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Tuesday, July 19, 2022

The Trumpublican/Taliban States of America


A woman with a life-threatening ectopic pregnancy sought emergency care at the University of Michigan Hospital after a doctor in her home state worried that the presence of a fetal heartbeat meant treating her might run afoul of new restrictions on abortion. 

 At one Kansas City, Mo., hospital, administrators temporarily required “pharmacist approval” before dispensing medications used to stop postpartum hemorrhages, because they can also be also used for abortions. 

And in Wisconsin, a woman bled for more than 10 days from an incomplete miscarriage after emergency room staff would not remove the fetal tissue amid a confusing legal landscape that has roiled obstetric care. 

In the three weeks of turmoil since the Supreme Court overturned the constitutional right to abortion, many physicians and patients have been navigating a new reality in which the standard of care for incomplete miscarriages, ectopic pregnancies and other common complications is being scrutinized, delayed — even denied — jeopardizing maternal health, according to the accounts of doctors in multiple states where new laws have gone into effect.


In an interview with The Associated Press, a doctor described a patient who was miscarrying in Texas and had developed a uterine infection. She couldn’t get the necessary treatment — an immediate abortion — as long as the fetus displayed signs of life. “The patient developed complications, required surgery, lost multiple liters of blood and had to be put on a breathing machine,” The A.P. reported, all because, as the doctor said, “we were essentially 24 hours behind.”

Idaho’s Republican Party recently changed its platform to call for the criminalization of all abortions without exception.


The Trumpublican Party, has for a long time shown a callousness toward keeping people alive, notably in their refusal to give poor kids and the elderly meals, to provide free vaccines and healthcare to the indigent, insisting on "workfare" rather than welfare, even for sick workers. 

The Trumpublican Party has refused to expand Medicaid and Medicare, limiting severely needed healthcare. It HAS voted for limiting environmental protections and for allowing fracking, oil drilling and mining on Federal land and anywhere Big Oil, Big Chemistry and Big Pharma can take advantage of a poor region's population. 

The Trumpublican Party supports coal-burning factories, no limits on vehicle exhaust resulting in cancerous air pollution and global warming. Mining, fracking, drilling, and chemical and drug manufacture results in carcinogenic chemicals leeching into drinking water. So why would anyone think the Trumpists care about the welfare and health of Americans? They vote like members of a death squad. 

Their latest anti-woman/anti-child salvo is a continuation of their indifference to preserving life.

Woman are now second class citizens much like they were pre-1920. 

A majority of the Country is pro-abortion yet a minority is tearing it apart, and taking our Democratic Republic with it.

Why is the Trumpublican Party making girls and women who miscarry suffer? The answer is simple: The cruelty is the point. 

Remember in November and vote blue, your life or that of a girl or woman you care about depends on it!


Anonymous said...

The Trumpublican cult of morons has their heads so far up their posterior they've lost all connection to decency, ethics, and realty. This heretofore SECULAR nation designed by our founding fathers is turned into a theocracy by the Human Gods on the scotus and the Trumpublicans.

We are, in fact, becoming a less civilized and less free society BECAUSE of these actions and many more by Trumpublicans and the scotus.

Deal With It said...


Shaw Kenawe said...

Deal With It said...

And you appear to have very short fingys.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anonymous @9:43 AM

It's more than apparent that the TaliEvangelists are gleeful about girls and women being put in danger of losing their lives so that a collection of cells can have autonomy over them.

We women will let the Trumpublicans know our anger at the polls in November. Trumpublicans taking over Congress is no longer a slam-dunk for them now.

Dave Miller said...

States Rights...

And here I thought over 600,000 deaths pretty much settled that question.

BluebullAmerica said...

I'm pro-choice and I ALWAYS vote that way. Always. You try forcing my daughters, nieces, friends and all women into carrying a cluster of cells because your big book of fairytales about zombie Jesus, in your mind and NOT in reality, tells you that it's somehow a baby, and I'll fight you with my voice, my vote and my money until my last breath. I'm old enough to remember how horrific it was for women before Roe V Wade. I had a sweet great Aunt who lived a painful, horribly mutilated life due to a botched 'underground' abortion. I'll not sit idly by while you freaks on the radical right try to trample over women in your sick quest to out-fascism Mussolini.

