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Thursday, July 21, 2022



Just so you understand, the Trumpublican Party isn't interested in keeping abortions rare. Here's proof below.

And can someone tell me why Trumpublicans would NOT want to keep birth control legal? What would their reasons be for that? 

The GQP continues to be the Party of NO! They have no policies and no values. The only thing they're FOR is arming public school teachers so they can face down shooters with AR-15s -- something even the armed police in Ulvalde, Texas, wouldn't do.

We just voted to keep birth control legal in America and 96% of republicans voted no. 96%!


skudrunner said...

We need to quit bickering about a president who has been out of office for over 18 months and will most likely go to trial we need to pull together and wish Biden a quick recovery from his bout with Covid. Even though he has the best care available at his age he is still very vulnerable.

Anonymous said...

The goddamn state has absolutely no business screwing with the personal lives of people (women specificalky in this case) who are in reality sovereign.

Anyone who doesn't grasp the fact the party of no is really all about total control of our personal lives is either not paying attention, not in touch with reality, or are themselves control freaks.

We're backsliding fast with respect to our civil liberties. If the rethuglican thugs eventually have their way will be aligned with Russia, and the Taliban.

Dave Dubya said...

Hillary was grossly understating it.

“Just be grossly generalistic, you could put half of Trump’s supporters into what I call the basket of deplorables. Right?”

Almost 40% of our country and 70% of Republicans are in the "Big Lie" cult.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Skud, Pres. Biden is doing fine.

As for your dismissive comment on Trump: Trump committed crimes while in office. He needs to face justice for doing that.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, He is facing justice and will be convicted if there is enough evidence other than the show hearings.

Hopefully President Biden will be fine but with Covid and cancer together combined with his advanced years he needs to be careful.

Anonymous said...

Remember "Lock her up!"? Well, hopefully we'll witnes poetic justice soon.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, I see you repeated what the right wing noise machine has been churning out.

That "show hearings" remark is curious. Every single witness that's come forward under oath has been a Republican either of a state where Trump lied about the vote count or an aide who worked directly with Trump and even the lawyer for the Office of the Presidency, Cipillone, for example. You definition of the hearings as "show" is EXACTLY how the FAUX NOOZ folks and devoted Trumper describe the utterly damning testimonies from Trump's OWN PEOPLE, HIS OWN REPUBLICAN staff and lawyers.

As to you remark on Joe Biden having cancer. Some research on it would have shown you what he was talking about:

"Glenn Kessler, a Washington Post journalist quote-tweeted the RNC Research tweet to say "How dumb is this tweet? Check out Biden's medical report. Before he became president, he'd had non-melanoma skin cancers removed. Has no one at @RNCResearch ever had this common procedure?"

Kessler is an editor and writer of The Fact Checker, according to the Washington Post website."

Almost everyone I know of Irish heritage (including my late husband) has had some sort of non-melanoma skin cancers removed.

Note that President Biden, unlike Trump, has not had to be hospitalized because of COVID.

Les Carpenter said...

But, but, but... don't you know, they aren't REAL republicans. They're RINOS. LOL!!

The gop is no longer a legitimate political party. Its a deluded band of malcontents with a dangerous authoritarian ideology feeding it.

As long as it exists on its current obstructionist path nothing will get done for America and ALL its people.

Should America actually be foolish enough to put the malcontents and ruffians back in full control of all the levels of the federal government they WILL see our civil liberties and heretofore assured personal freedoms slowly and steadily evaporate before their eyes.

Skud is a sheeple bleating the conservative narative in fealty to the masters of disaster at the pinnacle of America's anti democracy party.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, It is given that trump was negligent in his actions after the election and some of his actions were criminal in nature. He should be indicted and tried for his actions. It is up to our legal system to process action on him if any. To have endless hearings on this is ridiculous but it gives joe at MSDNC something to do. If the trial goes on as long as the hearing trump will be to old to serve any time.

You dismiss the cancer claim as nothing which if it was nothing why did biden make it an issue during his save the world speech. If he is such a proponent of wind generation why doesn't delaware have wind turbines. After all he was a senator from there for in excess of 40 years. Trump may be evil but he is not a hypocrite like joe biden.

Are the next hearing going to be about the sitting president selling influence so his son will profit and will msnbc devote full time covering it.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... as it relates to care for women, the GOP mostly believes sex should only happen within a male/female marriage. Two consenting adults, of the opposite sex.

And it is within that relationship that together, they can make the decision as to birth control, children, sex, etc.

And then in their Disneyland world, there would be no need for singles to need birth control or anyone to ever need an abortion. Because only married ppl, committed to having kids, would be having sex.

And with no abortion, or birth control options available, youngsters will be scared away from having sex, because the fear of the girl getting pregnant outside of marriage will scare them into keeping their pants on.

The fact that their fantasy does not align with reality doesn't seem to matter.

BTW Skud, thank you for your concern for Pres. Biden.