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Friday, February 10, 2023

Why does Santos lie about EVERYTHING????


Brian Krassenstein @krassenstein 

And here's another genius, Rep. Boebert, who failed her GED 4 times: Lauren Boebert: 

“I’m not here to deny climate change. It’s real. It happens 4 times every year.”

CRINGE-WORTHY STUPIDITY.  Seasons and climate are not the same things!

Why do the Trumpublicans keep electing these idiots? 


Infidel753 said...

These people have the IQ of coleslaw. Somebody has to be at the bottom of the gene pool, and this is what that looks like.

As to why the Trumpanzees vote for them, they themselves aren't very bright, and they mostly just go for the candidate who hates all the same people that they themselves hate.

Mike said...

That quote from Boebert is a hoot! I know she was serious but I'm using it for my Saturday jokes.

Les Carpenter said...

They are confused, frustrated, and frightened people who have no idea why they are confused, frightened, and frustrated.

Their lack of compassion, understanding, and love for "others" not like themselves keeps them from realizing the happiness and peacefulness that is available for them. If they would simply relax and accept reality (and "others") as they are.