Mike said...

After my wife had a miscarriage they did something called a therapeutic abortion. It was at a catholic hospital and we had to sign a form about it. (Don't remember what it said but it was relieving the hospital of any responsibility for?) Basically, it was to scrape all the leftover debris out of her uterus.
Hey, there's an idea. Change the name from abortion to uterine scrape.

Anonymous said...

Trump's latest strategy to save his ass. Win the presidency again. A president cannot be criminally charged while sitting as president.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Anon @5:29 PM.

Trump will not be president again. There is so much evidence out there about his criminality, he'll spend the rest of his miserable life fighting indictments and possible prison time.

He's toast.

Even the Trumpublican Party doesn't want him.

Good riddance to the worst thing that ever happened to our country.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Mike, I think that's called a D&C. I've had 3 miscarriages and after each one, I had a D&C as the correct medical procedure to ensure all the fetal material was removed so that there would be no infection or continued bleeding.

That a girl or woman and even their doctors would have to worry about having a normal procedure after a miscarriage for fear the uterus police would come after them, shows us where we are in this very dark, dark period of our history

This is what happens when theocracy takes over a democracy.

We have to remedy this at the polls in November.

Anonymous said...

Garland's Justice Department better indict Trump before mid terms. If he doesn't America's great experiment in self rule may be toast... and not Trump.

Anonymous said...

That is called a D&C not a uterine scrape.

Anonymous said...

One in the same anon.

Dave Miller said...

And it's not just abortion.

Stop and think about this for a few moments...

Yesterday the House voted overwhelmingly, in a Bi-partisan way to enshrine to rites of gays and interracial couples to be married in the US. Yet even with a lot of GOP support, including a few in leadership, the great majority of party members decided we didn't need a law to protect ppl in either gay, or interracial marriages. They must not have seen the members of their own party party calling for the SCOTUS to overturn the decisions that led to those rights. Or the SCOTUS judges themselves who called for there reversal.

Or they themselves want to America lose the right to choose who you marry.

Couple that with a party who has argued in the past for a strong response to China, and has supported the current bill in the Senate, but now has decided to oppose it, because the Dems want to pass a budget. The same is true for vaccinations and tax cuts for middle class families. The GOP support these policies when they can get credit, but now when a Dem is in the White House.

And now when it comes to abortion, they are even changing vocabulary. Now when a girl is raped, the abortion to end that pregnancy is no longer an abortion. It's an emergency procedure.

I guess maybe that group doesn't remember all the GOP screaming in the past that you can't change the meaning of words, like for instance, marriage.

We keep commenting and writing, but the reality is this, at least as it relates to Congress. The great majority of GOP members have no desire to govern in a multi party pluralistic democracy.

They want single party rule, by themselves, so they can set in place the theocratic government their supporters want.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave "They want single party rule, by themselves, so they can set in place the theocratic government their supporters want."

Do you ever comment on this on the Conservative blogs you visit? People like Silverfiddle claim it is the Democrats who are unreasonable and want to fundamentally change our democracy, when, it is a fact, that it is the Trumpublican Party that is on a rampage doing so.

The Hungarian dictator, Viktor Orbán will be a featured speaker here in the US at the next Trumpublican CPAC.

"Orbán's curtailing of press freedom, erosion of judicial independence and undermining of multiparty democracy, many political scientists and watchdogs consider Hungary to have experienced democratic backsliding during Orbán's tenure. Orbán's attacks on the European Union while accepting its money and funneling it to his allies and family have also led to characterizations of his government as a kleptocracy. Between 2010 and 2020, Hungary dropped 69 places in the Press Freedom Index and 11 places in the Democracy Index>"

The Trumpublican Party now holds up an anti-democracy, corrupt dictator as its hero and the current Trumpublican Party would like to see the US follow Orban's model, and dump American democracy on the ash heap of history.

Remember when Conservatives claimed President Obama wanted to fundamentally change America?

