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Monday, October 5, 2020

The Super-Spreader Trump Administration


"Trump downplayed the mortality, downplayed risk to young adults, downplayed risk to children, downplayed how it spreads, downplayed mask effectiveness/importance, and downplayed how many get sick and suffer chronic illness." --Eric Feigle

Tested Positive

J. Trump
Adviser to Trump
Assistant to the President
R.N.C. chairwoman
Senator of Utah
Senator of North Carolina
Trump campaign manager
John I.
University of Notre Dame president
White House press secretary

Tested Negative

Amy Coney
Joseph R.
Biden Jr.


Dave Miller said...

Former Congressional Candidate DeAnna Lorraine asked this...

"Does anyone else find it odd that no prominent Democrats have had the virus but the list of Republicans goes on and on?”

Then, the Captain of the HMS Mothership asked this...

"Seems to be only Republicans getting the virus, by the way. THOUGHTS?"

Max Boot had this to say about those types of comments and questions... "You would consider that odd only if you also consider it odd that people who wear seat belts are more likely to survive car accidents or that those who jump out of airplanes with parachutes are more likely to reach the ground intact than those who don’t."

Then he added...

"How could this possibly be? Perhaps — I’m spitballing here — it is related to the Republican Party’s rejection of science, its embrace of conspiracy theories and its transformation into a cult of personality? Having long been in denial about climate change, the Republican Party this year has also been in denial about the novel coronavirus."

What more can we add? When people are asking why Dems are not getting Covid at the same level as Republicans who attended a GOP Super Spreader event, with no masks, defied debate rules requiring masks and go against medical doctors and experts advice, how indeed?

Simple facts...the president has mocked people, including Joe Biden, for wearing masks. His campaign, as Trump was in the hospital for Covid, also mocked Biden. His family refused a request from doctors to wear a mask at the debate, even though they had agreed to the rules to do so. The White House knew Hope Hicks had been sick and had tested positive and had been around the president. Yet with full knowledge, chose to risk the health of donors for a political fundraiser.

Now we can say that perhaps, those poor saps at the trump event should have known what was coming and that they made a choice. But on Sunday, it got worse. That's when President Trump willfully put the lives of two Secret Service agents a risk for a "One Flew Over the Cuckoo's Nest" photo op day trip. Those agents had no choice.

They had to obey.

What kind of person willingly does that?

Why are only Republicans getting Covid? Indeed... why?

Because they are acting stupidly.

Rational Nation USA said...

Boot is spot on. So are you Dave.

The folks of trump's republican party are nothing but scared little people that see their cherished prejudices being shattered. Unable to grasp what is happening and why they entrench themselves in the failed and discredited practices of the past. With their heads in the sand they fight right and progress with a vengence. In all honesty these folks are a lot like the folks of The Dark Ages.

Not Chris Hemsworth said...

Aussie here, just checking out how you guys are getting on. It looks like your psychotic president is all amped up on meth and ready for the final purge of the fatherland? Mainly checking in to see whether your country has started a nuclear war yet. On the positive side, cases in Australia are so low that we can pretty much go about our usual business.

Dave Miller said...

Not Chris... Aren't you guys a little like New Zealand as it relates to Covid? Both of your countries seem to be shining stars in managing it.

Here, there is no business as usual we can go back to for a few months.

Rational Nation USA said...

If trump is reelected it might be years. Really. trump IS that bad.

Clearwater, Florida said...

Trump is an affront to humanity and every deity.

Sure, do not be afraid of Covid, if you feed at the taxpayer trough and are served by a phalanx of physicians with medicines and drugs only for you 24/7.
And, for all this service you never considered Americans who died. You talked secretly to an author about Covid but did nothing to harness the power and wealth of the US to defeat this virus.

There are no words to describe this monster but only one way to put him away. Vote overwhelmingly for Biden and every Democrat.

Shaw Kenawe said...

“Trump will be more maniacal than usual for 10 days after Saturday, when he started dexamethasone. That means, if he is not rehospitalized by then, he'll either have a massive steroid crash starting 10/16, or will have to stay doped up (and get crazier by the day) until election.”
— Kurt Eichenwald

Infidel753 said...

