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Saturday, October 24, 2020

This is what people who’ve known and worked with Trump really think of him

   f**cking moron.” Rex Tillerson ”

A jacka**” Lindsay Graham 

"I think he's a kook. I think he's crazy. I think he's unfit for office." Lindsay Graham 

"Dishonesty is Trump's hallmark....he is very, very not smart.” Mitt Romney

 “An idiot, unhinged." John Kelly 

"An idiot and a dope." H. R. McMaster 

"An idiot surrounded by clowns." Gary Cohn 

"A racist, misogynist and bigot." Omarosa Newman 

"He's like a 11 year-old child." Steve Bannon 

"Has the understanding of a 5th or 6th grader."Jim Mattis 

“An empty vessel when it comes to the constitution and the rule of law." Scott Pruitt

 "An idiot." Reince Priebus 

"A complete idiot." Steven Mnuchin

 “A ........ liar." John Dowd 

“Eventually he turns on everyone.” The Mooch

 ”Donald Trump ... will slash and burn and trample anything and anyone he perceives as being in his way or an easy scapegoat.” Susan Collins "The dumbest godd@mn student I ever had." William Kelley (Wharton professor) "One of us." David Duke.


Anonymous said...

A Trumpanzee speaks the truth!

“I’m listening to Trump now in Wisconsin…he’s just AWFUL…so hateful, so childish…
I’m starting to think he’s part of the reason our people are falling apart…what a horrid example to set. Or maybe it’s just that the people who go to those rallies are like this, too.

Yes, I LOVE what he does, but he is crude and ugly and a BIG fat schoolyard bully………hideous.

Sorry, but it dawned on me just now THIS is a big part of why we’re so nasty these days, so hateful, full of degrading people, etc. He does it; Presidents should set the pace for something better.”

Rational Nation USA said...

Yeah... but does it matter any more? You, like so many others, LOVE what he does, although most of us who agree with your other sentiments realize he is, at his core, an unempathetic lying jackass through and through who cares only for HIMSELF and no one else. For that reason we will vote Biden/Harris. I'm betting you will be voting Dotard donnie AGAIN.

skudrunner said...

He is crude in the best of circumstances but he has been effective. Yes he does attack for no reason other than the entire media attacks him non stop. They even have one station that is all against trump 24/7 so you can't blame him for attacking. I was not raised in a perfect environment because we had bullies at school and my parents taught me coping skills which some people don't have. I have dealt with unkind people my entire career but I look for competence and adapt. Some people think as long as someone is swell they can be incompetent. You can take the easy approach and vote for harris and you will be loved.

Dave Miller said...

RN... Anon copied and pasted the comments from the Captain of the HMS Mothership for our enjoyment.

Read it closely everyone, even Skud... Trump is "AWFUL" hateful and childish and sets a horrid example.

We've been saying that since his election, and yet people like the Captain and you Skud have ignored what he is, or worse, as this person admits, will vote for him anyways.

"He's crude and ugly and a BIG fat schoolyard bully....... hideous."

These voters are the type of people that in their hate and resistance to change want to hold up as an example to other countries and literally their children and grandchildren.

"THIS is a big part of why we’re so nasty these days, so hateful, full of degrading people, etc. He does it;"

Such an incredible statement isn't it? Trump is to blame, not the Dems, not ANTIFA, not BLM, not Biden, not Obama... no one else. Just President Trump.

"Presidents should set the pace for something better.”

Yes Captain, yes Skud, yes the rest of you wing nut extremists. We've known all along you knew it. Except one of you accidentally posted for the world to see, the truth.

Sadly, that reality won't change your actions in the voting booth. You all have the power to change this, yet you won't.

Even in your realization that Trump is bad for America, you are so invested that you cannot give an inch, and maybe not vote for Biden, but just skip voting for the person you've defined yourselves as a big, fat, ugly, awful, childish, schoolyard bully.

Fed up said...

This is a perfect example of why COVID is surging in this country:

"The left has been screaming for four years that Donald Trump is a fascist dictator just waiting for his moment to start the reichtag fire.

The pandemic hits, and its the leftwing Democrats who get their fascist totalitarian on..."

