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Wednesday, February 8, 2023



I listened to it and, as SOTU addresses go, it was fine.  He hit all the right points and reviewed what his administration has accomplished. 

Well done, Mr. President.

Somehow a disruptive creature was allowed into the chamber where President Biden gave his address and screamed "LIAR" while the POTUS spoke. 

How this unfortunate creature escaped from its habitat is unknown. We assume it was tranquilized after it displayed its out-of-control monkeyshines and sent back to the cage where it belongs:

(In Sir David Attenborough's voice:)

"This Howler Dodo,  a ruminant in an unfamiliar environment, fluffs out its plumage and screams loudly. A two-step mating effort to demand attention from the nearby Mainstreamius Mediens." --DC Boy, Twitter

Twitter is on fire today with SCREAMY GREENEY images 

(Hey Marge, screaming LIAR! at POTUS didn't turn out to be the own you thought it would be):


skudrunner said...

Bring down inflation with no plan other than tax corporations 15%. He took credit for lowering gas prices from $2.12 when he took office to $3.50 today and protecting the country by acknowledging victims without acknowledging the police and military who protect the rest of us.

Most of it was lies and exaggerations but that is standard for SOTU from any president. The one thing missing is McCarthy tearing up his speech but he has class that his predecessor lacked. Overall it was what was expected except some calling out lies.

Shaw Kenawe said...

skud, I could have written your comment for you. No surprise that you would come here and diss it. (Yawn.)

President Biden DID say in his speech that THE MAJORITY of police do a good job, but you chose to skim over that fact and crap on him anyway.

I expected it. No surprise.

Meanwhile, the Trumpublicans, in the form of MT Greene, made fools of themselves and continued to make President Biden look like the smartest man in the room! LOL!

Shaw Kenawe said...

From Politico:'

"Rep. Marjorie Taylor Greene shouted out at least nine times, by the count of a POLITICO reporter in the gallery, that Biden was a liar. No one was surprised — certainly not Biden, who recognized an opportunity when it is delivered gift-wrapped before a nationwide audience."

Greene is the face of the Trumpublican Party: Rude,narcissistic, and ignorant. I wonder if they'll run her for POTUS for 2024. Trumpy seems to have lost his mojo.

Les Carpenter said...

Actually Shaw i give President Biden a solid C for his speech and performance of the same. It was neither exceptionally good nor was it bad. It was adequate given our times. There has certainly been better and certainly there have been worse. With a few being far worse in recent times.

I will be most interested in the usual fact checking that is to follow. Because even i have questions on the accuracy of some of his statements. Frankly i have no idea how we'll pay for all the grandiose plans President Biden and the progressives have.

I do realize that this nation has the ability to right the ship of state and in fact afford to do much more for Mother Earth, the environment, healthcare care, and social safety nets etc. However, this requires reprioritizing our initiatives and revamping a system and tax code that has always been set up to support and sustain the very wealthy and corporations. Those wielding all the financial and political power in the country.

Take money out of politics and make lobbying a lost art and soon we'd start to see real and meaningful changes happen. But for that to happen we must get out of our own egotistical self centered ways. All people want to be happy, have opportunity for growth, and to have a reasonable sense of security. That ought to be the goal and desire of all Americans, for all Americans.

Hop on board skud, and become part of the solution.

Les Carpenter said...

Rude, narcissistic, and ignorant.

You're being much too kind Shaw!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Conservative writer, Charlie Sykes:

"That was kind of entertaining in a Theater of Performative Jerkitude sort of way.

If you were hoping for the celebrations of civility, unity, and bipartisanship, you were, perhaps, disappointed. But if you came to see the “outbursts, jeers, and peals of mocking laughter,” from our nation’s new legislative leaders, this was very much the ticket."


"Back in 2009, when South Carolina Republican Rep. Joe Wilson yelled “You lie!” in the middle of an address by President Barack Obama to a joint session of Congress, sensibilities were shocked. Wilson’s outburst became a days-long story, and he was formally reprimanded by the House.

Nowadays, though, the House Republican Conference has a whole contingent of Joe Wilsons: boorish loudmouths whose lack of impulse control is only matched by their desire for attention. Don’t hold your breath waiting for them to face a reprimand for their shouts and jeers last night. Biden encountered several “You lie!”-like objections without batting an eye or missing a line in his scripted remarks.

Indeed, Biden seemed to relish the scrum. After the kerfuffles, notes the NYT, “Mr. Biden turned the tables on his Republican opponents and argued in real time with the insurgents. It appeared to be the start of his re-election campaign.”

Les Carpenter said...

Can't help but wonder but if this nation's republicans have completely lost the ability to act as leaders and role models for a nation grasping for stability and a direction moored to reality.

Paula said...

I was disgusted by Greene's and other Trumper's heckling too. Why did they act so attacked and mortified when cutting SS and Medicaid is EXACTLY a their game plan?

Biden is correct. Republicans have been trying to make the case why we should privatize social security for decades. George Bush tried when he was POTUS. Not sure why they're upset about what Biden said. Rick Scott has it in his proposal!

It's obvious that Greene and her fellow jerks are the liars and not Biden.

Shaw Kenawe said...

I brought this comment by Les over to this post. He posted it below on the Katherine Johnson post:

Les Carpenter said...

Perhaps a bit over the top? I men President Biden is way better than the former guy even during his worst day. But the best EVER? Likely not.

