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Wednesday, October 14, 2020

Where are all the Trumpers who were cheering on...


Trump and the DoJ over his nonsensical "OBAMAGATE!" which he tweeted about for weeks, promising arrests and the jailing of President Obama, Joe Biden, and Hillary for the "worst political scandal in the history of America!" 

Where are those people who were waiting for the report from the DoJ on the "unmasking" scandal that Trump promised?

I'd like to know where they are because I have news for them:

Washington Post: Trump-hyped investigation into Obama officials concludes without charges

"The Justice Department’s probe into whether officials in the Obama administration engaged in improper “unmasking” of members of the Trump administration came to a close recently, and federal prosecutors found that no substantive wrongdoing took place, the Washington Post reported on Tuesday. 

The revelation appears to be a clear setback for "President" Donald Trump and his Republican supporters in Congress, many of whom had echoed the president’s claims that unlawful “spying” on his campaign constituted “Obamagate”—the worst scandal in U.S. political history. 

Unmasking is an intelligence community term which refers to the common practice of revealing the identity of someone on a monitored communication, usually to provide intelligence officials with more context of the information.

"The US attorney tasked by Attorney General William Barr to review instances of "unmasking" -- the practice of releasing the names of American citizens who are caught up in National Security Agency foreign intelligence reports -- done around the 2016 election has completed the probe without bringing any charges, people familiar with the matter told The Washington Post. 

 While Republicans for months have hyped the Obama-era unmasking requests as an enormous scandal, John Bash found no evidence of substantive wrongdoing in his investigation, which has concluded without a public report, the Post said. Bash left his role with the Justice Department last week. 

The Justice Department declined to comment to CNN about the report. The quiet end to the probe caps a months-long effort that added the weight of a senior federal prosecutor behind an issue that President Donald Trump had seized on to underpin unfounded allegations about former President Barack Obama."

Trump's unceasing blubbering about "OBAMAGATE!" has come to nothing. No charges, no arrests. Nothing.

Trump made a lot of noise, demanded the Justice Department investigate it, then tweeted week after week about the his fantasy of throwing the previous president and his secretary of state in jail. Outrageous!

This was all about appeasing the wannabe dictator and his cultists, and it came to NOTHING! Just like BENGHAZI! A waste of time and money to appease the paranoid Covid Super Spreader in the Oval Office.



Dave Miller said...

This was so HUGE that it was perhaps the BIGGEST PRESIDENTIAL SCANDAL ever in the history of the presidency.

Shaw, don't think any of the extremists will see this as exoneration, or evidence of innocence.

Because they will continue to live in their fantasy unbelief a faith in a non existent "deep state."

I have no idea how you defeat a belief that is so stubbornly rooted in observably false ideas.

Ducky's here said...

So this is why Barr has been out of sight for a time.

I thought he might be COVID positive. Didn't dream he'd steamed off Gold Toilet Boy.

Rational Nation USA said...

Perhaps even Barr has limits as to how far afoul of the truth he is willingto go. trump has absoluely NO bouderies he is unwilling to cross to acheive his ends.

And Dave, you can't defeat willing ignorance. And trumpers have an abundance of willful ignorance.

skudrunner said...

Everything is a bomb shell until it isn't. The latest biden email scandal will fade into nothingness as did the email scandal with -H-. Trump is the first politician in decades where the opposition truly hates him. Normally they just argue with each other in public just before they go out for a drink together.

You three, I include Ms Shaw, are the smart liberal minds on this site so can you tell me why botox nan is holding up any stimulus package. She didn't get what she wanted so make the working class suffer. I thought she was for the working class at least that is what she has said. At this point nothing will help trump so what is her reason.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... maybe she's like Mitch and doesn't give a hoot about anything other than winning. Besides, it matters not what she does, Mitch can't bring the GOP Senate along on anything.

After a spate of drunkin' sailor spending under Trump, they're starting to revert to form and cry about the deficit now that it looks like a Dem will win.

That's a swell bunch of guys you conservatives seem to love.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... as for bombshells, only the GOP and Fox News watchers considered either of the stories you referenced anything above a yawn. Because there was never any evidence of a crime.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dear Skud,


possumlady said...

Two weeks ago, the House passed a $2.2 trillion package that would include $1,200 stimulus checks, $600 per week in enhanced unemployment benefits, more than $400 billion in aid for pandemic-devastated state and local governments, and nearly $300 billion for education and child care. Pelosi (D-Calif.) has done her job.
But McConnell (R-Ky.) refuses even to bring that bill up for consideration. He's far too busy rushing Supreme Court nominee Amy Coney Barrett through the confirmation process to worry about the millions of Americans who have neither jobs nor prospects — and will slide into poverty unless more help arrives.

skudrunner said...