This Trumper doesn't know the difference between fascism and a government setting out sensible guidlines to protect it own people from a deadly pandemic? Other countries are doing the same thing that this country's infectious disease experts are asking us to do. The Trumpers would rather be left alone to spread the infection to this countrys most vulnerable and the hell with them because it MY FREEDUMBS!

Its pure selfishness and idiocy. Put these assholes in their own state and let them infect themselves and leave those who actually care about their family and neighbors to do the right thing.

Let the Trumper infect themselves into oblivion, it seems thats what they wish for. Calling good health practicies during a lethal pandemic FASCISM? Jesus H. Christ. These people won't stop till they bring us all down.

This is what Trumpism has done to America!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "He is crude in the best of circumstances but he has been effective.

Really? 220,000 Americans are dead and we are now in another surge, possibly worse than the first. The Trump administration has said, through its spokesperson, Mark Meadows, that it's given up on trying to do anything to mitigate the pandemic here in America!

The New England Journal of Medicine:

"Covid-19 has created a crisis throughout the world. This crisis has produced a test of leadership. With no good options to combat a novel pathogen, countries were forced to make hard choices about how to respond. Here in the United States, our leaders have failed that test. They have taken a crisis and turned it into a tragedy.

The magnitude of this failure is astonishing. According to the Johns Hopkins Center for Systems Science and Engineering,1 the United States leads the world in Covid-19 cases and in deaths due to the disease, far exceeding the numbers in much larger countries, such as China. The death rate in this country is more than double that of Canada, exceeds that of Japan, a country with a vulnerable and elderly population, by a factor of almost 50, and even dwarfs the rates in lower-middle-income countries, such as Vietnam, by a factor of almost 2000. Covid-19 is an overwhelming challenge, and many factors contribute to its severity. But the one we can control is how we behave. And in the United States we have consistently behaved poorly.

Do you understand any of that, skud? I assume you mean Trump has been "effective" as it relates to killing off Americans he doesn't give a damn about. What good is anything else he may do if the country is in the throes of a pandemic and a quarter of a million people are dead and more will die?

I mean, are you Trumpers so immersed in the cult of personality that seeing your fellow Americans dying means nothing? Do you not understand that Trump's failure to do the right thing for his fellow citizens cost them their lives, and is still costing them their lives as he holds non-social distancing rallies that are for the most part maskless, as he himself has made fun of people (Example: Joe Biden) wearning masks?

I understand from a blogging friend that your friends at the Mother Ship are wondering why so many Republicans are testing positive for the virus, versus Democrats.

Are you all so ignorant that you don't understand that wearing masks is one of the basic ways people can protect themselves from this? Have you all completely lost your minds? It appears you all have if you don't understand this simple fact. Would you feel comfortable going into an OR and seeing your surgeon maskless as she prepares to stick her face in your body parts? Every doctor performing a procedure in an OR wears a mask to -- WONDER OF WONDERS! -- protect YOU and themselves from spreading pathogens!

Why wouldn't the same practice be effective during a pandemic? And yet thousands and thousands of cement-headed Trumpers feel their freedom is being violated by employing a good practice that saves lives. It's beyond stupid; it's criminal, IMO!

You're all to be pitied.

I didn't bother reading the rest of your comment becase that first line was so extraordinarily revealing of your dismissive attitude toward dead and dying Americans.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Dave, all that proves to me is that those people know what a despicable, immoral person Trump is, yet they'll continue to support and vote for him because for them it's party over country.

They'll be remembered for the choices they made. And choosing to support and vote for someone they believe is ..."crude and ugly and a BIG fat schoolyard bully....... hideous. because he has an "R" after his name shows me and the world that their "morality" is situational, and not grounded by Christian moral standards, even if they cloak themselves in their own version of "Christianity." Many of us see right through that hypocrisy.

History will not be kind to them.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Fed Up, We've witnessed Trumpublicans stating this sort of ridiculous nonsense for the past 5 years. It's effective only among themselves; no one else buy that claptrap.

Asking people to wear a mask is unthreatening, not harmful, and a sensible, considerate, and effective way to help stem the spread of a virus. People like the person you quoted are hysterics and their motives for their hysteria is questionable. That person sounds more angry at the political situation and how Trump's handling of the pandemic has threatened his re-election than wearing a mask to protect fellow Americans.

