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Monday, February 20, 2023

This is a member of Congress...


calling for the destruction of the United States. In anyone's book, that's treasonous.

Give a stupid person even a little power (Rep. Greene is as stupid as it gets), and this is what you'll hear:

Marge:  "Everyone I talk to says this."  

But this halfwit doesn't tell us that the "everyone" she talks to is as moronic as she is, and that the "everyone" she refers to believes breaking up America into "Us and Them" is a great idea. It's not. It's a traitorous idea.

She might be the most attention-seeking member of Congress in history, but to have a representative openly and so casually call for an end to the country is really notable. For people who doubt what a lot of us warn about, let this be a wake up call.

And don’t talk to me about a need to separate between Red and Blue States. There is no such thing. It’s a political fiction. There are plenty of good, vulnerable, and poor people who you should care about in every single state.

Let’s review some of the governing principles of America, : Our country is governed by the Constitution. You swore an oath to support and defend the Constitution. Secession is unconstitutional. No member of Congress should advocate secession, Marjorie.

 Ed Krassenstein @EdKrassen 

BREAKING: Republicans, specifically Marjorie Taylor Greene, is now calling for a “National Divorce,” They want the United States to no longer be “United.” They literally want to break apart our country. This is Putin and Russia’s wildest dream come true. Our founding fathers would be rolling in their graves.


Anonymous said...

Every time I hear this POS traitor mouth her lies I burn with rage at the ignorance Trump exalted, I weep at the inability of our country to deal with these liars and extremists.

How is it we let this trash in our government?

Shaw Kenawe said...


Gerrymandering put this radge* in power.

*radge: Scottish term for a dangerous idiot.

She's too stupid to understand her suggestion for dividing this country is treasonous.

Les Carpenter said...

Unfortunately folks, as i'm sure you know, MTG is simply one of craziest of the crazies. The crazy soup runs much deeper than MTG in the gop. Much deeper.

Old Nikita K. of the former USSR may very well have been prophetic when he predicted iur fall would be the result of conflict from within.

Brace for it.

Infidel753 said...

No, no, no. States cannot legally secede from federal control. We established that in 1861-1865. Any call to do so is a call for another civil war.

Beyond that, she might want to look at which states are financially dependent on the federal government (receiving more from it than they contribute in taxes) vs which states pay in more than they receive. Any real separation of blue from red states would economically devastate the latter.

Mike said...

With so many states being more purple than red or blue, maybe we can break everything down by counties. That way people wouldn't have to move too far to get out of the wrong color county.

Suzanne said...

Trusting THIS administration is difficult if not IMPOSSIBLE when there is SO MUCH evidence of corruption, self-interest, and a lack of accountability in our Leader!

You seem say a lot about Marjorie Taylor Greene, yet you say ZIP about Joe Biden and company!

Shaw Kenawe said...

To "Suzanne,"

I understand Lisa's Latrine* has reopened. You're perfectly welcome to deposit your inane and insane droppings there.

Unless you enjoy being ridiculed for your moronic musings, I suggest you stop coming here and, instead, satisfy your burning need for attention by commenting at the reopened Latrine.

*The name "Lisa's Latrine" was Free Thinke's term for that blog, not mine. But it is apt.