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Sunday, June 28, 2015

Sunday Night Piñata Blogging

"Unos no hablan lo que piensan, y otros no piensan lo que hablan."


Infidel753 said...

Illustrating, once again, that mockery is often the best weapon against the pompous and stupid.

Anonymous said...

Donald Trump trying to instruct the American people on traditional marriage when he's on his third wife.

What's up with conservatives crying about the end of traditional marriage? Newt Gingrich who was fornicating with his mistress Calista while married to his second wife? Oh yes, then they were married in a Catholic Cathedral, because both of them said "I'm sorry and Jesus!" So what they did is HO-kay. Rush? He's a big mouthpiece for the conservatives, and he's had how many wives? Four? I've lost count. Yeah. Nice to see all these conservatives coming out to protect traditional marriage.

And notice I didn't mention Mrs. Palin's daughter's second out-of-wedlock pregnancy. I wish the poor girl well, but seriously, her mother Sarah needs to shut her mouth about family values. What a hot mess thos Palins are.

Dave Miller said...

Shaw, Trump is the dried toast of the town here in Mexico City... He is the face of the GOP view on immigration now, whether they like it or not...,

Shaw Kenawe said...

Infidel753, Donald Trump is such a rich target for mockery.

Anonymous, certain elements of the far right have no problem with the hypocrisy you've pointed out.

Dave, Trump maligned an entire nation and its citizens, and not one peep from the other presidential candidates or from their supporters. So yes, what Trump said is what that brand of conservatism believes -- whether they like it or not, is correct. Trump will not get the nomination and he'll never be president, but he'll inflict a lot of damage on the GOP as he drives that clown car into the brick wall he surely is aiming for.

Ducky's here said...

Well, Shaw, what's a Teabag to do?

If it isn't Trump driving into a wall you've got Mike Huckleberry bouncing off the guard rail or Ted Cruz crossing the median strip.
They are all cuckoo bananas.

Makes you wonder who's in control at party central.
Hint: No one

Les Carpenter said...

Trump doesn't care to be president, he is not a serious candidate. He says stupid sh*t because he can.

I had hoped Trump was going to force other candidates to address tough issues. But I guess that was wishful thinking. It looks like maybe he is angling for clown car head conductor.

Damn, the GOP has a lot of candidates but it's looking like nary a one is worth a serious look. Watching Carly Fiorina the other night. She actually may be the most sensible the GOP has; all things considered.

Ray Cranston said...

The GOP welcomes someone like Donald TRump as a serious candidaate? Perfect illustration of how rotten to the core the modern GOP has become and how cowardly its follwers are who think he's worthy of serious consideration for the presidency. How low can that party go? Stick around folks, Chris Christie is about to declare his candidacy.

Infidel753 said...

RN: I had hoped Trump was going to force other candidates to address tough issues.

He's forcing them to address one tough issue - "What are we going to do about this flaming idiot in our midst?" And so far, they're flubbing it. They don't dare repudiate Trump's bullshit for fear of pissing off the Morlocks who vote in their primaries, so they're becoming the piñata party for Latinos in the general election. So far they seem to be telling themselves that Jeb speaking Spanish or Rubio being Cuban-American will solve everything.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Jeb speaking Spanish or Rubio being Cuban-American will solve everything."

The Latino and Hispanic community is way smarter than that. If the GOOPers are too scared to repudiate what Trump said about an entire country and its citizens, then they deserve to be seen as cowardly panderers who have no moral compass.

The extremists in the GOP are all predicting the End Times and talking defeatist talk because the LGBT community achieved equality; because the ACA is the law and unlikely to be repealed; because a symbol of white supremacy is being taken down from public spaces all over the south by southerners themselves; because they've finally understood that we are a progressive nation.

Their way of coping with that reality? One way is to Fundamentally transform America by getting rid of one of the three branches of government that was established by our Constitution; as the governor of Kansas, Brownback, threatened to do if the judiciary in his state didn't do what he wanted it to do. Or just refuse to obey the law of the land as handed down by the SCOTUS.

It's all of a same piece with these fake Constitution fetishists: "NIce 'Rule of Law' you got there. It'd be a shame if something bad happened to it if we don't get our way."

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's another example of how the GOOPers govern. From the Great State of Maine:

"Maine Gov. Paul LePage (R), who's been referred to as "America's craziest governor," is known for his brash leadership style and off-color, at times vulgar remarks.

But LePage has now potentially moved beyond personal insults and into the territory of real injury. He was accused last week of blackmailing a charter school that hired the state's House speaker, Democrat Mark Eves, as president by threatening to withhold $500,000 in state funding unless Eves was fired.

Maine lawmakers are now broaching the subject of impeachment and the state's attorney general has said she's "very troubled" by the accusations against LePage."
--Talking Points Memo

But the people who support nuts like LePage never fail to accuse liberals of being totalitarian dictators. Why does the GOP support people like LePage?

(O)CT(O)PUS said...

The GOP has put itself in a bind.

They tethered their partisan ambitions to the “indignant desert birds” of social change. They appeal to an angry and reactionary fringe. They trade on demagoguery and divisiveness. They incite misfits and losers.

The GOP is not the voice of “religious freedom” as they claim. In fact, they represent the very opposite of ‘religious freedom’ in disrespecting civil rights and human rights and rejecting the rule of law and our constitutional traditions. Some of their presidential candidates want to forever alter our system of government, impose a religious standard on the general population, and reopen old wounds that should have been settled history.

Here is my biggest concern: An up tick in hate crimes, more violence, and civil unrest. Frankly, today’s GOP is so far out of step with the times, they have become downright dangerous.

Infidel753 said...

What does the Spanish quote under the video say? I'm getting "Some don't say what they think, and others don't think what they say", but I'm probably missing the nuances.

Shaw Kenawe said...

"Some do not speak what they think, and others do not think what they speak."

Anonymous said...

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