Hysterical, wrong, and selfish. Those are apt words to describe that unfortunate rant by that Trumper.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Jeff Tiedrich
imagine being a Trump supporter and having to pretend that the petulant toddler who melted straight the f**k down and ran away because Lesley Stahl wasn't tolerating any of his bullshit is some kind of paragon of steely-eyed leadership

His supporters think he's tough. Tough as a marshmallow.

He's a whiner, pouter, and crybaby.

Ray Cranston said...

Your Trump supporter friend needs to read this and let it sink in:

COVID-19 deaths:

United States: 225,000

Population: 328.2 million

COVID-19 deaths:
Canada: 9,963
Japan: 1,716
Australia: 905
South Korea: 457
Vietnam: 35
New Zealand: 25
Taiwan: 7

Total deaths: 13,108

Total population: 364.6 million

Donald Trump: "It is what it is." Pathetic.

Trumpers worse then pathetic for supporter this S.O.B. criminal!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Joe Biden said "George Bush" when he meant Donald Trump? Wow!


Trump called Matt Gaetz “Rick Gates”
Trump called Tim Cook “Tim Apple”
Trump called Chris Wallace “Mike Wallace”
Trump called Kevin McCarthy “Steve”
Trump called Namibia “Nambia”
Trump called Yosemite “Yo-sem-ahyt”
Trump called Thailand “Thighland”
Trump also tweeted fucking COVFEFE!
Trump suggested we nuke a hurricane.
Trump thinks injecting bleach cures COVID.
Trump was going to build a border wall in Colorado.
Trump thinks wind turbines cause cancer.
Trump thinks the F-35 joint strike fighter is an invisible plane.
Trump thinks there are palm trees all over Indiana.
Trump wanted to swap Puerto Rico for Greenland.

Don't let the Trumpers get away with Trumpian b.s.

Rational Nation USA said...

Those who know and accept facts and truth are already there. Those who deny facts and truth (the trumpers) never will accept facts or truth. They celebrate their ignorance.

skudrunner said...

Ms Shaw, you are smarter than the it is all trumps fault for covid bunch. If that is the case why is Europe having a spike, guess that is trumps fault also. For people who let the government make all their decisions for them, maybe it is trumps fault. For those of us who can think for themselves it is up to us to make life altering decisions. Of course I wish trump would have been more careful but I also wish pelosi, debongo, cuomo would have not invited people to gather in china town in mass after they knew what covid was all about.
Being a deadly new virus we are learning something new every day. California is having a spike even though they mandated masks, why is that.
I realize the dems only have covid fear to run on and in a week we can move forward.

Franks Conservative World said...

Clearly Criminality with Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden Has Been Confirmed

54% of Americans Believe Joe Biden himself Participated With Hunter in Influence Schemes
A new poll Reports has found that most likely voters believe that Former Vice President Joe Biden benefited from controversial business deals reached by his Son, Hunter Biden.?

According to data from the poll, 54 percent of “likely U.S. Voters believe it’s likely that Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from Hunter’s overseas business deals including at least one involving a company in mainland China.”?

Why DON’T those Liberal TV, Radio station even mention it? Are they afraid that someone will question it? WHY ARE THEY HIDING THIS IMPORTANT STORY! TI IS NOT GOING AWAY!

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud: "Ms Shaw, you are smarter than the it is all trumps fault for covid bunch."

skud, you got it wrong again. No one said COVID is Trump's fault. What IS his fault is his incompetent, murderous response to the pandemic. Everyone knows he knew how lethal it was way back in January, as documented ON TAPE by Woodward. Trump is recorded saying the virus is airborne! And he is recorded saying its worse than the flu!

His response?

"We have only 15 case and soon those cases will be down to nothing." He called the COVID-19 a "Democrat HOAX," he mocked people who wore maskes, he considered injecting disinfectant into people's veins, he disparaged America's leading infectious disease expert, Dr. Fauci, called him an "idiot." And as a result America has the worst infection rate of any country because Trump is an incompetent moron.

No, skud, Europe's spike is not Trump's fault, too. What point are you trying to make with that foolish statement. The epidemiologists predicted a surge for this fall, and here it is. Trump ignores it and tells the American people that "It's going away, and we've turned the corner." A stupid, uninformed pile of lies and disinformation that will get more people killed, along with Trump's reckless rallies where there's no social distancing and very few masks. It's almost as if he wants to kill his own supporters. And they're stupid enough to go along with his recklessness.

