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Sunday, February 19, 2023




Mike said...

For sure.

Les Carpenter said...

One of life's most difficult, yet rewarding tasks, is looking in the mirror and seeing yourself as you've been. When that happens change is possible.

Grey One talks sass said...

Les, in my mental health classes we were taught to confront our past, to view it in context of who we were there/then. Once peace was made then we could develop the skills to ensure we did not slip back into bad habits.

This class I took (DBT) has a class within a class - CBT aka Cognitive Behavioral Therapy. It has worked with at risk humans all over the country. I read little stories here and there of small studies with amazing results. It is too bad the majority of humanity looks at mental health as an add-on instead of necessary standard equipment.

I know from your words that your journey is through Buddhism. Sort of the same thing. And truly, if one path worked for everyone wouldn't we all be wearing size nine brown shoes?

Les Carpenter said...

Yes, my journey is thrh Buddhism. Tibetan Mahayanna specifically. The practices have opened up insights that while always available i had to first peel away the film of delusion and obscurations and accept the reality is not necessarily what my conditioned existence had always believed.

I'm familiar with CBT and as you no doubt know it is embraced by Buddhists. Given the evironment today i believe everyone can benefit by engaging in therapy. But for some getting out of their own conditioned way and reified beliefs is very difficult and for some impossible. Looking deeply into oneself and learning to let go is not easy. But it is certainly worth it. It was for me anyway.

You are quite intuitive Grey One talks sass. If more folks, particularly on the right, understood how interconnected and truly interdependent we are on each other our culture, as well as society around the world, would be more compassionate and there would be a lot less hate and destruction.

As humans we need to better understand and accept the truth of our true nature. And then work for the benefit of all. Not the i, me, mine of the non existent self.

Perhaps skud will one day realize there is great liberation in latting go and just being.

Les Carpenter said...

Yes, i suppose we would Grey One talks sass.

All spiritual paths have essentially the same message... understanding, compassion, love for all, and respect for creation and our mother earth. Which path you take on the journey isn't nearly as important than being true to the traditions of the path that resonates with you. IOW, avoid hypocrisy and judgements that are the result of societal conditioning.

Shaw Kenawe said...

Thank you Grey One talks sass and Les for your insights and uplifting comments!