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Friday, February 24, 2023



Will someone please help this woman in her efforts to express herself in English? She's barely able to write in her own language. See below:

There is a failure for many to realize Americans are giving up because they are sick of the talking heads that just complain about all the problems and politicians that never fix anything, while the right just keeps taking the beatings and abuse from the left. Yes, the red California that gave us Reagan is gone and that was another time long ago. CA is now like a weird communists country...

Here's the talking potato advocating the dissolution of the USA, as though it would be as simple as changing the color of her nail polish: --SK

Imagine if America decided to just go ahead and have a national divorce. Hollywood elites and celebrities and all the brainwashed leftists women who watch the nasty women on the View, men who identify as women, and Democrat voters who suffer from the lifelong debilitating disease Trump Derangement Syndrome they caught from CNN wouldn’t have to see much less tolerate deplorables anymore. They could live in their safe space blue states, own nothing, let their government decide and control everything, and most importantly protect their fragile minds from being shocked and insulted by those of us on the right who believe in life, liberty, and the pursuit of happiness. Then Americans could choose which way, left or right, provides them with the best quality of life, and we don’t have to argue with one another anymore. I am starting to feel like it’s the right thing to do for everyone.

NOTE: The states in which Americans enjoy the highest quality of life values are, overall, blue states. They are the states with the most educated, best health care, and lowest divorce rate (family values). The worst are the red states. FACT.


Les Carpenter said...

Shaw, you're too kind. Even a talking potato would have some value. Right? It could be peeled and used for nutritional value. Potassium and all.

MTG is more like a talking boulder head with absolutely no value.

Long ago i made a decision to never move south. Dann glad i did. Because it seems the greatest concentration of boulder heads reside there.

Mike said...

Is potato.

skudrunner said...

Leslie, We in the South are glad as well.

Georgia seems to have a lot of stupid people. Cancel a all star baseball game because some people might be offended. Appoint a bubble head to lead a grand jury and the list goes on.

Les Carpenter said...

Well that's the south's problem. Specifically Georgia's. Slopped over on to us all because of the people you folks in the south elect to congress. Call it the dumbing down of congress and thrreby the nation.

Les Carpenter said...

Back in the day, when conservative "ideals" made some sense, i too was all in. Actually believed the conservative way would preserve what i had fiercely believed was the result of American "exceptionalism". A
myth created by by a European.

Fully conditioned by parental, academic, societal, and career conditioning i thought America, as i had always accepted it, was the closest thing to great and perfect as any nation could be.

It has been said... to the victors go the spoils. So, European got to create the spoils of conflict in the way that reflected positively on Europeans. This of course naturally flowed to America following our creation as a sovereign and independent nation. And so, we, like Europeans before us, got to created the "reality" Americans (European) wanted.

In the process the truth of our actual history, the really shitty parts, either got positively embellished or eliminated entirely.

Fortunately, newer generations of Americans are eschewing the incomplete history penned by white european Americans for a look at TRUE and complete American history as it actually was. An excellent thing for them and for the country. As well as the globe.

So skuddy buddy, (call me Les and i'll call you skud) while you can believe anything you wish, truth of our actual full history and it's dark corners has finally come to full light. And that, wokeness if you wish skuddy buddy, is the dawning of openess and the resulting acceptance of truth. Which is the only way the wounds of so many American decades can be healed.

I hope you grow to realize this and join the efforts that can end America's internal suffering and confusion. But to truly do this i think requires letting go of age old reified beliefs and accepting just how truly interconnected and interdependent we all are. And always have been. Perhaps the hardest thing (i know, i work at it every day) is letting go of the self created illusory sense of self.

Shaw, my apology for this being a bit beyond the scope of your post. But i thought it applicable. To some degree.

skudrunner said...

Nice travel through time leslie. I try to live in the present and realize I have control of my life. I know some people want to live in the past and feel guilty for things they didn't do but I think that is not a good choice.

Where we differ is you trash trump and praise biden. One bullied the world to make the US superior and one is doing everything he can to ruin it.

Joe Biden could have been a good president. All he had to do was leave things alone. Instead, he blundered into the office and wrecked the country. He is President Doom. Everything he touches goes bad. And nothing is his fault. He took an energy-independent country and turned it into a nation begging Saudi Arabia and Venezuela for oil. Gasoline prices hit the roof and inflation soared. But it is not his fault. He forgot how he preened on Day One of his presidency, launching his war on domestic produced energy in favor of his Green Dream of a fossil fuel free world. Joe Biden took a working and strict border policy left to him by Donald Trump and turned it into a humanitarian disaster. ill-conceived and humiliating pullout from Afghanistan, causing the unnecessary death of 13 Americans at the chaotic Kabul airport, leaving hundreds of Americans, abandoning thousands of Afghan allies, and throwing he country into the chaotic hands of the Taliban.

That is not my opinion but Peter Lucas who is a reporter for that right wing rag The Boston Herald

Shaw Kenawe said...

I don't care about that right wing rag, the Boston Herald, or what its right wing bellyachers have to say.

