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Wednesday, July 8, 2020

Hattie McDaniel

Hattie McDaniel received a plaque-style Oscar, approximately 5.5 inches (14 cm) by 6 inches (15 cm), the type awarded to all Best Supporting Actors and Actresses at that time. She and her escort were required to sit at a segregated table for two at the far wall of the room; her white agent, William Meiklejohn, sat at the same table. 

The hotel had a strict no-blacks policy, but allowed McDaniel in as a favo. The discrimination continued after the award ceremony as well as her white co-stars went to a "no-blacks" club, where McDaniel was also denied entry. 

Another black woman did not win an Oscar again for 50 years, with Whoopi Goldberg winning Best Supporting Actress for her role in Ghost. 

Weeks prior to McDaniel winning her Oscar, there was even more controversy. David Selznick, the producer of Gone With the Wind, omitted the faces of all the black actors on the posters advertising the movie in the South. None of the black cast members, including Hattie McDaniel, were even allowed to attend the premiere for the movie.


Dave Miller said...

That story of Hattie having to sit at her own table, reminds me of 50's - 60's Las Vegas and the Rat Pack.

That group included Sammy Davis Jr. While they played each night at the Las Vegas Sands Hotel, Sammy had to go to the other side of town to sleep as the Strip Casinos were segregated until 1971.

Apparently he was good enough to help the hotel and its owners lots of money, but not good enough to sleep in their rooms...

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, I remember reading about that in books on Frank Sinatra's life. I remember reading that one time The Rat Pack cancelled their reservations at the whites only hotel in Las Vegas where they were performing and went with Sammy to his hotel on the other side of town to show solidarity with him. Sinatra and the rest of the white Rat Pack had no trouble checking in.

Les Carpenter said...
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Dave Miller said...

That's back when they would perform late night sets at the integrated Moulin Rouge on the westside.

R.D. said...


Trump’s campaign rally in Tulsa in late June that drew thousands of participants and large protests “likely contributed” to a dramatic surge in new coronavirus cases, Tulsa City-County Health Department Director Dr. Bruce Dart said Wednesday.
Tulsa County reported 261 confirmed new cases on Monday, a one-day record high, and another 206 cases on Tuesday. By comparison, during the week before the June 20 Trump rally, there were 76 cases on Monday and 96 on Tuesday.

Although the health department’s policy is to not publicly identify individual settings where people may have contracted the virus, Dart said those large gatherings “more than likely” contributed to the spike.

“In the past few days, we’ve seen almost 500 new cases, and we had several large events just over two weeks ago, so I guess we just connect the dots,” Dart said.
Trump’s Tulsa rally, his first since the coronavirus pandemic hit the U.S., attracted thousands of people from around the country. About 6,200 people gathered inside the 19,000-seat BOK Center arena — far fewer than was expected.

Dart had urged the campaign to consider pushing back the date of the rally, fearing a potential surge in the number of coronavirus cases.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Trump got Manafort out of jail because of the Covid-19 threat, but he's okay with sending children back to school, indoors, sitting near each other. He really is an irresponsible monster.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw and Rev, Don't you find it exhausting having to wake up every day apologizing for being white and Ms. Shaw for being in the top one percent group. Is that the reason why you don't work to make things better for everyone.

Personal responsibility is something we should not encourage, blame gets passed on and the best way to contribute to society is to focus on what took place a hundred years ago. If your group did something that was disgusting, jim crowe is an example, change the dialog to we changed sides so it wasn't us. If something offends anyone tear it down and wipe it from the books. Is Thanksgiving going to continue because that represents a celebration of oppression of Native Americans, the true oppressed and discriminated against group. Is the monument of Custer going to be vandalized. Shouldn't FDR be removed from history for interning the Japanese. Shouldn't all US generals involved in the massacre and torture of Native Americans be removed.

Now the dems have a plan to destroy the economy because it is something positive trump get credit for. Lets lock down the US and treat Afton Wyoming the same as Boston in the lock down. Lets not impose responsibility on union teachers to enforce guidelines, much better to lock the kids out of school.

I realize everything today is based on PC but when is enough, enough.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... did Nurse Ratched miss your dose today?

Seriously, no sane person is advocating for the totality of your worries. Most of us would be happy with the 100% cancellation of the veneration of traitorous military leaders who attacked the US, and are responsible so they could own people.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skudrunner: "Ms. Shaw and Rev, Don't you find it exhausting having to wake up every day apologizing for being white..."

Projecting skud? That may be your karma, but it isn't mine. People feel guilty only when they know they've done something wrong and if they have a conscience.

skud: "...and Ms. Shaw for being in the top one percent group. Is that the reason why you don't work to make things better for everyone."

You know nothing about me. I live in Boston, and that's all you know. Just like many of your fellow Trumpublicans, you make assumptions about people that are completely WRONG. That's why you and your friends voted for Trump. You got him COMPLETELY WRONG! You thought he'd be "different" and make the "libtards" cry.