We are watching that change -- for the worse -- being effected by the present corrupt Trumpublican Party, the party that still supports Trump, the traitor who wanted to hold onto power and steal a free and fair election from Joe Biden. The traitor who, for the first time in our American history tried to disrupt and stop the peaceful transition of power, all based on the Big Lie.

By any definition, Donald Trump is a traitor to America. May his shame live in infamy for all time.

Les Carpenter said...

What once the party of Lincoln is now the party of Trump, lies, devceit, division, white supremacy, authoritarianism, and non reality.

As for Silverfiddle Shaw, my experience with him is he is dishonest and manipulative. IOW a man to avoid.

Just like his party.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... the conservative blogs?

They've mostly excused the events of Jan 6, claim the decision to reverse Roe is righteous, that worries about Griswold, Lawrence, Loving and Obergefell are overblown and that they can't define extremist views on the right, because they've never seen any.

Or, have decided to keep their opinions to themselves so as not to give lefties "any ammo."

The only 2 people I've seen who lean right and are willing to consider anything outside of the Trumpstream Illogic are TC and CI. Silver occasionally goes off the reservation, but in a way not to engender much pushback. Apart from them, it's one for all and all for one, or at least for their video links.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave M.

Yes. I agree with your observation on Trump-leaning blogs and bloggers. The worst is the WYD blog, which is really more of a feces-slinging carnival of fools than a serious political blog. Then there's Geeez's blog where no opposing ideas or comments are allowed, and that makes it an echo-chamber not worth reading -- plus when President Obama was in office, one of her commenters promoted assassinating him, and the blog hostess didn't delete it, and one of her regular posters refers to Muslims as "Moslem vermin," in keeping with how the Nazis dehumanized Jews, and the blog hostess has no problem with that. Their racism and support of the idea of the stolen 2020 election is epic.

AOW's blog at least promotes people who know how to use the English language and there's plenty of snark to fill 10 blogs, but at the very least they allow opposing views, and then insult them. LOL! Yeah, Silverfiddle, very bright, and absolutely in love with himself and his far right ideology, which he's convinced is the ONLY ideaology. Also, he blames the Democrats for all of America's problems, and from what I've noticed in visiting their comment section, he's not at all concerned with where the current GQP is headed, their embracing love of the dictator Viktor Orban, notwithstanding.

I see these blogs as an insight into the thinking of Trumpers and how they continue to dismiss what happened on Jan. 6 as only a political protest.

Most of them haven't watched the Jan. 6 hearings and heard and seen the mountains of evidence, given by Republicans who worked within the Trump WH, because it would cause them deep pain and humiliation to know how utterly wrong they are and have been since 2015 and Trump's staged descent on the escalator into America's shameful embrace of a totalitarian demagogue.

Pedro said...

Shaw is once again dealing with myths, something I totally disagree agree with,

Shaw Kenawe said...

Hey "Pedro" Mystere,

I disagree with believing in myths, too.

I, however, live in reality where the facts say that Donald J. Trump tried to overthrow his own government, tried to have his own v.p. killed, and with help from his armed mobs, tried to steal the free and fair election of Joe Biden.

Trump and his accomplices tried to interfere with the peaceful transition of power for the first time in American history. He's a shameless TRAITOR to our American democracy and deserves every punishment the law gives him.

Now kindly return to WYD and the rest of the poo-flinging Trumpers who populate that blog.

And have a nice day.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... Yes, Silver leans right, no doubt about that. But he can and has been gracious with me. And proving miracles do happen, we sometimes agree.

While he leans right, he does see the problem we have right now as coming from self centered politicians of both parties. Which I can see and respect, even if I see it as more of an issue on the right. It has never been the Dem who said they want to completely stop every GOP issue, or who failed to even meet with potential SCOTUS judges.

My been with Silver, and I've said it at AOW, as well as with others on the right is this...

If you want to be taken seriously, out your extremists. Just as you expected Muslims and other movement groups to do when you did not agree with their ideas, policies, actions, etc.

But to date, not a one has ever specified any single behavior or idea that they would define as extreme on the right.

It's just illogical.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw... and as for Pedro, I think his really meant to type Pedo...