We don't "only have covid fear to run on." We have 4 years of bungling, lies, nepotism, international embarrassments, lies, a ruined economy because of Trump's incompetence, joblessness for millions and millions of people, unemployment, Trump's raping of the environment by deregulating everything that made our air breatheable.

Every competent person who's worked for him has left the WH and seen him for his jackassery and foolishness. All that's left surrounding him are sycophants, hangers-on, bottom feeders.

Trump's own VP, who is the head of the Covid Response Team, is swimming in Covid-infected staff! You'd think in a competent administration that the head of the Covid Response Team would do a better job, instead 5 or more of Pence's team are infected.

That in itself is a damnable indictment of their malignant arrogance and their mockery of science during this pandemic.

Trump and his people deserve our contempt and everlasting damnation for what it has done to America.

Paula said...

Shaw, the United States has more COVID-19 deaths per 100,000 people than any European country except Spain. Our rate of 67.1 is nearly six times that of Germany (12.1), the most populous nation in Europe. Clearly, they are doing things that we are not.

There may be an even better model: Australia (3.6), which has empowered its public health agencies, has leadership committed to a science-based approach, has adequate testing and state-of-the-art contact tracing, and has universal health care and mandatory paid leave.

But you knew that. (And obviously skud didn't)

The Republican Party is anti-science and anti-critical thinking.

Shaw Kenawe said...

FCW: "Clearly Criminality with Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden Has Been Confirmed"

S.K.: No such thing has been confirmed. You're misinformed.

FCW:"54% of Americans Believe Joe Biden himself Participated With Hunter in Influence Schemes. A new poll Reports has found that most likely voters believe that Former Vice President Joe Biden benefited from controversial business deals reached by his Son, Hunter Biden.?"

That's from ONE POLL, RASSMUSSEN, a right-leaning poll. So it's one snap shot of Trump- supporting demographic's opinion. And that's it. It's essentially meaningless.

FCW: "According to data from the poll, 54 percent of “likely U.S. Voters believe it’s likely that Biden was consulted about and perhaps profited from Hunter’s overseas business deals including at least one involving a company in mainland China.”?

S.K.: See my previous comment. You're choosing ONE RIGHT-LEANING POLL. It's meaningless because it's not an aggagregate of ALL AMERICANS WHO ARE POLLED.

FCW: "Why DON’T those Liberal TV, Radio station even mention it? Are they afraid that someone will question it? WHY ARE THEY HIDING THIS IMPORTANT STORY! TI IS NOT GOING AWAY!"

S.K. A week before the election America is experiencing another surge of COVID-19 while Trump and his lackeys twiddle their thumbs. That holds more importance for the American people than a dubious story pushed by Dirty Old Man Giuliani and other Trump goons. It's going nowhere because no one cares. Except you hysterical Trumpers.

How's this for a poll:

56% of U.S. Voters Say Trump Does Not Deserve Reelection

That's a week before the election.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Paula That deserves repeating: The Trumpublican Party is anti-science and anti-critical thinking.

The comment from "Franks" upthread illustrates that. He took one poll and uncritically claimed that "Clearly Criminality with Joe Biden and his Son Hunter Biden Has Been Confirmed." It "clearly" has not, otherwise Trump would have his lapdog DoJ issuing subpoenas and indictments. Barr has not. (Where is Barr, BTW?)

The poll number of 56% of U.S. Voters is an AGGREGATE of several polls, not just one. It's more meaningful, but still, only a snapshot of what the American people were thinking at the time it was taken. But it's a pretty good indication, since that's held steady for quite a while.

What's even more indicative is the fact that Trump has never been able to break 50% in approval by the American people for overall job performance, and no president has been elected a second term with job approval ratings in the low 40%, where Trump has been stuck for months.

That's not to say that he can't win. Trump is a lawless corrupt scoundrel surrounded by other crooks who'd stop at nothing to cheat for a win. Just look at the Republican states that are supressing the vote! Look at the shenanigans playing to stop counting mail-in votes.

The only way for Republicans to win is to CHEAT. No Republican (and no presidential candidate) since Eisenhower has won a majority of the popular vote. Only Barack Obama did that TWICE! Trump is a minority president.

Let's kick his large posterior OUT next Tuesday!