I read people like David Brooks, Brett Stevens, Jennifer Rubin, Charlie Sykes, etc., Conservatives who criticize President Biden when he deserves it and gives him credit when it's due to him.

So, skud, you found a right-wing Boston columnist who agrees with your dislike of President Biden? Good for you. Haters gotta hate; and, yes, there are plenty of those here in blue, blue Massachusetts.

Wanna know how much the Trumpers hate? Here's how:

Massachusetts had THE most popular governor, Republican or Democrat, in America, Charlie Baker. But the Mass. Republican Party went all Trumpy (it's a disease that's very transmissible) and threatened to primary Gov. Baker because Baker never supported the corrupt and lying GQP President Trump. The Mass. Republican Party were going to put up a Trumper against Baker in the primary, so Baker bowed out.

Here's how stupid and self-destructive the Trumpublican Party is: The Democratic candidate, former Attorney General Maura Healy, beat the Trumper, some guy named Diehl, by trouncing him with a humiliating loss. Keep in mind that Republican Charlie Baker would have sailed to another term as governor, but the Trumpers, in their magnificent stupidity, decided that losing a safe governorship in a blue state was worth it, because Charlie Baker was a Trump team player. That is the very definition of "cutting one's nose off to spite one's face."

It's what that despicable Orange Yam did to his party in 2022 -- he ran Trumper candidates; and with a few pathetic exceptions, all of the Trumper candidates lost, and so the Red Tsunami became a Pink Trickle. The Dems kept the Senate and the Trumpublicans barely took over the House, and one seat is in peril -- the seat held by the lying, cheating Fraudster, George Santos.

Your catalog of half-truths and outright falsehoods is getting old.

You don't like Biden and we clearly are aware of it.

The fact is that we're in a better place in the world since he became POTUS. We don't cringe when he's on the international stage.

He ain't perfect, and we know it. But compared with that lying, cheating, fraudster, Trumpy, President Biden is George Washington, someone who knows how government works.

Trumpy was his most Trumpy last week when he went to Ohio and gave out old bottles of Trump water, blamed President Biden for the train wreck that was caused in great measure by Trumpy's repealing safety measures that could have prevented it.

Trumpy then came home; and on his social media platform, he bragged about the crowds that greeted him and how many people watched him on the tee and vee. Y'know, just what a malignant narcissist would do.

And there are Americans living in this country that want that wreck of a human being to be POTUS again?

And you do nothing but tell us how much you dislike Biden.

Shaw Kenawe said...

That should have read "...Charlie Baker WASN'T a Trump team player..."

Les Carpenter said...

You and i sluddie, are alike in... let me count the ways. Absolutely None. In Everything of importance I wouldn't be like you in any way if it made me a goddamn billioniare.

You are however the goon that wants the bad old days back skuddie. You're just to weak and dishonest to admidt it to yourself or anyone else. But you sure as hell project with the best if them.

Good luck skuddie.

skudrunner said...

Ms. Shaw, I know it is all about trump but can you point out one thing that Lucas wrote about joey b that is not true. Like his mentor, he could have been a good president but decided to pander to the special needs group instead of all Americans.

Shaw Kenawe said...


Lucas wrote this: "Joe Biden could have been a good president. All he had to do was leave things alone."

Right there I saw that Lucas is not a serious critic. "...[L]eave things alone." How quickly Lucas forgot that when President Biden took office, America had just witnessed an attack on our government by the Trumpers who swallowed Trump's Big Lie and tried to overturn a free and fair election. Some would label that as "treason against one's country." In fact, one of America's most conservative and respected judges labeled it as such.

Leave that alone? Why? Because angry Trumpers believed a BIG FAT LIE and threatened to kill Mike Pence and Nancy Pelosi? Leave that alone? Lucas is NOT a serious critic.

When President Biden took office THERE WAS NO PROGRAM to get COVID vaccines into the arms of Americans. NOTHING. "Leave that alone?" Lucas is NOT a serious critic. That is an unserious thing to say.

It implies that Trump left the country in great shape, which he emphatically did not do!

All Lucas did was take the words of Trump's critics and turned them around and applied them to Biden. Stupid beyond stupidity.

That anyone, ANYONE, could write that Biden made things worse shows how miserable their reasoning faculties are.

Remember Trump touted "Infrastructure Week," and then did absolutely NOTHING about it? President Biden passed an infrastructure bill, not Trump.

Remember Trump PROMISED in front of America that he was going to present a bigger, better, less expensive health care plan? AND HE DID NOTHING. Just another disgusting lie from the champion liaar.

Sure President Biden made mistakes. Can you name a president who hasn't? But in no one's universe do Biden's mistake come close to Trump's disastrous presidency that Lucas wanted to be left alone.

And lastly when President Biden visited foreign countries, not one of them launched balloons depicting him as a mewling and puling infant. Why? Because despite Biden's faults, the world knows he's a mature, functioning adult and a statesman, two things Trump never was and never will be. America regained international respect when it dumped the Orange Yam and elected Biden.

Lucas is a political hack, IMO, and I see no reason to read his crap.