Paul Revere by Cyrus Dallin, North End, Boston



Monday, June 29, 2015

How many times can a political party and its propaganda arm, Fox News, be so wrong...

and still be taken seriously by Americans?



Dave Miller said...

They will keep fighting this...

And with a GOP Congress and potentially a GOP President, perhaps they can repeal it. But a better political stance would be to accept defeat, call it a horrible law, and strive to make it better. And then take credit for fixing it.

Of course, that will never happen, it would make sense.

Instead, the GOP would rather explain why we should have pre-existing conditions, like femaleness, and why Americans should not have low cost access to birth control options, which recents studies show, has greatly reduced abortions.

And that is before the people who normally supporters of states rights, move forward on a plan to federally force states to accept insurance from whatever state wants to sell there.

Ducky's here said...

Catch this one, Shaw?

Ema Nymton said...


""How many times can a political party and its propaganda arm, Fox News, be so wrong...""

As long as the money keeps rolling in. Sad to say, but as long as the money keeps rolling in it will not stop being wrong.

"Turn Off Fox, Bad news for America"
Thanks Obama ...

Ema Nymton

The Blobster said...

Bernie's gaining in the polls!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave: "Of course, that will never happen, it would make sense."

I think somewhere in their psyche they know this, but their opposition to all things Obama will never allow them to the sensible thing.

Ducky, I hadn't seen that. That bas-relief is one of my favorite pieces of public art here in Boston. I've featured it many times on Memorial Day along with Robert Lowell's heartbreaking poem "For The Union Dead." We will always have among us know-nothing malcontented vandals who find a perverse pleasure in defacing memorials to the dead. The person who placed the flag on that particular memorial is one of those know-nothing malcontents.

Ema, the people who watch FAUX NOOZ are being played for suckers, IMO.

Blobster, Go Bernie!!!!

A gal from Southie said...

Donald Trump: The conservatives' gift that keeps on giving.

Liberals are soooooooooo happy he's the face of the GOP. New Hampshire GOOPers are falling hard for the idiot!

Thank you! Thank you! Thank you!

Les Carpenter said...

Good news if Bernie gets legs and nomination shutting out Hillary.

Bad news, it likely insures one of the Clown Car candidates ends up in the White House.

My view.... 2016 ends up poorly regardless.