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Sunday, July 24, 2022




Les Carpenter said...

It will take years for the effects of the con and its destabilizing results to completely wane. If ever.

This nation and its political, cultural, and economic realities were fundamentally changed in grossly negative ways by Trump and his party. Unlike President Obama, whom the republicans/cons said would fundamentally change America, Trump and the party of T did. What they were doing when accused President Obama of fundamentally changing America wa projecting their own desires and intentions.

skudrunner said...

Only in the minds of the deranged right wingers and liberals. Moderate republicans and independents have moved on from trump because his ideas were good for the country but his actions were not. He will remain in the spotlight until the leftist media has something else to focus on then he will disappear, probably behind bars.

Dave Miller said...

Skud... help me out. I can define and have in the past, who I think are the deranged left wingers.

But can you define, or share what policies a deranged right winger would hold or promote?

It would be doing us lefties a real service.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Moderate republicans and independents have moved on from trump because his ideas were good for the country but his actions were not."?

Trump's good ideas for the country? You mean like the permanent tax cuts for the 1% and that for the middle class those tax cuts will end? You mean that huge gift to the billionaires?

You mean like the wall at the border that Mexico will build and pay for? (Just this weekend at one of Trump's pathetic ego rallies, he claimed that he finished the wall! And his cult cheered and clapped without understanding that Trump's claim was another one of his colossal lies!)

You mean like the promise of a better and cheaper health care law and the repeal of Obamacare that never happened?

You mean like how he mishandled the COVID pandemic here in the country, telling Americans it would be gone by the 2021 spring, and his suggestion that perhaps injecting bleach into the body would kill the virus? You mean that?

You said Trump's ideas were good for the country. I've listed some of his BIGLY ideas, and we could argue that they were stupid and unachievable, and even harmful for America.

Trump will remain in the spotlight because of his plotting to overturn an election and have his own vice president killed! Trump is a traitor to America. Millions of us will never forget what he tried to do.

And those who still support him need to do some serious self-reflection on why they so eagerly followed him and believed his destructive lies and actions.

HINT: Look to what happened in Germany in the 1930s for some answers.

Here's a frightening look at what Trump and his minions had planned for America. Read it and understand the menace to our country and its democratic ideals that he is.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, Thanks for agreeing with me that the loony right and hard core left still focus on trump. There is no argument on the criticism you pointed out. Mexico was never going to pay for the wall and it is still much needed. More people in the US died from covid in 2021 than previous year and that was under biden. The world was at peace, Inflation was controlled, we were energy independent china was less of a threat as was russia/ NKO/ iran. Small business owners and the middle class was not under attack but he didn't do anything to stop the riot in one city so I agree with you.

Les Carpenter said...

It is apparent skud your soft spot for Trump and the Trumpublican party has so deeply clouded your reasoning that you fail to see, or admit, that the seeds planted by, nurtured by, and then when ripe called to action by Trump caused the J6 2021 insurection. And the call to hang VP Pence.

If your reasoning is that all those folks trashing the Capitol (as well as those those who believed the big lie but weren't at the Capitol) are going to somehow miraculously flip their support for Trump's anti democratic pro authoritarian views you really need to rethink your position. Beause that is not going to happen. Just because Trump will eventually disappear (HURRAY) does not mean those who supported his brand of belligerence/ (bullying) will discontinue doing so.

What Trump unleashed will be a threat for years to come. Maybe until this planet ceases to support life as we now know it. After all, their hero laughed at global warming and need for alternative energy sources to fossilr fuel.

Anonymous said...

History has already spoken to all those evil traits beyond the evil of Trump. Trump does not even come close to the evil cult leaders of the past and he has not set a new high of evil leadership.

Dave Dubya said...

Who are these so-called "moderate Republicans"? And what makes them "moderates"?

Defending the Constitution by voting for his impeachment and investigating his coup are as close to moderate as they have been in last 5 years. Mighty few meet that mark.

And they always refused to compromise with Dems, voting in lock-step with Trump.

Maybe you think Trump was a moderate Republican?

Dave Dubya said...

Skud's downplaying of the 1/6 hearings and the investigation of Trump's coup shows a flippant dismissal of our Constitutional crisis at the edge of fascism.

Trump goes down, or it all goes down. Either way, his fascist cult will continue to infect our country. These are the stakes.

A big "Ho, hum", for the Right.

Howard Brazee said...

The true disaster was the normalization of the Trumpists.