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Friday, July 31, 2020

Anyone who believes ANYTHING Trump says...

is a bigger fool than he is.

Anyone remember this?


So, on August 2 or 3, will Americans be informed by Trump of the "full and complete healthcare plan?"

"Complete," meaning the legislation will have passed both houses of Congress.

Has anyone, ANYONE heard anything about Trump's "full and complete healthcare plan" to date?

Or is Trump bullshitting the American people again?

And his supporters just ignore it:

FOX NEWS INTERVIEW, JULY 19, 2020, Chris Wallace:

WALLACE: Why does it make sense to overturn Obamacare which people now are relying on? Democrats are going to say, "The man who wanted to kill Obamacare is going to take away your -- the protection for pre-existing conditions."

TRUMP:  First of all, we got rid of the individual mandate.

WALLACE:  I understand.

TRUMP:  Pre-existing conditions will always be taken care of by me and Republicans, 100 percent.

WALLACE:  But you've been in office three and a half years, you don't have a plan.

TRUMP:  Well, we haven't had. Excuse me. You heard me yesterday. We're signing a health care plan within two weeks, a full and complete health care plan that the Supreme Court decision on DACA gave me the right to do. So we're going to solve -- we're going to sign an immigration plan, a health care plan, and various other plans. And nobody will have done what I'm doing in the next four weeks. The Supreme Court gave the president of the United States powers that nobody thought the president had, by approving, by doing what they did -- their decision on DACA. And DACA's going to be taken care of also. But we're getting rid of it because we're going to replace it with something much better. What we got rid of already, which was most of Obamacare, the individual mandate. And that I've already won on. And we won also on the Supreme Court. But the decision by the Supreme Court on DACA allows me to do things on immigration, on health care, on other things that we've never done before. And you're going to find it to be a very exciting two weeks.


Dave Miller said...

Any day now.

I'm sure we will see it Monday. It will include a mandate for coverage of pre existing conditions, it will save consumers and the government money, and it will be great. Better than ever. Perhaps the best health care plan ever produced. Absolutely incredible. People said we could never have such health care. They said we'd never see this. But on Monday, we're gonna see it. And it will give people freedom. Freedom to choose. Freedom to choose between some great. Health. Care. Plans. Monday folks!

Of course it will never happen. Because the GOP and Donald Trump do not believe helping solve the problems of Americans is something Washington should do. Work out your own solutions. Figure it out yourselves, like the Founding Fathers did. No one helped them.

That's the GOP mantra, if not in word, certainly in deed.

How else to explain the GOP led Senate not even taking up another Covid stimulus until the last minute after they had the Dem offer on the table since May?

Les Carpenter said...

Nice word salad by our MAGA mr. presnit.

jono said...

Gibberish and I'm not holding my breath.

Dave Miller said...

I'll go one step further... anyone who believes someone in the GOP is nuts.

In one case, we have the North Dakota GOP voting to approve their political platform for this year.

All well, good and normal in politics. Except in this case, those darn fake news people started to ask questions about a part that claims “Many LGBT practices are unhealthy and dangerous, sometimes endangering or shortening life and sometimes infecting society at large.”

Among other stupid language.

Again, this is standard fare from the GOP. What takes the cake is that once this particular passage became public knowledge, no one in the party, including all those folks who voted for this, suddenly disagreed with the provision. Worse, they claimed they had no idea who wrote any of it.

This entire party is filled with liars from the top down. And these not too long ago morality police have no problems with the lies.

Check it out...

Dervish Sanders said...

Apparently Dotard believes the Supreme Court ruled that he can write and enact legislation himself via an executive order. Although I doubt we'll see anything along those lines either. Because Dotard is completely full of poo.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Two weeks ago today, Trump bragged to Chris Wallace of Fox News that he would have a "complete healthcare plan ready TODAY. TWO WEEKS!

I haven't heard anything in the news so far. I cut the cable cord in December of last year, so I don't have any cable news.

Here's what's being said on Twitter:

Andy Slavitt: "Today is the big day.

2 weeks ago today President Trump promised “a full and complete health care plan” within 2 weeks.

So of course I set my calendar & woke up early. I could not be more excited to finally see this."

Anyone hear anything? What did I miss?

skudrunner said...

Would it be named trumpcare. We are all aware how difficult it is to come up with a comprehensive health care plan that is good for everyone. The last one punished 300 million to offer care to 30 million and it was so exceptional that nine million signed up.