Who's crying now?

PS skud, stop telling lies about me and I'll stop telling the truth about you, mkay?

PPSS. As I've stated again and again and again: The people who passed Jim Crow laws to make African-Americans' lives miserable by extra-judicial torturings and killings belonged to the Democratic Party until the Democratic Party started lobbying for CIVIL RIGHTS. Those SOUTHERN Democrats then changed to DIXIECRATS, and then when LBJ passed the Civil and Voting Rights Act, thos SOURTHERN Democrats left the party and joined the Republican Party.

But what they always were were SOUTHERNERS who passed those horrid Jim Crow laws. Your attempts to tar and feather Democrats for eternity are futile. History knows the truth, and the truth is that the SOUTHERN Democrats left the party because it changed and those SOUTHERN Democrats became the modern Republican Party of today -- anti-science, anti-black, anti-democratic. Trump is its leader, and he's well on his way to ruining the GOP for generations, and it deserves that fate for foisting this miserable, lying, cheating con man on America and the world.

Les Carpenter said...

Whew!! It is getting ever so tiring. And, it will NEVER change. It's like pissing against the wind or shoveling shit against the tide. It gets tiring without ever receiving a reward of any time. Or, put another way it is the same as continually kicking the can down the road.

The price of a being a social warrior I suppose.

Shaw Kenawe said...

For skudrunner:

Top general slams Confederacy as 'an act of treason' and says the country needs to take 'hard look' at bases honoring its leaders

US Army Gen. Mark Milley, the chairman of the Joint Chiefs of Staff, discussed Thursday the possibility of renaming 10 US Army bases honoring Confederate leaders and said any change would require the utmost care.

Milley labeled the Confederacy "an act of rebellion."

"It was an act of treason at the time against the Union, against the Stars and Stripes, against the US Constitution," Milley said. "And those officers turned their back on their oath."

Why should U.S. Army bases be named for men who committed treason against the United States?

Can skudrunner answer that?

Trump is on the losing side of history on this. As usual.

Bill19777@gmail. Com said...


Bill19777@gmail. Com said...

I imagine the great mass of humanity that seems incapable of appreciating the finer things in life shies away from Beauty, and prefers banal, vulgar, flippant, crude, boisterous and inane ocupation and forms of entertainment, because these low things do not challenge or threaten to awaken them from complacent acceptance of their ignorance, innate dulness, selfishness, and lack of empathy for others.

skudrunner said...

Rev, That is funny and quite perceptive on you part because a nurse did visit but not to administer meds but remove staples from my knee. Thanks for your concern.

Ms Shaw, no matter how you try to avoid it, they were democrats when they passed the law and it was the republicans who passed the civil rights act.

As to all the base names, I think we need to take all personal recognition out of all of them and just name them by numbers. Bragg could be one and so forth because no matter what you name anything you will offend someone.

You prediction of the demise of the GOP is probably correct for a period of time. Trump did not win the election and the majority of votes he received were not for him but against his opponent. It was a frustration vote because of eight years of attack against the middle class and middle America.

Now the dems will take the helm and in 2022 the shift will go back because the majority of Americans don't want a socialist country and work hard to support those who choose not to work.It is a never ending battle that we create by having one of the most corrupt political system in the world run by a bunch who have only themselves in mind.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Ms Shaw, no matter how you try to avoid it, they were democrats when they passed the law and it was the republicans who passed the civil rights act."

SK: Which party passed the Civil Rights Act?
The amendment passed with the votes of Republicans and Southern Democrats. The final law passed with the votes of Republicans and Northern Democrats.

Facts are stubborn things. You should try using them.

skud: "As to all the base names, I think we need to take all personal recognition out of all of them and just name them by numbers. Bragg could be one and so forth because no matter what you name anything you will offend someone."

SK: That's b.s. and you know it. You're still p.o.ed because America is waking up to the insane realization that U.S.Army bases are named for traitors to the United States because the South insisted on it and got away with their petulance for decades. It's over. There are plenty of honorable men and women who have served America, and they should be honored with having their names dedicated to an Army base.

Your foolish complaint and warning about "soshalism" is rich. Do you receive Social Security? Medicare? Medicaid? Do you or did you ever have private insurance? Car insurance? How do you think all of that works? If you had children, did they attend public schools? Go to public libraries? Did your town have a fire station? Police? Did you drive on interstate highways in your lifetime? Over bridges? How do you feel about giving government subsidies to farmers, oil companies, car manufacturers, to name a few? You are living in a democratic socialist country, benefitting from it, and don't even know it.

Stop parroting the far right's ignorant talking points. It doesn't flatter you.

skudrunner said...

No matter what you name something it will offend someone. We are a society of zero tolerance for any opinion that we don't share an that goes for names.

Do you mean do I get to receive some of the money I paid into SS and do I benefit from the prepaid medical program called medicare, yes.
Do I support giving healthcare to non citizens, No just like I don't support paying someone who could work not to.

Les Carpenter said...

Game On!