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Thursday, February 16, 2023

Does anyone care anymore?


BREAKING: Another evening, another mall shooting. At least 10 shots fired inside the Wolfchase mall In Memphis, TN. So sad that Americans deal with this crap as if it was normal. No reports on victims or fatalities as of yet.


Les Carpenter said...

When living in a macho gun crazed society one should expect these results.

Materialism, rampant unrestrained individuality, a misinterpreted 2'nd amendment, and fear help to drive the NRA's callous view of death. Of course industry greed plays a large part as well.

People care. The Terrorist NRA, firearm and ammo manufacturers, and Red Politicians don't.

The Prophet Dervish Z Sanders said...

Sadly, this happened across my home state. These tRumpers run wild with their guns, shooting at innocent people to get a thrill.

And on my news feed, I got this about another tRumper going on a hate attack against Jews in Los Angeles:

tRumpers think it's funny. This Asian tRumpturd attacked 2 Jewish men because he hates Jews. And I noticed the bigly tRumpturd uptheEndo has not said anything about this on his blogs, even though he lives in California. But then again, the tRumpturd who shot the Jews is in uptheEndo's eyes a lower class of Asian, not his superior Japanese republican. Mystere sees Jaime Tran as a useful idiot low class gook.