves through education, the white supremacists came in and destroyed it, killing, maiming, or would not allow them into good schools and universities -- all of this set those communities back decades, some never recovered.

Only when America faces her shameful racist past and present will we be healed.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... add this to the mind numbing political nimbleness of that crowd.

When the US government under Presidents Bush and Obama rescued GM and other companies during the Great Recession, they howled and complained. They called those guys socialists who were big government believers taking freedoms away from Americans.

Now word is out that the Trump Admin is taking part ownership in US trucking companies as collateral for loans to keep them afloat, exactly what previous admins have done in the past and which the whingers decried over and over.

I'm sure tomorrow we will read on their blogs how bad our Socialist President Trump is for the same type solution.

I'm sure...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, it's abundantly clear that it's not the policies that are problematic to Trumpers, or even his abominable racism, divisiveness, childish name-calling, sexual incontinence and harassing, none of that bothers them. What matters is that he's the leader of their tribe.

The only explanation is tribalism and cultism. We know for a fact that if it were a Democrat or even a old time Republican behaving as Trump has behaved since he ascended the escalator in 2015, they would be calling for his or her head on a pike.

They accept all the corruption and anti-American behavior by Trump because he represents them. Their fears and their grievances.

Les Carpenter said...

I simply say this... There is no cure for willful ignorance. Why? Because... There is NO cure for willful ignorance.

Unknown said...

Shaw, Thanks for your history postings of late. There's a reason these stories aren't widely known. If we can white wash the past, we can continue to blame the victims of racism for their own problems. Lazy and shiftless are still common themes at the Mothership of fools. You can bet any time race is brought up, Robert Byrd will be too. I wasn't disappointed. It's obvious by word and deed that Byrd had a change of heart but in their brand of Christianity redemption is reserved for R's only.

I'm trying to wrap my head around those who proudly claim the title 'Party of Lincoln', want to protect Confederate monuments.

Dave Miller said...

Unknown... Whitewash them? You're assuming a great number of conservatives even care about that past. They maintain they themselves are not racists, so it's not a problem. If racism is an individual sin, as opposed to systemic, it can only be solved by the individual. No government action required.

Yesterday the chattering classes at the Mothership were asking why we aren't removing streets named after Sen Byrd, totally missing that his turn as a Klan member was decades ago, and he admitted his wrong, apologized and worked the rest of his life to atone for his sins.

Their brand of Christianity is anathema to how I understand it.