Like I said Ms Shaw if there is or isn't is not going to change a thing. If this were trump's emails it would be covered in all the media and go on for months but because it is the other side, nothing here we don't even need to look further. Accusers of inappropriate actions are not going to be believed because it was only one and she is not important.

It's over and the ballots have been cast so at this point what difference does it make, that came from a former famous person.

Grey One talks sass said...

skudrunner, please check the batteries in your brain - I fear you are running on a negative charge.

You said "Accusers of inappropriate actions are not going to be believed because it was only one and she is not important."

Say her name skud. Her name is Tara Reade. Tara is an unfortunate female whose story changed with each telling and deserving of empathy. She had her chance, she made her claims which were then investigated and found to be lacking in evidence. What Tara said happened when it happened couldn't have... no witnesses to back her up, the physics of her story did not match reality...

So - what step wasn't taken to verify Tara's story? I mean, you can't even say her name but this is not the first (nor will it be the last) time you've used her to slam Joe Biden. So I want to know - what steps were skipped? What scientific process was not employed?

skud, MGTOW's like you sure do sling a lot of poop. Trumpanzee is an appropriate moniker for you.

As for the email bruhaha, there are twitter feeds dedicated to picking apart the issues with Guiliani's story. Fantastic reading to be honest. From the photoshopped logo to computer repair techs weighing in on the amount of time it takes to wade through data so they'd just wipe a hard drive clean (which isn't where emails are stored according to another thread) so.... The emails are another disinfo campaign willingly spread by the cronies of LDN.

We The People have much work to do to clean up our nation.

Grey One talks sass said...

I forgot to say hello Shaw! I saw the feces skud was spreading and I had to reply. It's the cleaner in me.

I do love how everything LDN touches dies - like his investigation into career civil servants, his attempt to derail the last debate, and his handling of COVID-19. It's almost as if he's his own worst enemy.

Oh wait, based on karma reports, he is his own worst enemy! Grins.

So Shaw, hopefully your fall is filled with family and good foods and beautiful scenes of the leaves turning from green to the bouquet of fall. Love indeed is all we need, even if it's not always enough.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Grey One talks sass:

"So Shaw, hopefully your fall is filled with family and good foods and beautiful scenes of the leaves turning from green to the bouquet of fall. Love indeed is all we need, even if it's not always enough."

Thank you for your good wishes, Grey One, and for putting our friend, skud, straight. Tara Reid did indeed have her chance to prove what she said Biden did to her, and nothing came of it.

Skud likes to forget that there is actually only one accusation of sexual assault, compared with Trump's dozens. Women have come forth saying Biden hugged them without their permission, and Biden apologized for that. Hugging a woman and violently sexually assaulting a woman are not the same.

Skud apparently doesn't understand that. I am of a certain age where when I was in the workplace, it was common for men in higher positions to comment on my clothing, my hair, my body, etc., and even have those men give me unsolicited hugs. That's how it was in the bad old days when men felt women's looks and bodies were their property to comment on and touch as they desired. Biden is of that generation as well, but he now understands how that was never appropriate, and it is now inappropriate. Make no mistake, though, I know lots of men who still disagree, and feel that talking about women's bodies, their clothing choices, and even "hugging" them are all just being friendly. That mentality is what I file under "white male privilege." (And yes, I did work within a company with Arican-American males, and I never was "hugged" nor did they ever talk about my personal appearance.)

This holiday season, I'll not be seeing my children, who all live out of state. Because of the spike in Covid, they and I believe it is more prudent for me to stay put. I will, however, not be alone. Since Mr. Shaw Kenawe passed away 3 years ago, I've met a charming, attractive gentleman who immigrated to the US from England years ago to attend a certain university in Cambridge, Mass. He and I have formed a beautiful companionship and share so many things in common, not the least is my love of almost all things British (even though my heritage is Italian!)

Sometimes when one least expects it, something wonderful happens in life. I count myself lucky to have met this wonderful man.

Sending you my best wishes and hoping you stay safe and healthy.


Dave Miller said...

Reading the exchange between Shaw and Sass was so encouraging. Heartfelt, true and hopeful.

Blessings to both of you, you've made the world, and my day better, even in the midst of our collective chaos.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "If this were trump's emails it would be covered in all the media and go on for months but because it is the other side,"

There is no proof whatsoever that anything reported about those emails is factual. Not one thing. You would like rumors and defamation to be considered factual so long as it's against the Bidens? Well, that's not going to happen.

We are tired of Trump and his enablers pushing lies, rumors, and disinformation.

