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Tuesday, July 5, 2022



"The Republican Party platform: Government mandated pregnancies for 10-year-olds."

A child in Ohio who was raped and is forced to carry pregnancy because of the anti-R v W trigger laws and has to travel to neighboring state to obtain an abortion. 

This is real.

If it happened once, it will happen again.

Forced pregnancies for children who've been raped is a crime against humanity, IMO.

I don't recognize America anymore.


Infidel753 said...

Well, if the Republicans are going to enact these kinds of laws, they have to expect stories like this to be pinned on them. Such consequences were 100% foreseeable. They asked for it. Now let them try to justify it to the voters.

Anonymous said...

A new generation voted for different leadership. Let's see how long they can live with what they created.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... welcome back!

As for the recent events in Ohio, let's not leave out some of the details...

Ohio law allows abortions up to 6 weeks. This little girl found out she was pregnant at 6 weeks and 3 days. 3 extra days. But the law could find no room for grace in an era of strict textualism.

The judge who heard the appeal to allow an abortion to move forward stated that the girl and the family should see this as an opportunity to turn something bad into something good.

The girl's family eventually went to Indiana to get an abortion from a doctor there.

But the GOP and the "Right to Life" movement, under the guise of Christian Nationalism is moving to make that illegal in Ohio already and many other states. Here's what Katherine Stewart, a writer on Christian Nationalism had to say in a recent NY Times article...

Movement leaders have also made it clear that the target of their ongoing offensive is not just in-state abortion providers, but what they call “abortion trafficking” — that is, women crossing state lines to access legal abortions, along with people who provide those women with services or support, like cars and taxis. Mrs. Youman hailed the development of a new “long-arm jurisdiction” bill that offers a mechanism for targeting out-of-state abortion providers. “It creates a wrongful death cause of action,” she said, “so we’re excited about that.”

And it won't end here.

Many in the GOP have signaled their desire to target other rights granted by the SCOTUS interpretations of the Constitution over the years. Those rights include a right for women to access birth control [Griswold], gay people to marry [Obergefell], people to decide how to have sex [Lawrence] and people to marry interracially [Loving].

All of those rights have been challenged by sitting US Senators and/or a sitting SCOTUS judges who implored people to bring cases to the court to overturn those rights.

Adding in a probable challenge to laws setting aside the Lochner decision, laws that opened the doors to minimum wage requirements, brought us the 8 hour work week and more, and people should be concerned.

My question is this, and conservatives seem unwilling or unable to critically think about a real answer...

Why should we be surprised when conservatives move forward on these long desired challenges and changes in American law, when they've been saying for years these are their hopes, desires and goals?

Les Carpenter said...

It's about control. And the RCC and republicans love control over peoples lies. Especialy women's lives.

2022 mid terms will be critical. However, of a groundswell of support for democratic candidates develops and the house remains democratic and the senate flips get ready for a repeat of J6 2021, or worse.

Dave Dubya said...

It's time we call Republicans who say "Democrat baby killers" what they are, "Mother Killers" and "Children Killers".

Too bad they're killing democracy in the process. Let's add "authoritarian traitors" to the list.

Dave Miller said...

Dave Dubya... I agree.

The Dems should go on the attack like the GOP does. The DNC should fully enter into the culture wars against GOP Extremism in ways they've historically resisted.

Pick an issue...

Guns? Let's say it out loud. Republican actions show they are okay with dead people, and most of all, dead children. Demand the GOP propose solutions to the gun violence in the US, or admit they believe nothing can, or should be done!

Voter Access and Registration? The RNC wants more restrictions on voting than they will ever accept on guns. Why? Because they believe dead children are an acceptable risk to ensure the right of extremists to own and have unregistered guns. But there are no limits to the restrictions we can have on voter rights. Why, because as they themselves have admitted, if more people vote, the GOP will never win an election.

Abortion? Republicans want to force childhood victims of rape and incest to carry their pregnancies to full term, regardless of the physical and mental health implications of the girl.

Jan 6? The GOP believes an attack on the US Capitol, in which over 100 US Officers suffered physical injury was just "political discourse." Ask the GOP every single day if Dems attacked the Capitol and risked the lives of Congress and Capitol officers if that too would be seen as"legitimate political discourse?" And when they say no, ask them why!

The Dems should say all of this loud and frequently. And then add that unless we expel this party from our national and state leadership, we will never move forward as a country again.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... here's more on what is coming from GOP aligned ppl as it regards abortion...

Anti Abortion activists have made it clear that the target of their ongoing anti abortion work is not just in-state abortion providers, but what they call “abortion trafficking” — that is, women crossing state lines to access legal abortions, along with the people who provide those women with services or support, like cars and taxis.

Chelsey Youman, the Texas state director and national legislative adviser to Human Coalition Action, a Texas-based anti-abortion organization with a national strategic focus makes it clear that Christian nationalists will target the pills used for medication abortions. “Our next big bill is going to make the Heartbeat Act look tame, you guys; they’re going to freak out!” she said. “It’s designed specifically to siphon off these illegal pills.”