Yep. Reality is reality. it isn't affected by whether people believe in it or not. This thing mowing down Republicans but not Democrats is a classic case of natural selection in action.

Anonymous said...

I don't think Trump will win this time...I just don't. Too much Soros, too much Silicon Valley, a billion Biden TV ads, media working hard against him, etc etc. And I think liberals will have the element of surprise we won't have when America becomes something other than they'd hoped for. If they'd ONLY educate themselves before voting :-(

Anonymous said...

Greetings Shaw and Fellow Posters:

Long have I tried to understand the Conservative mindset. Apart from the sane folks such as the aforementioned Max Boot or George Will, Conservatives seem possessed of a mass hysteria or more aptly, a persecution complex. They seem to have a visceral need to reject anyone whom they perceive as "Elites" or those they have labeled as subversives...those trying to destroy their way of life. The consequences of this are not only the rejection of science but a radical alteration of what has always been accepted. There was a time in this country when facts were backed by verifiable data. Now per Kelly Anne Conway, we have "alternative facts" where truth is not subject to scrutiny but merely asserted. We all tend to shop around for mental constructs that suit us but it seems to me, conservatives have raised this to an entirely new level, hence the hostility toward Climate Change, the recent response to COVID-19, etc....Of course another effect is outright rejection of the news media with the exceptions of Fox/OAN. So what do they trust? A heavy reliance on the internet and social media. Sad to say, the internet is a veritable sewer of disinformation, toxic memes and conspiracy theories. Because of this people can now with impunity hide behind their computer screens, and become totally radicalized and immerse themselves in echo chambers of lies and deceit. Long gone is the day where issues are discussed civilly and with a modicum of grace and respect. For these reasons I seldom post and when I do its anonymously. Anyway, pardon my long write. Thanks for listening....

bluzdude said...

No, Anon, the rich Dems are but a blip on our collective consciousness. The Big Difference is the gap between what Trump says he'll do and what actually happens. We have 4 years of evidence now, so people can make a truly educated decision.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, You are to be applauded for your efforts to show the sell guy as saint swell guy keeps up the mantra "Not one member of the Obama administration in eight years was indicted or went to jail"

Have you given consideration that maybe that is not a good thing. He had a SS who slept through the murder of four Americans and received praise from him. He had a national security advisor who lied to the American people for several weeks about a video she knew didn't excite anyone, he congratulated her on a job well done. He had AG who sold guns to terrorists resulting in the death of a US agent, an executive order was issued keeping him from being charged. The only thing he did for blacks was to employ the black panthers to watch pooling places.

Granted no one was charged but maybe that is just to keep his records clean not because they didn't do anything wrong.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... the first anonymous post, at 7:39am is a cut and paste of the words of the Captain of the HMS Mothership.

Skud... we're four years removed from the Obama Admin. When, as conservatives asked of liberals after the GW Bush Admin, do you move on? Everyone here has acknowledged that Obama was not perfect, made errors and didn't get everything right. People such as yourself, with contrary views get to post here, a privilege not afforded most of us at many conservative blogs.

Let me say this about the people who died in Libya. As Donald Trump has said, they knew the danger when they signed up. The consulate was attacked and a mob overrun the place. Their deaths were tragic. But the GOP investigated the He*l out of that event and found no wrongdoing by HRC or anyone else. Certainly there were problems and missteps, but no criminal activity was found by anyone in the Republican party.

At what point should conservatives accept the reality from their own people?

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Not one member of the Obama administration in eight years was indicted or went to jail"

Have you given consideration that maybe that is not a good thing."

There you have it, friends of P.E., a Trumper who actually believes that it is NOT a good thing that the Obama administration went 8 years without an indictment or any of its people going to jail.

skud also cannot get over THE FACT that a Republican Congressional committee found "NO WRONG DOING" with the Secy. of State. Mistakes, yes, but "NO WRONG DOING."

Yet this GOP supporter cannot let that go. Cannot stomach the fact that the Obama administration, a Democratic president, had NO SCANDALS, NO INDICTMENTS, NO FELONS.

Obviously this enrages folks like skud and his comfreres. Their hatred of Mr. Obama overrides the facts that he had a clean, uncorrupt EIGHT YEARS, as opposed to the corrupt, felonious Trump administration in 3 1/2 years. Pathetic.

skud and folks like him are the reason Trump has held onto the presidency as long as he has.