In his ridiculous townhall last night Trump claimed he knew nothing about QAnon, then in the same breath said they were against pedophilia. How did he know that if he said he knew NOTHING about them? (Trump can't keep his lies straight, can he.) Trump refused to denounce QAnon, just like he couldn't bring himself to denounce the White Supremacist terrorists "Proud Boys" at the last debate. Why is that? What is it about Trump that he cannot bring himself to condemn those people?

Maybe it's because they're part of his base.

Anonymous said...

Comment seen on the Mother Ship:

peter3nj? "Savannah, too bad Sherman didn’t pillage, rape and burn her down."

It's supposta be a double meaning cuz Sherman didn't burn down Savannah like he did Atlanta, but we know the twisted, murderous souls of Trumpers like the person above, would have liked to see Savannah Guthrie raped and burned because she did a good job by not letting President Dotard get away with his usual b.s.

The person who wrote that is probably a very religious Evangelical Trumper. And he fantasized about raping and burning a woman who was doing her job.

And the woman who runs that blog sez: "Peter..well put." So she likes the idea of raping and burning Savannah Guthries too for doing her job.

Nice Christian people on that Ship of Fools, eh?

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @12:38

I'm not surprised. That's the same blog that advocated for the assassination of President Obama a few years ago and left that comment up.

It's no wonder they support Trump. Trump supports violence, and they have no problem with him on that.

Ray Cranston said...

Or maybe that guy who wished for Savannah to be raped and burned was thinking of this and it pissed him off?

Stephanie Kennedy

Trump blew off the debate w/ Biden thinking he’d be in charge & call the shots. Tough guy took the town hall. Back to his old stomping grounds at NBC, expecting a warm welcome & a campaign infomercial. The town hall turned into a cookout. Savannah Guthrie grilled Trump to a crisp.

skudrunner said...

Grey one, "We The People have much work to do to clean up our nation."
It is unfortunate that neither candidate is capable of this.
Dr. Ford was guilty of the same thing you accuse Ms Reade of doing. Change dates, change locations and not even sure it was Kavanaugh. The big difference is both women were devout democrats. One had an agenda and one had a story. One was marginalized and one resulted in a lengthy hearing.

I agree that we are in a different time. I was raised to respect everyone and if a women looked nice it was OK to tell compliment her. Now you better not say anything to a women because they may be offended, sad.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Dr. Ford was guilty of the same thing you accuse Ms. Reade of doing." And what exactly was that?

Sorry, skud, but as Dave Miller would say, you have no standing on this issue, since I read exactly nothing from you about the women who accused Donald Trump when he first started his campaign for the presidency. You never mentioned any of the accusations against him by any of the women, so one has to conclude that only when Democrats get accused do you show any contempt for the person being accused, q.v. Joe Biden; but never Donald Trump. You apparently believe the one woman, Tara Reade, but ignored the 20+ Trump accusers.

This is why so many of us on this blog don't take your concern about this issue seriously, except as a way of besmirching Joe Biden.

Tara Reade's accusation has been examined and has been found to be questionable. If you're really that concerned about it, here's a piece of reporting that goes into detail about Ms. Reade and her reputation as someone who makes things up.

"Meanwhile, the reporting on Reade’s overall credibility has had results beyond the question of what may have happened between her and Biden. CNN’s reporters, for instance, found that Antioch University denied Reade’s claims that she had received a Bachelor of Arts degree from the school and that she had been a visiting professor there.

On Thursday, the New York Times further reported that public defenders in California were seeking to challenge convictions in which Reade had been an expert witness based on the possible falsification of her credentials. In addition to allegedly misrepresenting her educational background, Reade also told courts that she was a “legislative assistant” in Biden’s staff, when in fact she had been a more junior staff assistant. In at least one case, public defenders had raised objections to Reade’s testimony because of skepticism that she was qualified to be an expert, the Times reported, but were overruled by the judge in the case. Reade once testified in court that she had been an expert witness in more than 20 cases. Attorneys in some of those cases are now seeking to challenge convictions on the basis of Reade’s apparent false statements about her credentials."

One wonders why Ms. Reade misrepresented herself and as a result placed in jeaopardy those cases where she lied about being an expert witness.

She sounds like someone who has problems that need deep psychological therapy to find out why she does that sort of destructive lying.

Rational Nation USA said...

Yawn, Yawn, Yawn, and so it goes with skud.

I'll give skud this... he sure is expert at getting responses to his continually redundant points. Bravo skud! You must be having great fun.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, you always make it about trump and seldom the topic which is joey. You are a smart women and know what I was referring to. Dr. Ford had many memory lapses like who, what, where and when but they held a hearing for days. Ms. Reade had some of the same issues but crickets. So much for the women's movement and women's lives matter.
Even joey said women are to be believed unless they are accusing me.