And what should we expect? The tRumpublicans knew tRump was hated by many liberals and progressives. So, they hate in return. And vice versa. Make sense? Of course not. But, it sure seems like American society enjoys their hate fests.

At lease President Biden, acting like a president should, recognizes the hate is tearing us apart and is at least trying to craft some needed bipartisanship. Will have to wait to see how McCarthy and the republicans respond by their actual actions after last nights SOTU campaign speech.

February 8, 2023 at 9:25 AM

Shaw Kenawe said...

NYTimes columnist, David French:

"One last note to the Republicans who shouted and heckled the president during his speech: You’re grown adults. Don’t act like the angry college kids you like to condemn."


Anonymous said...

Biden's speech did about everything short of exercising the demons out of the GOP MAGA minions.

For 72 minutes, Biden spoke with empathy, clarity, passion and intelligence. Besides the command of the political issues, Biden did a great job of contrasting his stability with the insanity of the GOP. I "almost" felt sorry for McCarthy as he squirmed looking out at the clown show he supposedly leads. While the issue isn't going away, Biden certainly did not look too old for the job.

Anonymous said...


Ray said...

"(In Sir David Attenborough's voice:)

"This Howler Dodo, a ruminant in an unfamiliar environment, fluffs out its plumage and screams loudly. A two-step mating effort to demand attention from the nearby Mainstreamius Mediens." -

LOL! Perfect description of the Greene Monster!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Conservative Steve Schmidt:

"Sarah Huckabee Sanders was among Trump’s most accomplished liars, gaslighters and abusers of the American people during her shameful public service. Apparently, she was just getting warmed up.

Last night, Huckabee Sanders ludicrously proclaimed herself the voice of a new generation. She isn’t, but if she were the name would be “Generation Rotten.”

She peddles fear and platitudes in a stew of performative outrage, seasoned with two dashes of malice, a sprinkle of division and a dollop of imbecility.

The most astounding moment in her response occurred when Huckabee Sanders — vessel for ceaseless lies in the service of a grotesque man and a cause riddled with insurrectionists, thugs, neo-Nazis, extremists, conspiracy theorists and criminals — claimed that she stood as a sentinel holding back craziness from breaching normalcy. The performance wasn’t just dark and bitter, nor simply delusional and self-serving. It was a cynical rant from an alternate reality where Jesse Walters is a truth teller, and Judge Jeannie would be a great Supreme Court justice. The Republican response was a sophomoric audition tape for the FOX News prime time crazy hours, during which paranoia is mixed with venom and conspiracy to make billions, while lashing the nation.

Sarah Huckabee Sanders is a hideous figure in American life. She lacks character, dignity, honesty, self-awareness and respect. By that measure, she was the perfect choice to speak for a party in which a low man like Kevin McCarthy has risen to the top — or at least to the short line at Mar-a-Lago. What a disgrace, and what an embarrassment for Arkansas.}

You got that right, Steve!

Shaw Kenawe said...

Here's some fact checking of Biden's SOTU speech.

Les Carpenter said...

Sarah, like many conservatives, is an unhappy, confused, and sometimes delusional person. I usually watch the post SCOTUS rebuttal speech. But knowing it was Sarah i simply turned off the TV and drifted off to sleep. Which was much more rewarding than watching the wench Sarah Huckabee.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Jamie Raskin

Marjorie Taylor Greene doesn’t know the difference between the State of the Union Address and the Rocky Horror Picture Show. She just showed everyone how ridiculous MAGA is. And why did she keep yelling “liar” at George Santos? That wasn’t nice.

Anonymous said...

She won't be disgraced as she should be she will be held up as some kind of right wing hero. I keep thinking Americans have had enough of this crap, but apparently not since they just put Republicans in majority in the House.

Les Carpenter said...

And now Senator Romney told Santos he doesn't belong in congress. Romney is right.

Howler monket MTG "not sorry one bit" for yelling "liar" during SOTU address.

A bunch of goons exposing themselves for who and what they are.

Idiots looking for acceptance.

Anonymous said...

I think that she MTG DOES have confidence in her convictions.
So therefore I like her

Les Carpenter said...

Well anon, i suppose if ya like chaos, conspiracy, and ignorance MTG is your gal.

Dervish Sanders said...

Joe Biden rocked the SOTU speech! He is one of the most honest Presidents ever! I loved it when he showed his passion for being the best leader ever.

Now compare Joe to the GOP tRumpanzees: the tRumpturds show their passion to destroy not only America, but every nation in the world. They go after our Canadian neighbors to destroy their government and overthrow their best Prime Minister Justin Trudeau by inciting violence. Then they go south and try to get Brazil's President thrown out of office by leading the charge to declare that their election was stolen. The party of hate will stoop to bigly lows to screw the world over. MAGAturds have attacked local offices in all 50 states. In California, MAGAturds tried to recall 2 of the best District Attorneys in Los Angeles and San Francisco. In Arizona, they tried to fraudulently overturn the Governor's election. In Pennsylvania, they ridiculed John Fetterman, trying to paint him as a bumbling stooge, while trying to put a quack tv doctor into political office. In Georgia, sadly, their Ku Klux Klan leaders succeeded in cheating Stacy Abrams from getting the seat she highly deserved. Absolutely disgusting!

Their preschool like behavior at the SOTU address shows us what kind of psychopaths they really are. It would be a dream come true to see every one of them hauled off to GITMO and be replaced by a Democrat. It's time to purge the GOP out of every state and get Democrats in every political seat.

Les Carpenter said...

So, tell us how you REALLY feel Derv!