Let us hope that more Americans come to their senses and kick the corrupt and insane Trump and his administration to the gutter on Nov. 3, where he and it belongs.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Not Chris from Australia, Welcome to P.E. Thanks for the input. Many of us here in non-Trumpian America are as confused as our friends in Australia. We recognize that Trump has made us the laughing stock of the world, and at the same time pity us. We may get some relief in November if the sane voters among us do the right thing!

Clearwater, to be fair, Trump's been saturated with dexamethasone, a powerful steroid that impairs judgement. Doctors have said they wouldn't let someone on dexamethasone sign any documents, never mind run a country!

Infidel753 I've wondered when a Trumper would speculate on why Trumpers are getting hit with the Rona more than the Dems. They didn't disappoint. Trumpers always go for the conspiracy theory over scientific fact: The fact that Trumpers followed a maniac who told them wearing masks and social distancing was for wussies. Covid has the last laugh.

Anon @7:43: "They [Trumpers] seem to have a visceral need to reject anyone whom they perceive as "Elites..." Apparently person who lived in golden towers with golden toilets, owns his own jet planes, golf courses, and exclusive clubs, and who grew up and lived his entire life on the "elitist east coast" is not an "Elite" as long as he tells them he's "one of them." Hilarious! Trump literally is the Snake Oil Salesman to his cultists.

bluzdude Apparently Trump's cultists have forgotten his promise to make Mexico pay for a wall (where is it?), and his promise to repeal and replace Obamacare with a beautiful and better and cheaper health care plan (where is it). Also he promised to "Make America Great Again!" Think of where we are today vis-a-vis 4 years ago: 200,000 Americans dead because of his incompetence, unemployment at an all-time high, job losses, etc. He spoke about "American Carnage" at his inaugural address, and he DELIVERED IT IN 3 1/2 years!

Dave, thanks for that heads-up. I wondered who that "Anon" was. Makes sense now. As for skud in his relentless caviling about President Obama, I'm sure he continues to bitch about a scandal-free president and his administration is the only way for him and his friends to deal with the crime-ridden present administration.

Skud and his friends willfully refuse to see reality. My daughter called me this AM. She lives in San Clemente, CA, and has a colleague she works with who is a Trump supporter. During her break, this colleague spoke with my daughter about last weeks debate and complained about Chris Wallace because, as this woman said to my daughter, "Wallace didn't stop Biden from constantly interrupting Trump." Those are her words. It's difficult to believe, but Trumpers ABSOLUTELY DO live in an alternate reality. My daughter said she had not response to this other woman, and politely told her, this wasn't something they should discuss.

Also, this past weekend, a close friend of my daughter was waiting at a cafe for her date who was supposed to meet her at this cafe in San Clemente (Orange County, btw, Trump territory). Her date was an African American gentleman who found himself having to walk past a sidewalk filled with Trump supporters carrying flags and placards. As he passed these people, they yelled at him, using the "N" word, and screamed he should "go back to Africa."

My daughter's friend was shaken, as was her date. This is what Trump has done to America and what people like skud choose to ignore so they can change the subject and impugn and slander Barack Obama.

The sooner we get rid of Trump, the healthier and saner our country will be.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... Orange County, CA is the cradle of Reaganism. Historically conservative and the birthplace of CPAC. But we've seen cracks in the last few elections. It's not the red wall it once was, so hopefully those incidents you mentioned, and that both my wife and I have experienced [remember So Cal is where we are from] will be much less prevalent as we move forward.

Last note, at least on this thread, on Skud... he focused on what he and many other conservatives believe was the preventable death of 4 Americans in Libya. I get it. Anytime an American dies for seemingly preventable reasons or causes, we should be troubled.

The question is why the GOP and people like Skud do not have the same passion for sending the current president to jail for his role in the death and sickness of countless Americans as they do for the four people dead because of the attack on our consulate under Obama. Isn't more than 200K dead a bit more then 4?

Even Senator John Cornyn of Texas, no liberal namby pamby has finally recognized that Trump "got out over his skis" and "let his guard down".