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Monday, July 20, 2020


to remind P.E. readers what a complete and utter jackass Trump is.

Trump announces he’s reviving the virus daily briefing as cases continues to surge.

President Trump said on Monday that he is bringing back the daily coronavirus briefings that he halted in April, a tacit acknowledgment that the public health crisis that he has sought to put behind him is still ravaging much of the country.
With cases and deaths on the rise, Mr. Trump told reporters that he would probably hold the first of the new series of briefings on Tuesday at 5 p.m. 

He attributed his decision to revive them not to the increasing threat of the virus but to the fact that the briefings had high television ratings.


Dave Miller said...

Since he can't have rallies, and infect ppl all across the US, he feels he has to do something. This has nothing to do with Covid. It's all about his ego and need to bluster and hold court in front of a captive audience.

The press corps should boycott.

jono said...

The only "record numbers" will be the number of new cases and deaths.

Les Carpenter said...

The press corps should boycott.

I agree Dave. But, wouldn't that play intl tRump's hands and those of his sycophants and cultists?

Dervish Sanders said...

Now that the White House gets the coronavirus data before the CDC, the pandemic might be declared to be "over" soon. I don't know why else such a change would be made. Except that they're going to suppress or manipulate it. Although the change could have been made simply due to Dotard's paranoid delusions concerning the CDC being a part of the "deep state". Whatever the reason, I surely won't trust the data to be accurate any longer.

Les Carpenter said...

BINGO! I do believe you have hit that nail squarely on its head.