Here's more from the National Right to Life Foundation... “The model law [we want] also reaches well beyond the actual performance of an illegal abortion,” according to text on the organization’s website. It also includes “aiding or abetting an illegal abortion,” targeting people who provide “instructions over the telephone, the internet, or any other medium of communication.”

The only way these options fall is if the SCOTUS rescinds Griswold, which gave women the right to control their own bodies in the privacy of their own homes. Back in the 1960's, that meant birth control. Something Sen Marsha Blackburn openly advocated as did SCOTUS Justice Thomas.

But make no mistake, many anti abortion leaders believe any drug or pill that disimplants a fertile egg is an abortifacient. Whether that is a birth control pill or a Plan B pill.

This is your current Republican Party. They do not support letting you live your life in the privacy of your own home. They do not support, as some express, you doing as you wish as long as you keep it private.

They are specifically pushing for legislation and laws that will allow the state to come into your home, listen to your phone conversations, follow and track your car and do whatever they deem necessary to stop you should you choose to have an abortion yourself, take your daughter who was raped to get a abortion, or abort the baby your 12 year old daughter might be carrying as a result of incest from her father, uncle, brother or other relative.

Yessir... great family values on display from the GOP.

Les Carpenter said...

The cons and religionists are simply stuck ion the reified, ignorant, and inhumane belief the RCC has promoted forever. That life begins
conception. Now, due to the present strength of the ruling minority (Our Human gods on the scotus and cons across Amerika) they have the power to play their cherished control games.

America has recently became Amerika.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, Anon, Dave D., Dave M. and RN

Forcing a 10-year-old child to carry her rapist's fetus to term is, IMO, a crime against humanity, and something we'd see in a theocracy, like in Iran or Afghanistan where women are punished, and even killed, because they were raped.

The Jewish religion has no prohibitions against abortion, AFAIK. A Jewish woman is not prohibited from seeking an abortion for whatever her reasons are. These red state trigger laws interfere with other religious practices and favor strict, orthodox CATHOLIC doctrine.

Also, there is absolutely NOTHING in any of these rulings that involves the responsibility of the male who inseminates the female child or woman and causes the pregnancy.

It abundantly obvious that these religious laws are put in place to punish girls and women. Period.

What else can explain a state that forces a child who was raped to carry the result of that rape to term? It is a crime against humanity, and a RELIGIOUS doctrine having nothing to do with American law!

Shaw Kenawe said...


Your comment was about the border not about the subject of the post. I chose not to publish it.

skudrunner said...

Don't blame you for that. It does go against the narrative of it is always the instrument not the individual.

Why the supreme court voted to turn RvW into a states rights issue is puzzling just as many of their decisions have been for decades. Why haven't the past administrations pushed it become a law is just chicken S---. There has been 50 years to turn it into a law but so is action about guns and immigration. No administration wants to take the political chance that the voter may not share their views.

Les Carpenter said...

Gosh skud, I find myself in partial agreement. Sort of.

49 years ago, when the house and senate were both somewhat reasonabe and rational the SCOTUS shoud have tossed the issue back at them to codify abortion as legislative law. They didn't. Taking the least resistive route. Now, with a minority senate calling the shots and a possible conservative flip in 2022 in the house the future of women's civil rights is very uncertain.

Persomnally I oppose abortion unless there exists circumstances that any reasonable person would accept as legitimate reason for securing an abortion. And that decision must rest with the pregnant woman. Not the gd government.

skudrunner said...

RN, If you are agreeing with me I may want to rethink my opinions.

The democrats have a majority in the house, senate and president. They had six weeks warning of what was to come yet what did they do, support the protesters. Why didn't they take that time to develop an alternative plan. Much the same with gun control, they hold all the cards yet all they want to do is blame the GOP.

At least biden spreads the excuses around, putin, oil companies, now small businesses and of course the GOP. Why doesn't the democrat majority put something up for a vote on abortion and gun control. Could it be that they don't want to be on record supporting or not supporting either one and that could be held against them. Not every democrat favors abortion and gun control and not every republican is anti both these either. Lets just let our elected elite preach from their soap box while not doing a thing to change anything.

possumlady said...

The House introduced H.R. 3755, the Women's Protection Act on June 8, 2021. It was passed by the House on September 24, 2021 when it was sent to the Senate. On February 28, 2022 there was Cloture on the motion to proceed to the measure not invoked in Senate by Yea-Nay Vote. 46 - 48. So, you can't say that the Democrats have done nothing about this. As usual, everything good dies in the Senate because of Manchin and that AZ woman (can never remember her name, and honestly don't want to).

Les Carpenter said...

Thanks for your rely skud..

Note, I said sort of. I'l leave it at that.

Les Carpenter said...

PS skud... it's the conservatives, repubs, and religionists that hold reified outdated beliefs. It is those folks who general dislike and fear change.