I think we will see a comprehensive healthcare plan shortly after we have a comprehensive immigration policy. In other words don't hold your breath.

Shaw Kenawe said...

So skud you don't have a problem with the president of the United States stating on national tv that he would have a plan in two weeks and then when those two weeks are up there is none. Nada. Nothing but more bullshit from the Bullshitter-in-Chief.

It's difficult to respect people who continually allow a bullshitter to bullshit them.

Anonymous said...

I, for one, am glad the Affordable Care Act is still going strong. I was just laid off after having celebrated my 30th anniversary at my place of employment. Going on 61 years old, how hard do you think it will be for me to get a job? Being laid off with no health care during a pandemic is not something I would wish on anyone. I’ll be meeting tomorrow with someone who can help me look at my options on the ACA. Wish me luck...


Dave Miller said...

Possum... but you've lost your freedom with the ACA! Can't you see that? Wouldn't you rather have that freedom than a health care program mandated by the government? Especially one that intrudes on the free market and the freedom American businesses had to deny millions of Americans coverage because of pre-existing conditions.

You know those pesky things... like being a woman, having had a hysterectomy, or perhaps a history of cancer somewhere in your family.

At least these are the things the GOP Patriots will tell you when you try to explain how important the ACA is to not just you, but millions of us.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... as for your swipe at comprehensive immigration reform, unless I'm mistaken, and I follow that subject pretty closely, there was a Bi-Partisan during the Obama Admin that actually had a solution, only to be shut down by the extremists in the GOP.

Hard to believe the party of NO during the Obama Admin would work to stymie legislation.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Possumlady, that is horrible news. No modern democracy does this to its citizens. We've been held hostage by uneducated people who believe it's more important to become bankrupt and/or die from illness than to have universal healthcare. They've fallen prey to propaganda, just as they've fallen prey to the liar/bullshitter in the White House who's promised the American people a better and cheaper healthcare plan from before he was elected, and then did absolutely NOTHING.

He's been a danger to our Republic since his inauguration.

We must rid ourselves of this awful man in November.

I don't know what to say to you to help you through this. There must be some agency you can call and seek help.

Please let us know how you're doing.


Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave I allow skud to post here so that we have insight to how conservatives approach and think about the enormous problems facing our country. Most of the blogs I read from that perspective blame President Obama and Democrats for the terrible leadership we've suffered under Trump.

They. Will. Never. Take responsiblity for their reckless vote for the most unqualified and incompetent POTUS in modern times.

Let us hope November delivers us from this evil.

skudrunner said...

Rev and Ms Shaw, Joe puppet said a week ago he would have a VP pick early next week. That would be this week so by your admission we now have both candidates not delivering on a promise.

We are not that different in the fact we want is best for everyone. The difference comes from your belief democrats are competent and republicans are incompetent and that democrats tell the truth and I believe ALL politicians lie and are incompetent.

I support term limits for all political positions including the SCOTUS. The president has term limits, most states have term limits for governor but congress can just keep on doing nothing until the die in office. Federal law enforcement officers have age limits, Air Traffic controllers have age limits, commercial pilots have age limits yet we have no restrictions on our political corrupt.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Rev and Ms Shaw, Joe puppet said a week ago he would have a VP pick early next week. That would be this week so by your admission we now have both candidates not delivering on a promise."

skud, it's really painful to read your comments. You apparently don't know the difference between an announcement of a vp pick by a candidate (which has been postponed to next week, BTW) and a PROMISE by a presidential candidate AND A PRESIDENT on a vital, life-saving piece of legislation.

They are NOT the same things. That you have no understanding of this is, again, a symptom of your Trump virus. You actually respond with a "bothsiderism" to two completely unrelated matters. The postponement of an announcement of a running mate will not affect any American's life or death situation. You may want to sit down and think about how silly your attempt at smearing Biden is in your comment.

skud: "I believe ALL politicians lie and are incompetent."

What a horrible and cynical way to live. The definition of a cynic is someone who knows the price of everything and the value of nothing. I'm sorry for you. Just because your political party has elected to office someone like Trump, it doesn't mean there are no honorable people serving in government.

This is what Trumpism has done to you.

skudrunner said...

I leave my blinders off so I can see the whole picture. Part of that is why I am an independent and I do look for something redeemable in politicians but what do they do that could not be done bu a CEO and board of directors. They all come into office with good ideas with a little money. After a few years they are all millionaires bowing to their party heads raising money so they can keep their jobs and make more millions.